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  1. SHOPEE FLASH SALE ALERT SHOP NOW AT SHOPEE: https://shopee.sg/product/292911042/10919454918/?__hybrid_pc__=1 Designed and made in italy to perform above competition, #PRINT Tank Pad features a high strength adhesive that will last multiple riding seasons. This allows the tank pad to be even more resistant to scratches, grip better, and feel much more comfortable against the rider's body. NOW $9.90 (U.P. $28.00) with our 3-DAY FLASH SALE FEATURES - Soft to the touch resin - Protects your paint finish - Increase grip and control - High strength adhesive - Sticks to metal and plastic tanks - Made in Italy Only on SHOPEE! Valid until 23 JUL 2021! Many more promotional deals for various brands are also available! Call us now at our showroom (+65 6294 2532/1) to find out more! Visit our promo deals for more info at: https://www.chongaik.com.sg/content/9-promotions Send us a message for any enquiries!
  2. SHOPEE FLASH SALE ALERT SHOP NOW AT SHOPEE: https://shopee.sg/product/292911042/7648332914/ A definite must-have accessory that keeps you comfortable and protected, and is suitable to use on the road whether you're riding on a motorcyce, bicycle, or doing any outdoor activities - #SIXS Arm Sleeves Mani Black! It is made of Polymer cover, a fabric that provides thermal insulation without jeopardizing breathability and the elimination of moisture from the skin, so the skin is always left dry, thus preventing a feeling of cold and dampness. It is also easy to fold and store in a pocket, owing to their anatomic construction while staying perfectly in place without creasing the joints. NOW $24 (U.P. $35) with our 3-DAY FLASH SALE FEATURES - Anatomical constructions: Stays perfectly in place without wrinkling at the joints. - Made of Polifyber Cover Fabric: Guarantees thermal insulation without compromising breathability. - Moisture wicking. - Quick drying. - Easy to fold, fits in pocket. MATERIALS - Polyfiber Cover®: Maximum breathability and thermoregulation, even in the harshest climate. - Composition: 95% Polyamide, 5% Elastomer. TECHNOLOGY - Pluma innovation. - Hydrophobic weave. Only on SHOPEE! Promo valid until 16 JUL 2021! Many more promotional deals for various brands are also available! Call us now at our showroom (+65 6294 2532/1) to find out more! Visit our promo deals for more info at: https://www.chongaik.com.sg/content/9-promotions Send us a message for any enquiries!
  3. Below are excerpts from Vaune's blog, you can check out her site here: https://vaunephan.blogspot.com/ Road trips on a bike has been a yearly affair for me. Yearly in the sense, I tend to go on multiple touring trips every year if possible Be it hopping on my own bike and heading up North, through the causeway and into Malaysia/Thailand, or a "Fly & Ride" trip where I'd jump on a plane and travel to the destination of my choice before renting a bike there and exploring the country on two wheels. Well, I'm extremely grateful that the last motorcycling road trip I did (that was completely epic as always) was just early last year in India where we rode into the Himalayas and even experienced some snow, but... LAST YEAR FEELS LIKE 1,000 YEARS AGO!!! Thanks (but no thanks) to the relentless pandemic, all these roads trips have came to complete hiatus since last March. We weren't even allowed to step out of our house due to the circuit breaker measures unless for medical emergencies, groceries or takeaway foods only. It was a really dark and gloomy year. Fast forward into 2021, travel bans are still on but hey, at least we can head out for a ride in a group of 5! Or 2.. or 8... depending on the different types of measures that kick in at different times of the year lah uh. If you'd like to head out for a relaxing sunset ride before catching up with your mates over dinner together, check out the itinerary below! This short and sweet 45KM road trip focuses on the West side of Singapore, exactly in the direction where the sun sets so if the weather is clear, you can be sure to enjoy a scenic ride through the whole route, with the skies painted in orange, blue or purple hues. Doesn't matter what bike you ride, as long as it's a two wheelers, I bet ya it'll be enjoyable. The route consists of mainly tarmac, but there's a tiny section that takes you off road but not to worry, it's nothing your bike can't handle. Just throttle through only Meeting Point - Seah Imm Carpark Here's the meeting point because the carpark is huge and has plenty of space to cater to any group size meeting up. Anyway, with