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  1. Ya man, No time to collect and left there for 3 weeks. when i go collect it cover with a layer of dust..
  2. Itcy Itcy..the worms crawling up your ass again? haha
  3. THe blue Angle sitting in my factory also cant wait for u to ride her.. BTW there a pillion seat selling about $150, it's a bolt on not sucker. if u want let me know. Sibei Idea..but what brand of pad? Ipad? or kotax?
  4. how about we do it 10pm at kallang KFC? other location is fine with me. FYI i sold my Harley, now wanna look at you guys bike and decide what's my next ride..hohohoh. We dont PM here there ok, 1. Reckless-Red monster
  5. yo guys, how about meet up this coming fri?
  6. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=280104 fast sale...eyeing for next liao
  7. Don heard got to treat prata, chao keng liao. kepbin, now back must ride hard ya?
  8. @Dnish, Red dragon, HD Batt no need to get OEM one, but one very important point to note.Correct Amp can liao. DO NOT FULLY remove the batt from the bike if your bike have what ECU, ICU, UUU or CCC or III etc etc. it will have memory loss. sometime it may not even able to start. Even your ex batt is weak,it still have some current. Use a jumper to keep your bike currented..Got this word bo? "Currented"..anyway my friend kanna before.. As well as my car, my kayu mechcanic say my batt damage and replace it without keeping it CURRENTED. Now my car autogear doing HIP hop every now and then. Got
  9. Sibei long no see lor, also never call me for ride. become full time 舞男 already?.
  10. Buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy ,,spend spend spend
  11. sorry about that, too busy .buy you prata with onion when we meet . who who who chop you?????? NNB at my "location" chop you... Let me know who ok? Must go and salute him...Ah Don also will get chop:angel:
  12. hmmm.....got graaakk sound cos u ride too slow .....:angel:
  13. Am I giving up ride?nope, is that works is catching up recently....come come come lets ride...who want to ride ???come come come...but dunno can start not haha
  14. how much?.........................
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