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Found 12 results

  1. The ultimate no-nonsense guide for beginner riders to select the best motorcycle helmet for your riding style. Everything you should consider before buying your first motorbike helmet, and tips and recommendations for top brands/ models to purchase that are affordable and value-for-money. Types of Motorcycle Helmets Full Face - Safest with most coverage for head and face. Troublesome when riding to Malaysia as need to take off helmet during customs check. Modular - Mix between full face and open. Can flip up chin bar to turn into an open face. Versatile, but not as sa
  2. Just want to check what is the majority of bike user wear psb approved helmet.
  3. Hi, does anyone know where is the market for second hand helmet in Singapore? I am looking for a lot of second hand helmet especially arai or shoei, thank you very much
  4. Hi guys, need help regarding removing visor from TR06RR. I have tried searching for ways to remove the visor but mostly youtube show only those helmet that have the release clip like the HJC helmet. But for the TR06RR helmet, it only have the black screw/stopper that hold the visor in place and have tried screwing it but end up make a dent on it. Checked inside of the helmet it is behind the Styrofoam of the helmet and doesn't seem to budge (like its glue on to it). Are there any methods or ways to remove these type of visor? Do need some help. Red square is the black screw/stopp
  5. Need help on removing visor from a TR06RR. Unlike normal HJC helmet where you can push the clip and it will release the lock on the helmet visor, the TR06RR have 2 black stopper/screw that set the visor in place. Tried to turn the black stopper/screw but it became abit dented which I think its impossible. Remove the cheek/ear pad and notice that the Styrofoam is blocking the end of the black stopper/screw. Have search the whole internet but to no avail as most of the video show is using the quick release clip at the side. Need to know if anyone have remove such helmet visor bef
  6. Hello all! Recently got my 2b license and I am currently in NS and going to Ord soon. So after I Ord I will be most likely to purchase a bike for transportation to and fro from amk to ntu for my uni studies. I am looking for a 2nd hand bike with 3-4 years coe left because I have plans to take class 2 license but will still continue to ride class 2b bike. Mainly looking for a few things. 1) fuel consumption must be very good 2) but not sacrificing the power to overtake cars in Expressway 3) low maintenance required 4) able to put top box without sacrificing balance 5) not easily
  7. Hi, Looking to let go my Arai Profile full face helmets. I have a pair of black and white. Black: Price - 200 Condition - 7/10. Usual wear on the cheek pads. Cleaned with helmet care. Chip on rear air intake due to a drop from bike. Another chip from the same drop. See pictures. White: Price - 300 Condition - 8/10. Used lightly and usual wear on cheek pads. No chip anywhere. Cleaned with helmet care as well. Pair Price - 450 Slightly negotiable. PM if interested. P.S. Difficulties uploading pictures. PM for pictures.
  8. Shoei RF-1000, XR-1000 Model: Badge 2 Colour: Matt Black/Grey Used less than 10 times. Been kept in the store room for 99% of its life. Purchased in 2015. Condition 9/10 Items stacked on the helmet made the matt paintwork flatten and stuck onto helmet bag. Not for fussy buyers. Top part paintwork not perfect. No chips no cracks, just top coat not nice. If you know how to restore matt paint then it will be 100% same as brand new. Look clearly at pictures please. Price: $280 SGD (no low ballers). Purchased 1st hand at almost $700. Contact me at 81820810 AIM Shell (Advanced Inte
  9. MHR Helmet (Size S) - Not For Fussy Buyer Condition: 7/10 Price: $10 (no nego) Contact me at 8101 1602. Whatsapp me for pics and details!
  10. Hi all, selling a used Bell Roland Sands Design Custom 500 Helmet, in size M. Used once or twice only, still in pretty good condition. Looking at $130. Interested parties can contact me at 82220634, Lionel. Thanks for viewing.
  11. hi all, i went online and found this!!! http://www.ogkhelmet.com/motorcycle/products/streetbob/index.html#a-bob-onepiece anyone knows can we get this in singapore? where to get OGK helmets in singapore anyway?
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