the Covid-19 measures, how big can the group gathering be nowadays right.. Haha. Do take note though that there seems to be two Seah Imm Carparks, be sure to head to the one that's nearest to the Seah Imm bunker. In the event your bike breaks down for some reason even before the ride begins (maybe cuz you too long never ride it and it decides to throws a tantrum), fret not as DirectAsia Insurance offers their motorcycle policy holders 24 hour vehicle breakdown assistance. Just give them a call and they'll arrange for a tow service while you see who'd allow you to ride pillion to continue the road trip LOL. In fact, if your fellow biker friends is insured with DirectAsia Insurance's Any Rider optional benefit, you guys may take turns to ride the bike! Credit to nparks Seah Imm Carpark to 99 Bends Once everyone is all gathered, it's time to dive right into the fun around the corners! Well, for bike and car enthusiasts, the fun is usually AT the corners right? Known to be one of Singapore's most dangerous roads, the twisties and sharp corners through South Buona Vista road aka 99 Bends will have you leaning from right to left. It is a two-way traffic so do watch out for vehicles traveling in the opposite direction and while you're having fun, please ride safely and at your own pace! It is quite an accident-prone area and if unforeseen circumstances happen, it is beneficial to be well protected with a comprehensive insurance like what DirectAsia Insurance offers that can help cover you for Personal Accident and Medical Expenses so you can focus on recovery without worrying about the bills. But let's hope none of that happens yeah. Credits to flickr 99 Bends to MacDonald's West Coast Park Next, continue on through Prince George's Park and head on over to a drive-thru at MacDonald's West Coast Park to grab a drink or even some light snacks to soothe all that adrenalin that's still pumping through your veins from whizzing through the 99 bends earlier on. It's important to hydrate wherever you are, and even more so when riding. Have your phone or credit card ready for a safe and contactless payment, collect your order next and enjoy it outdoors with green foliage all around in the park! (Subject to prevailing Covid-19 measures at the point in time). MacDonald's West Coast Park to The Hives NTU Continue on through West Coast Highway before merging on to Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) and take exit 18 for Pioneer Road North towards Benoi Sector. Credits to timeout With some energy refilled during a short break at MacDonald's, how about checking out some cool architecture next, like the "Dim Sum Basket Building" located at Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. Credits to ntusg Officially known as The Hives, this SGD $45 million building was designed by British Designer Thomas Heatherwick and it was completed 6 years ago, in 2015. It consists of 12 eight-storey towers and houses 56 corner-less classrooms. Definitely an instagram-worthy spot you don't wanna miss with your bike! The Hives NTU to 40 Lamp Posts Lim Chu Kang road is home to where the cemeteries are, and it is also where Tengah Air Base is located at. Credits to straitstimes Because the road is so straight, the Republic of Singapore Air Force have actually used it a couple of times as a temporary runway for their fighter jets to take off and land. Having said that, it is actually more famously used for illegal motorcycle or car drag races in the past, like these two silly drivers who were being charged for illegal racing and speeding of up to 178KM/H. There are speed cameras installed there now to deter illegal racers so please don't attempt to be a straight road hero here. Just enjoy the scenic ride through all 40 lamp posts as the sun sets beautifully in front of you Credits to timeout 40 Lamp Posts to Sarimbun Beach (Jalan Bahtera) Talk about taking the road less travelled, here's where tarmac ends and onto a little bit of off road we go! If you Google the history of this location, you'll learn that it was where the Japanese troops first invaded Singapore, marking the start of World War II here in February 1942. The terrain here consists of many potholes and does not have any street lamps so it's best to avoid arriving here at night as it can get really dark. Instead, I'd say try to reach here before 7:15PM, turn off your engines for awhile and enjoy a really quiet and tranquil sunset by the beach. In terms of crowd, there's usually practically no one here so you can have the views all to yourselves! Credits