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  1. Hi Guys,


    I recce at Bike Production. Selling at 16k (w/o insurance and road tax). Just wanna check with you all, any better price at other shops? Anyway to get the shop to lump together an exhaust system to the 400X in the price? New to bikes, cuz been driving all along and which is the recommended insurance company(with competitive pricing) to go for?


    16k OTR (w/o insurance and road tax) sounds about there taking into account today's ridiculous coe prices.

  2. Yea but how you come out with your FC? I just got back from a trip to cameron and based on the trip my FC is only about 17km/L with Vtec on all the way.


    If urs is revo, it may not be far off. Recalled an earlier post where a bro mentioned he only got 15/L while running in (


    Based on the above, i reckon, with changing to Fully Syn eo (upon fully breaking in & occassional VTEC use), giving it a 20% improvement in FC, that would translate to 18/L. Hence, based on going up north with VTEC alwats open at high speed utilizing 6th gear, 17/L sounds reasonable.

  3. http://hondacbr300.com/



    New Honda CBR 300


    The new Honda CBR 300 has increased displacement creating more power than the previous version of the 250 with 30.4 Hp and 19.9ft-lbs of torque. The 2014 Honda CBR 300 has an increase in displacement by lengthening the stroke length, increased 8mm from 55mm to the new length of 63mm giving the CBR 300 a new displacement of 286cc. While the previous version of the Honda CBR already had excellent drivability with great low end torque. The New Honda CBR 300 will be even better. First gear wheelies were already easy on the previous Honda CBR , but now it's going to be even easier to lift the front wheel of the Honda CBR 300 off the ground.


    The Honda CBR 300 is an excellent machine for riding through twisty mountain roads, it handles on a dime and has excellent low end response to go uphill and accelerate out of a corner. The Honda CBR 300 continues this tradition and just plain gives you more of it. The top speed of the previous Honda CBR was 165 kph, and with this increase in the Honda CBR 300 displacement from the previous version it should easily outpace the previous version.


    The Honda CBR 300 is a great handling bike, that is very easy to control thanks to it's light weight and geometry. The brakes on the Honda CBR 300 are also well capable. Although the tires that have plagued the previous Honda CBR has also come to haunt the new Honda CBR 300. Changing tires was the first thing to do on our list. So off with the stock IRC's and on with the Pirelli Diablo Rossi 2...WHAT A DIFFERENCE ! It totally transformed the bike from a good handling bike that can get slippery do to the oem tires to a bike that handles even quicker and sticks to the road many times better. This is probably the one single biggest improvement that can be made to the Honda CBR 300. You may be able to modify your Honda CBR 300 for faster speed but unless you can ride that power, whats the point? Get to know your Honda CBR 300 to its fullest potential...then get down and dirty and soup that baby up !


    Honda CBR 300 vs Kawasaki Ninja 300


    First we have to say that the Ninja 300 and the Honda CBR 300 took different paths in the looks department and it boils down to personal taste, both look totally awesome, very sport and just plain badass ! The Honda CBR 300 has revised the front headlight, looking similar to the CBR 500. Both the CBR 300 and Ninja 300 offer similar performance just like their 250 predecessors. The difference is so small that it basicly boils down to who gets the better start off the line. Seriosly, when we tested the two bikes we had to constantly look in the rear view mirror to know when to shift in order to stay ahead. The CBR 300 must be shifted sooner than the Ninja 300. This doesnt mean its slower, it just means it has to be shifted sooner, and thats it. We went head to head between the new Ninja 300 vs the new Honda CBR 300, and like in past comparisons the two bikes perform remarkably the same WHEN THEY ARE PUSHED HARD, at the extreme top end the Ninja will walk away slowly, but we credit this to two reasons - The CBR 300 uses a paper element air filter, while the Ninja 300 uses a dual layer foam element that breaths better. Additionally the CBR 300 uses a catalytic convertor which is twice as large as the Ninja 300.


