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Found 9 results

  1. SHOPEE FLASH SALE ALERT SHOP NOW AT SHOPEE: https://shopee.sg/product/292911042/4148334914/ Feel secured with #XENA DISC LOCK ALARM XX6 W/ BLUETOOTH - the on-the-go scooter security and smartphone controlled disc lock alarm that is possibly the most convenient, strong, best value, and effective motorcycle security device available today! NOW $59.00 (U.P. $80.00) with our 3-DAY FLASH SALE Providing you with features such as: LOCK FEATURES - 6mm Hardened-Steel Pin - Pushdown-Locking System - Stainless-Steel Body - Corrosion Resistance - Maximum Security Key and Barrel - Ice Spray-Resistant ALARM FEATURES - Bluetooth Smart Module - 120dB Alarm - Shock and Movement Sensors Only on SHOPEE! Promo valid until 09 July 2021! Many more promotional deals for various brands are also available! Call us now at our showroom (+65 6294 2532/1) to find out more! Visit our promo deals for more info at: https://www.chongaik.com.sg/content/9-promotions Send us a message for any enquiries!
  2. Not unlike the major Japanese players, Kymco has constantly sought to improve its product offerings to cater to the ever-increasing demands of motorcyclist. Gone are the days that owners just want a no-frills cheap motorcycle to get around but even the entry level models now comes packed with modern technology like ABS, smartphone integration, and many many more! We wrote on the Y-Connect from Yamaha as well as the RoadSync from Honda and today, we bring you the Kymco Noodoe which is now available from all bikes and scooters available from Kymco's exclusive distributor in Singapore - Motor Sport Pte Ltd (KYMCO Singapore). KYMCO Singapore authorised distributor: Motor Sport Pte Ltd KYMCO Singapore Blk 3006 Ubi Road 1, #01-350, Singapore 408700 Tel: +65 6281 9778 Noodoe Navigation, a revolutionary navigation experience designed for riders from the ground up, is officially available worldwide at the App Store and Google Play. Riders can now experience the completely new, rider-centric Noodoe Navigation. Noodoe Navigation is designed to allow riders to focus on the road, putting their safety first. Through its ROAD-FOCUSED NAVIGATION concept, Noodoe Navigation presents riders with the number of intersections on riders’ side of the street before their next turn instead of continuously telling them the distances to the next turn, which requires riders to stare at the screen constantly. Noodoe Navigation Proved to be Truly Rider-Centric in Test Ride Before the official launch of Noodoe Navigation, KYMCO invited hundreds of riders for a real world road test throughout Europe and Asia. Over 90% of the riders were satisfied with the Noodoe Navigation. Meanwhile, more than 80% of the riders wanted to choose Noodoe Navigation over other navigation systems. Moreover, more than 80% of the riders would go as far as recommending Noodoe Navigation to other riders. The following are the most favored features of Noodoe Navigation: ● At-a-Glance Directions When on the road, riders only have a short period of time to glance at the scooter's dashboard. Therefore, this rider-optimized navigation system has a consistent place on the dashboard for every piece of information. Information is presented in a simple and clear manner, with critical information fixed in optimal areas. Riders can always see what they want at a glance because the user interface of Noodoe Navigation is intuitively designed and easy to use. ● Street-Countdown Indications Through the street-countdown indication feature, riders can simply count down the number of streets left before a turn, without the need to repeatedly look down. This allows riders to stay focused on the road as they approach their next maneuver. During the entire ride, there are no unwanted alerts or interruptions. Riders can confirm the approach of the next turn whenever they want. ● Pre-Ride Destination Entry Riders can specify a destination on their phones before leaving home, so they don't have to enter the address into the scooter's navigation. When riders turn the key on, the destination automatically transfers from their phone to their scooter. Riders are all set before they start their journey. ● Personalized Journey Navigation Riders can enter up to 5 multiple destinations on their phone at once. As riders turn the key on, all 5 locations seamlessly transfer to the scooter to create the corresponding navigation journey they desire. This is especially useful when riders want to enjoy leisure riding or follow a scenic route along the way. Mrs. Wei, one of the test riders, has nearly 5-year experience in using navigation system for commuting and traveling. She pointed out, “The Pre-Ride Destination Entry feature is very convenient compared to other navigation systems. The design of user interface is easy to use, and the information is less likely to be misread.” Noodoe + Ionex For the owner of a KYMCO Ionex scooter, the combined Noodoe-Ionex experience elevates riders to the next level. Riders can pick an Ionex charge point including the Ionex energy stations through the Ionex mobile application on their phone and automatically have the location transferred to Noodoe Navigation. “Noodoe elevates the scooter navigation experience to a whole new level,” said Allen Ko, Chairman of KYMCO. “With Noodoe, the riders get a safer, more enjoyable, and overall the most heart-winning riding experience.” Official video from Kymco presenting the Kymco Noodoe:
