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    Hi all, looking for a 21 inch front wheel for my 08 custom. Any1 selling please pm me. Many thanks
  2. hi all, looking for a 21inch front wheel for my 08 custom. Anyone selling pls pm me. Thanks
  3. hi all i am looking for side stand for my sportster 883R. any1 have spare kindly text me @97377537 many many thanks
  4. Any1 selling saddle bags for sportster?
  5. hi guys need some advise of where to go for repair for sportster. need to inspect on my cam gear as its very noisy... riding a 883.
  6. Hi... I m looking for mirrors for my sportster. Any1 selling here?
  7. lol..... thanks anyway. will check all the nuts next time i go workshop...
  8. the sound will become louder as i rev the bike. not the contracting of the pipes. could that be the valve train sound?
  9. hi there i am encountering some kind of clink clink sound from my engine. its very loud when in high revs.. any advise on where to send my bike for a check?? other than the HD singapore? heard that they r vampire in disguise... what would be wrong with the bike? how much do u guys think it will cost me for this repair??
  10. Hi guys new to harley. anyone selling saddle bag for 883L? preferably hardcase. any idea where to get matching helmets? leather wrapped ones?
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