    Now there are some discrepencies regarding the RPM range that either bike must operate in order to perform at its best. Some say that the CBR 300 is the better bike because it doesnt have to rev as high. We'd like to set ths straight right now, it doesnt matter what optimal RPM range the Ninja 300 or CBR 300 works best in. Why? Because eventhough the CBR 300 creates power at a lower RPM , the Ninja 300 RPM's climb faster ! What this means is if the CBR 300 likes 7000 rpm, and the Ninja 300 likes 9000 RPM it will take the same time for each bike to reach the optimal RPM level and the performance will be the same. Remember, as long as it takes the same amount of time to reach those RPM's the power and speed will be virtually the same.


    So what about the Honda CBR 300 cost?


    Ok so the Honda CBR 300 is less than the Ninja 300 right? ok its cheaper when you buy it, but in the long run the Honda will have more frequent replacements for consumables, things like the brake pads, chains and cam chain tensioners will go long before the Ninja 300. So take this into consideration. Basicly the two bikes will cost the same to operate in the long run. But the Honda CBR 300 will be cheaper initially. Honda has designated that the new 2014 Honda CBR300R has a price increase of no more than $700 USD and should be priced at least $2000SUD cheaper than the CBR 500, while also remaining cheaper than the Ninja 300.


    Which one should you choose? The Honda CBR 300 or the Ninja 300? It comes down to which one you think looks best and whether you're going to be carrying a rear passenger. The CBR 300 has a reputation for being very passenger friendly, whereas the Ninja 300 has a reputation for the passenger to dance with death, there were no grab handles in the past for the Ninja 300 and the passenger seat was a nightmare for passengers, leaving them to literally hang on for their life. The Honda CBR 300 however has a very comfortable passenger seat as reported by my 'ahemm' multiple female passengers. The Honda CBR 300 also has excellent grab handles so passengers can feel secure, which in turn will allow you to ride faster without fearing that your pasenger is going to fall off like on the Ninja 300 - So passengers aside, you cant go wrong with either bike !

  4. Hi Verna,


    I used to ride an 08 Revo before changing to a 400X 3 mths and has since rode around 4000km.

    All i can say is dont expect 400X to be like an S4 despite both being 400cc machines, the similarities end there.


    S4 are quick especially when we are talking about pulling away more so with the addition of the VTEC.

    A great all rounder that needs no explaination. Bullet proof engine but for the electronics wise not very bulletproof.

    Occasional hiccups of the ECU and rectifier (my bike, cant say for the rest)



    400X is surprisingly agile, power delivery is extremely linear. Yes there is powerband at about 5k rpm but cant really take off.

    Maintenance is slightly cheaper compared to the S4 - parallel twin vs inline 4.

    Fuel consumption is slightly better on the 400X. im getting 30km/l on most trips - expressway ridings at peak hours, heavy loads and dont really go on fuel saving rides. Sitting position is more upright and it feels more balanced than a S4.



    Some of my personal views since changing my bike. hope this helps.


    30km/L is really nice. Able to share ur Km/L for ur Revo ridden under similar conditions? Thanks.

  5. sorry. still lost with the cbr 300r. so lil info on net. (esp comparison w cbr 400r)


    1)is cbr 300r same size as cbr 400r? (mech at msia said malaysia cbr500r same size as cbr 400r. thus all parts EXCEPT engine are same)

    2)i heard cbr 300r's engine is single , unlike the parallel twin of cbr 400r. so technically it loses the mileage but gains acceleration??


    - Don't think so as the 300's dimensions & kerbweight is identical to the 250's. So pretty sure is smaller than the 400.


    - Yes, also read articles that between CBR400 & 500, only diff is the engine displacement. Same applies to the X & F.


    - Yes 300 is a single. Basing it on Honda Jpn site, the 250 is supposedly


    - 0-60kmh, the 300 single & 400 twin is likely similar (with the 400 a little quicker). But from 61-100 & beyond, the 400 should win hands down. The difference should be more apparent in favour of the 400 should there be a pillion.

  6. Hope the 300R come sg in 2015



    I hope so too. But seems that for Honda, especially for the 2A class, its mostly JDM models.

    Eg, Europe gets the CBR500R, we get the CBR400R like Jpn.