  3. Get the ideal solution that lets you conveniently mount your handphone to your bike at ease with #BELTA Handphone Holder KPH-UX2-B (for Handlebar) and KPH-UX2-M (for Mirror). Equipped with an adjustable handphone grip, making it suitable for most handphone sizes! Get yours now for less with our LUNAR NEW YEAR 2021 PROMOTION! PRICE: NOW $S18 (U.P. S$25) Promo valid until 26 February 2021! Many more promotional deals for various brands are also available! Call us now at our showroom (+65 6294 2532/1) to find out more! Visit our promo deals for more info at: https://www.facebook.com/chongaikcai/ Purchase from us and have our products delivered right at your doorsteps at the comfort of your home! Call us at +65 6297 1059 to order! Shop now at Shopee: shopee.sg/chongaiksg Send us a message for any enquiries! Visit us at: Helmets & Apparels Showroom 45 Desker Road, Singapore 209576 +65 6294 2532/1 9am-6pm | Mon-Fri 9am-5pm | Sat Powerstar Motor P/L 151 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208869 +65 6392 5803 10:50am-7:30pm | Mon-Sun
  4. Hi guys! I want to ask you guys what would suit me more. I can re-contract on my mobile plan and intend to have a 3G connection and a leading smart phone. You guys get what i mean... rolleyes.gif I currently have no data connection on my iPhone 4. Long story short, 2 years ago, i got a free Nokia C5-03, it magically broke down 1 year later. A few weeks ago, my sis upgraded to an iPhone 5 and handed me her iPhone 4. Having used the iPhone 4 has been very complicated for me. I have always hated Apple (me prefering Windows & Linux). In a nutshell, i find that the iPhone feels like an incomplete product and i have to buy apps just for it to run like i expect a good smart phone out of the box. Dare i say, in terms of functionality and practically, my old Symbian was better. Before i used the iPhone, my friend handed me his Galaxy S3 and everything felt natural and logical. Not like iOS where i had to go through so many things to access something. It feels like everything is all over the place. I have never really tried or meddled with Windows in depth before, but preliminary testing suggest that it feels similar to Android. Navigating it feels as natural and logical as with the S3. Of course, i want to narrow it down to the OS first. I welcome any suggestions on which exact smartphone model to get. To better illustrate my requirements, i have listed down my smart phone needs below: - Needs to be highly customisable (software wise) - Large number of free apps and app support - Must be able to plug-and-play/sync my calendars, emails and contacts with MS Outlook - Better than average battery life - Excellent support and update - Able to accept Micro SD - Be able to have free/support of commonly used apps like WhatsApp, Viber, etc. - Call and SMS reliably as i do this more than using What's app, Viber, etc. - A reliable default alarm clock that lets me type the alarm time (not scroll through some crappy wheel thingy) and set my snooze duration - Write notes, organiser, reminders out of the box - Access MS documents & .pdf for free - Provide productivity tools out of the box. if not, numerous free ones in the store. - Simple, fuss-free, no-frills phone management software - OS can be easily updated everytime a new version is released - OS lasts at least 3 years Things i rarely do on my phone: - Watch movies, youtube - Listen to music - Social networking crap like Facebook, Twitter, etc. - Play games - Take pictures and videos In a nutshell, i need a workhorse phone. Reliable, practical and logical. I come from a background of learning PCs from MS-Dos to Windows to some Linux. Give me a Mac, i totally have difficulties using it. Help me out here guys. I just dont want to commit to an OS that is half-baked/has ZERO support/non-existing mainstream apps. I learnt my lesson when i got my Symbian 2 years ago. Thanks! tongue.gif
  5. I'm selling a brand new magnetic tank pouch for smart phone. The reason I'm selling is it does not fit the iPhone 5 as the pouch is bigger than the phone. The dimensions are 5"L x 3"H x 1 1/2" THICK.Most likely suitable for the bigger Samsungs and Droids. There are 4 magnets so your case wont budge under any condition. Price is only S$35 cash and carry. Contact me at 9-0-6-6-0-9-0-0.