to tripadvisor Sarimbun Beach to Neo Tiew Crescent Time flies when you're having a good time and guess what? It's dinner time! Y'all must be all hungry by now, so head on over to a bike / car friendly parking restaurant like Garden Asia Bistro. Credits to timeout What I personally like about this place is that it has free parking, ample space to accommodate group size of up to 20 - 30 bikers, has an idyllic setting to just chill out and relax after the whole road trip. Plus, food and drinks here are reasonably priced and the quality is not bad! A great way to wind down the evening, catch up with friends and perhaps plans on where the first road trip would be for you once borders reopen! Whether you're on a mini road trip of your own or just heading out on your bike, stay well protected and be properly insured! DirectAsia Insurance not only have one of the most competitive rates in town especially with NCD30, but after being insured by them for the last 7 years, I know they always have us bikers interest at heart so do check them out. Don't forget to quote "Vaunephan5" to enjoy even more savings off your motorcycle policy! Together, we can ride out this pandemic safe and sound.
  4. Amplify your riding experience on the road and equip yourself with #TRAX TR03ZR - the ideal open-face helmet suitable for daily use that provides you with the much-needed optimal comfort and protection! NEW STOCKS AVAILABLE PSB APPROVED Helmet Available in most bike shops / service and repair outlets in Singapore! Purchase from us and have our products delivered right at your doorsteps at the comfort of your home! Visit and message us at www.chongaik.com.sg to order! Send us a message for any enquiries! Visit us at: Helmets & Apparels Showroom 45 Desker Road, Singapore 209576 +65 6294 2532/1 9am-6pm | Mon-Fri 9am-5pm | Sat Powerstar Motor P/L 151 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208869 +65 6392 5803 10:50am-7:30pm | Mon-Sun
  5. Enjoy the panoramic scenery of the road and experience riding with the one and only premium touring full-face helmet that integrates functionality with exquisite design - #SHOEI Gt-Air 2 PANORAMA TC5/TC10! NOW AVAILABLE Purchase from us and have our products delivered right at your doorsteps at the comfort of your home! Call us at +65 6297 1059 to order! Send us a message for any enquiries! As the SOLE AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTOR of SHOEI premium helmets in Singapore, enjoy these perks when you purchase from us: Asian Fit for Optimal Head Comfort PSB Approved Helmets (Compliant with Singapore's Traffic Regulation) 5 Year Warranty for Helmet Shell Complete Helmet Accessories Visit us at: Helmets & Apparels Showroom 45 Desker Road, Singapore 209576 +65 6294 2532/1 9am-6pm | Mon-Fri 9am-5pm | Sat Powerstar Motor P/L 151 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208869 +65 6392 5803 10:50am-7:30pm | Mon-Sun
  6. Our good friends over at Ride Or Bust, helmed by Ra, has already started his preparation for his overland trip from Singapore to Scotland sometime in 2022! Sponsored by Liqui Moly Singapore, this will no doubt be an adventure of a lifetime for Ra and his entourage! From Ride Or Bust's Facebook page: Preliminary preparation for Ra's Slow Pony III for the Singapore to Scotland Ride (and Africa) has begun. An official workshop has been chosen to prep Slow Pony III till the date of departure for the Singapore to Scotland - Adv Yard. A quick rundown about the Singapore to Scotland Ride (working title). This ride was supposed to be done last year, starting from Scotland down to Singapore in 2020. It was a continuation from Riding The Americas 2019, starting from Alaska, USA, down to Ushuaia, Argentina. Covid 19 struck, Slow Pony II was stuck in London for a good 2 months. With the pandemic's uncertainty, decision were made to put Slow Pony II on the vessel to sail home. Singapore To Scotland Ride will be done in a slightly casual way. There will be 15 other international riders worldwide riding from Rayong, Thailand, to Berlin, Germany (Ride Of A Lifetime). From Berlin, Ra will break away from the leading group and ride on to Lands End, Scotland. From Scotland, and if health and Covid 19 permits, the plan will be to ride south down to Africa. There will be more updates on Singapore to Scotland Ride. If there should be any enquiries, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at [email protected]
  7. Global Reveal of the Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ Adventure Touring Motorcycle! More information and news to follow!