    So theres a good chance we would get the updated CBR250 instead. It now has exhaust like the those 400 series :), 2.3kg of torque , but is surprisingly rated now at 29ps. Looks like a vast improvement over the last model at barely 23ps.


    Its only for >400cc that Sin gets access to both Jpn & Euro market Honda Models.

  7. Tian lei, I read somewhere the 39km/l is for a 55kg average weight japanese commuter riding at 60km/h on a sparsely dense road. Ie nt much stopping. Baal, only mod I made are putting on stickers.hahaha. unsettle, 7 common. I faced that too. U can change bike if u want ,they will use the deposit.


    . Ur right. Its going at a constant 60kmh in top gear. Didn't know bout the 55kg, Thanks. Typically, what ever they post for FC based on Japan combine cycle, for my case, due to enthusiastic riding & with pillion, I get 2/3 of the "claimed" fuel economy.


    I believe (not tested), should I ride in a more "regular" manner, I should be able to get 3/4 of the "claimed" fuel economy. :)

  8. Do refer to ur manual. From the online manual:


    a) 0-1000km, Do not operate at > 5800rpm for prolong period. After that, change oil filter.


    b) 1000-1600km, Do not operate at > 6900rpm for prolong period.


    c) >1600km, the bike can now be operated normally.


    Note that for a) & b), it says "prolong" and not "do not". However, there is no clarity on what they mean by "prolong".

  9. wahlauwei bro, that's alot man. hopefully it isnt true though.

    will have to grab this bike by this month before coe further increases.


    That's what I was told from my small timer shop which takes spares & bikes from the "big boys".


    Think 400X is bout 18k OTR. IF coe hits 6k as claimed, that means 20K for these 400 series. Fyi, Revo is already 20k OTR today.

  10. I think the digital display for fuel consumption is wrongly calculated,my actual FC is 32/liter ,based on my total mileage/total fuel filled, for my bike I travel 480km on 15 liter fuel, it's very impressive . So far I have travel 2500km Liao.


    The worst unmodded FC for this bike 1 bro shared was 27/L. That's like 10/L more than Super 4 Revo. Guess FC is the trump up its sleave.


    Coz when I rode a 15yr old Steed 400, V Twin, I only got 19-20/L. I assume when bike was newer about 22-23/L ?

  11. Hi Bros, kindly take a look at the below link for Honda Tiger 200 2014. http://wisnu3ds.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/honda-tiger-cb200fcb250f-2014-harus-indonesia-banget/


    The pics look Good. Wondering if its just a photo shop "wish" or is it really coming soon. Below is based on Google translate as I cant read Indo. TIA


    After seeing footage of Young Machine images contained in the article TMC , very stylish CBR / CB 500 series , is sweet and elegant , can not be denied honda japanese designer always ciamik thrusting design , but the length of the shroud down as megapro little india .


    what if we reference more to CB1000/CB600/CBX300 , bener2 original design sketch and the remaining elegantnya although a little aggressive ! ...


    just look lah sexyever shape , tail , shroud , headlamp , where the motors are not fascinated try motors .. well .. why you try to watch a motor aja around you that a little like ... hehehe ...


    okay, well we concoct an image for this new tiger/K31F or the CB200/250F . yup .. typical kudu to Indonesia than the make condoms buildir tank , directly Gift ONLY! .. use a large tank , transfer of condoms or the original mo ! ... Original flat tank lid , front big rear tires syukur2 segede CBR250 , but for Byson already enough , the shock large diameter , tail nungging but still comfortable for the pillion passenger , wearing stirrup donk make the hobby of touring , love box somay .. uh .. uh .. maap mean givi box .. besaaaar machine ! , , although akhir2 make honda small engine but kenceng oil cooled ... & use , friendly to the user and roadside repair shop .. SOHC enough and the last must agree not monoshock .... ? ? ? ... price 26.9 ajah ..


    Custom picture nih gw , CBX250 nyomot machine , or CB300 Brazil in bore so 200 aja , grab headlamp of verza cuman dibesarin and given some detailing , to the bottom of the frame Frame box / twinspar tubular rest .. please maap rearview make ya i forgot the rest ... wrote the check ...


