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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys/gers Any aprilia riders here?? lets gather and chat abt our bikes.. any valuable comments would be greatly appreciated. Regardless of new aprilia with rs pipe, y2k model, replica or extrema, as long as u are riding a aprilia, come in chat.. By the way aprilia rocks..
  2. Hey guys I'm currently in the midst of getting my 2b license and I was wondering if anybody has any tips on buying a secondhand bike. Like what to look out for etc. I'm really looking at the aprilia rs4 125 right now so if anyone has any tips to buying a secondhand one do share! Thanks
  3. Selling Aprilia RS4 125 2012. Colour - Stock White Registration Date - 19 April 2012 COE - 18 April 2022 Manufacture Year - 2011 First Owner Engine 8/10 Outlook 6/10 Bike is mostly stock except for Legal Arrow Full System with cert, original not available Change of tires, for larger rear tire width for better traction, currently BT090 (rear 150/70, stock is 130/70) Black L-shape tire valves for ease of inflation Sprocket, due to wear & tear, currently OEM Chain, due to wear & tear, EK Gold O-Rings DIY fender eliminator, original not available Integrated Signal/Tail light, original taillight available also currently using K&N Oil filter and OEM Air filter. Monthly expenses less then $100 excluding petrol, less then $150 including petrol. Serviced by Ah Bao at AMK industrial park 2. Consisting of Engine Oil change every 1500km-2000km or every month once, which ever comes first, Manual will be given to buyer. (personally abit strict about maintaining top performance at all times, but no problem if you wanna service at longer intervals, Official Aprilia Manual recommends to change Engine oil ($30), Oil filter ($18) & Air filter ($18) at every 6000KM) Bike never accident or fall before. Full cash at $9000 Negotiable, Transfer and Admin Fees borne by Me Buyer to source for own loan/re-financing Open to trade-in with motards, super 4, cruisers up to Class 2A Reason for letting go, backside itchy to upgrade and switch to motard or harley for a different riding experience, but if no buyer then shall keep this baby RS4 as transport bike Bought this beauty for the pure love of aprilia. Rode the old RS 125 replica (before the bumblebee, after the extrema) and just had to have the RS4 125 as well. Really solid bike with none of the issues one would expect from an italian maker. solid 15bhp no problems with stop and go traffic large stable body but doesnt restrict lane splitting due to its stability and ease of control very very flickable in traffic and corners confidence inspiring as the bike is always in your control due to the slightly raised handle bars giving you better feel of the bike yet not sacrificing the sportsbike riding posture. good for new riders wanting a big bike feel with decent power. no problems overtaking bike meant to be ridden hard, and at high RPMs to appreciate the torque and stability. parts not as big an issue as everyone thinks no problem finding Neutral gear unlike other 2B class bikes when heated up top speed recorded at 129km/h fully stock, tinker with it abit and you'll definitely get more. no problem maintaining a highway cruising speed of 110km/h Riding normally, full tank 14.5L able to get 420km, FC averages 28km/L, ideal for transport bike. On par with the rest of the fuel saving 2b bikes. With an aggressive and throttle itchy hand, full tank 14.5L able to get 350km, FC averages 24km/L, not bad for a sports bike, roughly what you get from a super4. Contact Don at 9736-8944 or email me at [email protected] NON-URGENT sale. To ALL NEW RIDERS! feel free to message me via email or sms to enquire, getting your first bike is an important milestone and i will be 100% upfront and honest with you regarding pros and cons about my sale. dont feel embarassed or naive if you dont know what to get and how to get your first bike. all of us were there before so feel free to enquire at anytime of the day. no obligation and no harm asking more questions again, Full cash at $8500 Negotiable, Transfer and Admin Fees borne by Me. Buyer to source for own loan/re-financing if needed. Open to trade-in with DRZ400SM any year & CB400 any year. Other Brands & Models will be considered a quick check on sgbikemart and the forums, you'll find other 2nd hand models, registered in 2013 or earlier, selling for about S$9800 to S$10000. The selling/asking price posted is actually for; paying any remaining installments, one final servicing before transfering to save you the trouble and giving you peace of mind, all other misc fees to facilitate the transfer of ownership.
  4. Hi all, Happy new year. My 2011 resolution is to get my 2B and in my research so far, my #1 preference for a bike is the Aprilia RS 125 (2 stroke) However, Aprilia has recently announced a RS4 125 (4 stroke) bike scheduled for 2011 release. I hope Aprilia is not going to stop production of the RS 125 anytime soon. So I’m wondering if I would still be able to get a brand new RS 125 say around March/April this year? Thanks!
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