  6. I'm selling a brand new magnetic tank pouch for smart phone. The reason I'm selling is it does not fit the iPhone 5 as the pouch is bigger than the phone. The dimensions are 5"L x 3"H x 1 1/2" THICK.Most likely suitable for the bigger Samsungs and Droids. There are 4 magnets so your case wont budge under any condition. Price is only S$35 cash and carry. Contact me at 9-0-6-6-0-9-0-0.
  7. Im selling my Universal motorbike phone mount , bought 3, only use 1, as it can't fit into my bicycle ( wrong mount ) the mount good for Motorbike . Brand Ifly Price $20 Selling also my spare spark plug : CR8EGP = $7 CR8EIX = $25 can text me @nine 0-1 four 6-301
  8. BEST ANDROID APPS IN SINGAPORE Background: If you looked around at the IT show or even at major computer retailers these few months, you will notice quite a revolution going on. There are numerous Android devices on the market, ranging from your run of the mill iPhone competitors to things that resemble devices that a decade ago were usually custom made for major sci fi productions or too expensive for mass consumer use (Trivia: There was a functional Fujitsu tablet in the 2004/2005 movie Star Trek Nemesis, which was available commercially) High cost is no longer a part of high technology. You could get a super-powered 12.1 inch Lamborghini-branded netbook at only $800 from last week's IT show. But do you want one? An Android tablet like Motorola Xoom (as reviewed by @mechwira here), the transforming Eee Pad and the more portable and well seasoned Galaxy Tab 7 are easier to use, more power-efficient and much more functional than a Windows netbook. Furthermore, Android is a highly customisable OS that is fully optimised for mobile use. You don't have to mess around like a hacker to get an Android tablet optimised to your liking - you just log on to the Android Market and grab the apps you need. Only problem is, there are so many apps that do the same thing. Which one to use? Some apps even have malicious code that may degrade your phone/tablet's performance. App reviewing is not an easy thing to do. There are today, many international websites catered to listing down the "Best Android Apps of them all". However, many of them are geared towards an American or European market, and many such articles are outdated or were not written for the kind of intensive mobile productivity tasks that I use my Galaxy Tab for. So, why not start a SBF Android apps review thread? You can post your favourite apps, and I will aim to review one app every few days. I spent about two months seeking out applications that are basically, functional and do not consume much battery power. It's actually strange but true that certain so called "Battery Saving" apps are responsible for cutting a device's battery lifetime by as much as 50%, because they make the same mistake as some real-life managers do - they micromanage every bit of the device's function, causing it to stall... Stay tuned then for a list of apps recommended for Singaporean lifestyle and motoring In the meantime - I have already written some posts about app management, Elixir widgets to create control panels, and how to pick a good external battery for your tablet. Most of them are on this page here: http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/309153-Samsung-Galaxy-Tab...?p=7123243&viewfull=1#post7123243
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