    Pengennya does not use the shroud , top clay pic , though the magnitude of plasticity OTOR , next will look good again and headlamp shroud is a little aggressive ... while the white color first ...

    How Masbro , may still buanyak less ... please be advised , so waiting for input and critique ...


    and the last is a touring type masbbo ...

  12. but the design like put box very ugly. Hope they can come out something like fazer where put box still okay.


    Ok w box would likely be the cb650 naked or should there be a "boldor" version like S4.

  13. http://www.visordown.com/road-tests-first-rides/first-ride-yamaha-mt-07-review/24494.html



    LOOK around at your next bike meet. If you can see more bald spots on the back of heads than greasy spots on faces, you'll realise that something exciting needs to attract new blood to biking. And Yamaha wants the new MT-07 to help address that issue.


    That seems a tall order for a budget bike but the MT-07 is more than happy to accept the challenge. Aimed at 20-35-year-olds, this new bike is so much more than the commuter I thought it was going to be. It's brilliant and almost impossible to ride without smiling.


    While it may share some DNA and a tin of paint with the MT-09, its bigger brother, the new MT-07 isn't intended for riders looking for a pure adrenaline fix. But don't think for a minute that means experienced riders shouldn't be interested in this new member of the MT family.


    Yamaha’s recipe is to simply ensure it's easy to ride but fun too. If I was on failing cookery show The Taste, I'd say that by using light ingredients coupled with the new parallel-twin engine, they've got a winner on their hands (before asking Nigella if there was an after-party back at hers).


    I covered 200km on the 689cc MT-07 during press launch but would have gladly carried on riding that same amount again. It's just ridiculously easy to get on with. There are no fancy riding modes to worry about. Just start it up and off you go.


    The MT-07 offers a comfy and casual riding position, thanks to low foot-pegs. You feel at home on the bike immediately. With the exception of trying to cancel my indicator with the horn a couple of times, this wasn’t a machine I needed time to get used to.


    The brand-new engine puts out a claimed 75hp. Yamaha plans to use the same plant in additional models. It's been designed with as few moving parts as possible, reducing assembly costs but also inner friction and weight, which in turn increases efficiency.


    That peak power might not impress all of you, but it's about 3hp more than Kawasaki's ER-6 and Suzuki's SFV650. And it's the MT-07's torque that's really worth talking about. At 50lbft, it's 3lbft more than the Suzuki and Kawasaki.


    At £5,199, the MT-07 is also cheaper than the competition. Kawasaki has already responded by slashing £500 off its price, making the ER-6n £5,399. The Suzuki SFV is still way out there, at £5,999.


    The MT-07’s torque curve is guaranteed to give you a big grin when you consider the front end was designed to be as light as possible.


    The bike pulls well from low revs, meaning you can be really lazy through town if you want to leave it in second or third gear. Throttle response is really good and the low gearing helps give a feeling of good acceleration when you open the throttle up. This may be the bike’s trump card.


    It’s more than happy for you to ride it hard and will happily lift the front wheel all day if you ask it to. But it’s certainly not intimidating in any way. It’s just as happy idling round town all day as it is stretching its legs on fast B-roads. I got a shock every time I remembered it did all this - and made me smile for the entire trip - for just over £5K.


    Weight was mentioned several times during Yamaha's presentation on the MT-07. A compact chassis with a light tubular backbone frame were the starting point for the model. The horizontally sprung, adjustable rear shock is mounted straight to the engine, saving weight and putting less stress through the frame. A decompression unit allows a lighter starter motor that in turn means a lighter battery. The clutch is apparently one of the smallest ever in a 75hp bike.


    The result of this weight-focused design means that, with oil in the engine and a full tank of petrol, the ABS version comes in at a claimed 182kg. The ER-6N's claimed kerb weight is 204kg.


    Benefits of this diet-led design are two-fold. Firstly, less weight means the bike is more economical but it also becomes easier to ride. Combine it with a low centre-of-gravity and a short wheelbase of 1,400mm and you have yourself an agile bike indeed.


