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  1. Thanks bro. Guess at 1/3 the price its worth it, Even if its meticulously faked in China since its not a critical moving part. Appreciate.
  2. Thanks bro. But for FJT, since they know the situation for certain brands, do they mark up & capitalise on that?.....but yet maintain a little lower than AD? Oh and also, do you happen to know if the AD in SG is the same as that for Malaysia. Kawa.
  3. Thanks for sharing bro. Insightful. Guess the once every few yrs part will be things like the electric coil, rectifier & engine internals. But if I know that the "time" is round the corner, I suppose I could place order via own shop & get the part in the next few weeks? Sorry, FJT refers to? Can SG bike shop order from them? Price wise similar to Honda/Yamaha ? I read deep into the part on the dont play ball.....jialat man !!! wah lao eh !!
  4. but the Malaysia side I heard its the same AD as the one in SG. hence the savings is actually due to conversion rate ?
  5. Baal

    Harley Riders gather

    haha....i see. So i suppose the stock HD pipes should still be in the acceptable volume range...
  6. Baal

    Harley Riders gather

    in this case body size of the 1200C I suppose will be smaller than a Steed? That could be a prob since I look just about "ok" on a Steed. I'm 1.8m & 98kg. Any HD riders staying in HDB with open carpark? Ever received complaints about noisy exhaust especially when u start the bike at 730am or return back after 11pm? Do neighbours give u the "dirty" look?
  7. Baal

    Harley Riders gather

    Hi folks, have a few questions about the sportster 1200 custom. 1) In terms of size / dimensions is it similar to a Steed VLX 400 ? 2) How much will it cost brandnew OTR? I am 33 yrs old. 3) Whats the max number of years available for loan & interest rate / annum? 4) Whats the insurance cost for 1st party annually? I am 33 years old. 5) With the stock rear rim, whats the max tyre size? Say 170 ? 6) Is there a warranty period? 7) whats the run in procedure like for Harleys? Is it the usual not more than 50% throttle opening for the first 800km & then not more t
  8. Baal

    Harley Riders gather

    Yep, thats right. As per what was on the price tag.
  9. Baal

    Harley Riders gather

    The machine price compared to a Jap cruiser of similar cc is say about maybe $5000 ( 25% ) more. But the killer part for me is the parts replacement / acessories cost. I saw ......like 4 screws for $35 dollars, 2 brake handles for $150.
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