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  1. you guys live amk ave 10??i always go amk ave blk 400++ there leh..
  2. oic..okie...if i kana fine i pass the summon to you hor..haha...i will try tomolo...haha..thanks for the info...
  3. hi guy, if i don't remember wrongly,there is a rider here putting his ERP unit under his seat behind his number plate...just want to koe can it detect gantry??i koe sone erp carpark is unable to detect..what i want koe is can pass erp??cos i need go in but going to put my unit in my pouch...hehe...thanks advance...
  4. now then i koe we got so many R6 riding on the road...looking forward to meet up with u guys again...
  5. yup...got handle lock loh..u leh??live wat blk and wat bike??
  6. blk 445 carpark...black colour...park bike at abt 2.30am...6.00pm nxt day the bike gone already...
  7. Hi guys, i got a friend also live in amk ave 10...but his bike was stolen on 14/02/08...bike is a X1-R..plate number is FBC 1644X..if you guys in amk happen to see or somewhere else...kindly give the owner a call at 96367470 kelvin...thanks alot...
  8. saw a r6 at gelyang lor 3 at the frog leg porridge jux now...plate number is FBA 3xx2..saying hi to him if he is a member here at SBF...hehe.. Btw,are we arranging a meet up so that i can admire lots of R6s....
  9. ok....need to finalize theproduct..i already found a dealer overseas tat can make for us..will cost bout 40+ .. b ready in one mths time... its dry fit material and embroided type... so who agree on the finalize design....or voted the 3 design...mine, hanzi, amba... nick suggestion ___________________________________________ 1.sibingai voted for hanzi n amba 2.OhMiGosh go for hanzi's design. 3.RAKz voted Sapitos's design 4.ettaque for hanzi and amba (feels that the big r6 logo catches the eye) 5.Shawn voted for Sapitos and amba's design! (r6 should be big word along with respect) 6.L
  10. how about putting nick on 1 of the cornor of the collar??hope it help...lol..
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