    In fact Yamaha say the MT-07 could have forgone the 160-section rear tyre for a chunkier 180 without losing agility. This is one of the only places I can think of where they have opted to add weight but, as everyone knows, bigger tyres look better. And these look great wrapped around those 10-spoke rims.


    Telescopic forks offer 130mm of travel up front with Yamaha using a narrow fork pitch to reduce steering inertia. The forks aren’t adjustable but handled everything thrown at them with ease throughout the day.


    The rear asymmetrical swing-arm certainly looks the part. Once again, weight is kept down by using several different thicknesses of high tensile steel but the manufacturing process of advanced pressing and ‘high-speed welding’ allows them to be built quickly and helps keep cost down.


    A relatively low seat-height of 805mm, coupled with a narrow seat, is great for shorter riders but also felt comfortable for me, and I'm over six foot.


    My height brings me to a criticism of the bike. The digital dash looks good and displays all the essential information like speed, revs and fuel gauge (along with trip and outside temp). It’s neatly attached to the handlebars and angled to compliment the lines of the headlight. But as a taller rider, whenever I glanced down at my speed on the move, I just saw fresh air between the bike’s mirrors. I had to make a real effort to look down further to read it.


    The brakes - twin 282mm discs with monoboloc calipers up front and single 245mm disc at the rear - provide plenty of stopping power. It's a shame ABS is an option though, and not standard.


    Yamaha was keen to stress the versatility of the model. While you might not want to spend all day riding it on the motorway in its standard, naked form, accessories include a touring screen. There's also a range of 'sports' accessories including Gilles Tooling levers, and 'urban' parts including crash bungs. If ABS was standard, you might not need those.


    Yamaha claims fuel economy of 68mpg, giving a range of over 200 miles from the 14-litre tank. I was down to a couple of bars on the fuel gauge after the press ride, which was pretty brisk.


    Despite the low price, the MT-07 doesn't look like it's been built by penny pinchers. Yes, the 140mm forks could be improved upon and the brakes could perhaps have a bit more feel. But you'll be too busy congratulating yourself on what a bargain you've got to worry too much about that.


    It's so easy to ride, the Department for Transport should do away with all this A1 and A2 licence nonsense and make learners have a go on the MT-07. If they fall off, they don't get a licence. Ever.


    Until that measure is introduced, the MT-07 is available with a 48hp restrictor kit for A2 licence holders.


    The MT-07 offers an amazing deal for new riders. It makes half a dozen other bikes suddenly seem overpriced. Like Honda's CBR500R at £5,299, and Kawasaki's Ninja 300 at £4,799. Yes, they're smaller but, since the MT-07 is available with a 48hp kit, they're all competing for the custom of A2 licence holders.


    The new MT will quite rightly also tempt plenty of more experienced riders, and present an even greater threat to bigger bikes from the competition. We've already seen it with Kawasaki and the ER-6. Come on the rest of you - drop your prices.


    And thank you MT-07.


    Model tested: Yamaha MT-07


    Price: £5,199 (£5,499 with ABS)


    Power: 75hp


    Torque: 50lbft


    Wet weight: 179kg (182kg with ABS)


    Colours: grey, white, blue, red, purple


    Availability: end of February 2014



    Read more: http://www.visordown.com/road-tests-first-rides/first-ride-yamaha-mt-07-review/24494.html#ixzz2wxfYDDfw

  14. 2.7l with oil filter. Without is 2.5l



    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk


    Thanks bro. For this bike, just to check, from what rpm does the bike pull cleanly w/o the need to drop gear. Assuming total passenger weight is 150kg? 5k rpm in 6th gear = 90kmh? Thanks.

  15. don't think the cbr650F will be cheap. the rrp of 9k for ABS is in USD? Typically, prices seen in USD will end up x 3 in Sin, based on 2 k coe.

    iwt that bike easily cost 25-27k otr.


    Prices in uk mag will be x 2.5. I am half keen on the CB650F. But my guess is that its easily 23-25k otr.

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