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  1. Tried McD,dominos and KFC before. KFC the best among the 3. Can take more orders at once. The max I took 10 on a single trip around the neighbourhood. Docket wise also higher than McD and dominos.
  2. $3100...............

  3. Hi bro, how much u sell your fz150i?

  4. Sorry, but i'm not very good in DIY of bikes...


    but you can check out this link : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150228057186397.353601.699681396&type=3

  5. hi,


    Are you riding a 125z bought from fx110? i wish to see how he installed the SIPC for Yamaha 125z.

  6. Don't mind me, but what's the use for voltmeter?



    Please clear your inbox.

    As clear as the name suggest. Volt meter: its for you to see your voltage and detect any charging issues early.

  7. Able to do up the whole bike with LED?


    Cost how much? riding yamaha 125z


    Please clear your inbox

    sorry, we do not do LED.

  8. bro,how much is the monthly installment n how long more to go? sms me at 98521424

  9. $100 combat pay more nia.. depends on what camp.. some camp v jialat stand for alot of hours straight
  10. Security Trooper.. Those you see at the camp gate, check people de..
  11. You will get the hang of it after a few times turns.. Enjoy!
  12. don't feel sad.. I only pass 6.01 on third try..
  13. I wonder what can we do with the bike when the COE is ending and we don't intend to buy new COE.. My bike COE is ending soon early next year.. thinking of getting another bike.
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