  8. The world record for longest motorcycle trip belongs to Argentinean Emilio Scotto, who left home on January 17, 1985 and returned on April 2, 1995, having covered a total of 735,000 km and visited 214 countries and independent territories! Emilio rode the entire journey on a Honda motorcycle - the legendary 1980 GL1100 Gold Wing, nicknamed the "Black Princess". For ten years "Princess" has used 47,000 liters of fuel, 1,300 liters of oil, 86 tires, 12 batteries and 9 seats! For all 735,000 km, only one engine change was required. Upon returning home, Emilio wrote The Longest Ride, in which he described his amazing journey on 224 pages. Cool story!
  9. Excellent condition FZ6N touring Edition for sale Reason to sell: This is my 3rd bike, not enough butt for them. COE Expiry: April 2028 COE rebate as of Dec 2019: $6,500.00 (So you only paying $3000 for the bike + $6500 for the COE which you can get back anytime by scrapping. Total $9500 to me, negotiable) Engine condition: 8.5/10 Cosmetic: 7.5/10 (Bike wrapped in 2018 at Juzzwheel, paid $350. Should be the only Blue with Black racing strip) Mileage: 103,000km (low for a 11 yo bike) FC: Average 20km/L so it's nearly 380km for one full tank. One of the best in its class and even within same models Plenty of accessories stated below (which I can remember): - LTA legal Scorpion twin exhaust (worth $1,500) - Givi customized windshield (only 1 in SG) - Mt-09 stock side mirrors - Lever protectors - Motovation sliders - R1 stock brembo brake lever - Evotech brake master cylinder - Speedo customized backlight by Tachnicolour - Hyperpro steering damper - 12v cigg charger + USB charger - DIY fusebox (separate circuit for all accessories) - MWUPP phone holder (Ram mount style) - Proti titamium screw for all brake caliper - Hella twin red horn - DID X-ring - K&N Air filter - Givi side Monokey pannier rack (box not included) - Givi top rack with Kappa K56NT box - Additional LED rear brake light strip - Side stand enlarger - Front/rear motorcycle video recorder - New Skyrich Lithium battery - Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tyre (fitted in 2018) - EO just changed 1300km ago (fully syn OWS) Overall bike sounds great and runs great. 101 HP with scorpion pipes which beats even an MT-09. Top speed around 240km/h (I only dare to go that fast). Anyway not an urgent sale and reluctant as well due to how well it runs. Its renewed in 2018 with $8000 COE hence the higher price (paid to government, not me). Touring ready, nothing needs to be repair or replace. Cheaper than a super4 yet performs way better, sound better, runs faster. Contact me at 98Three7068Three Carousell link for pictures https://sg.carousell.com/p/fz6n-s2-touring-edition-till-2028-266626416 Keen buyer can come down to view but do not low ball me. I kept this bike for 4 years and I will not hesitate to keep it longer.
  10. Model: Ducati Multistrada 1200 ABS 4 Riding Modes (Sport, Touring, Urban & Enduro) Fuel Tank Capacity: 20L COE Exp Date: 26 July 2021 Road Tax Exp: 25 July 2020 Mileague: 98k + counting Keyless Key FOB + 1 Red Masterkey 24k,48k,86k service done at Wearnes Ducati SG & Racewerks Aftermarket Assessories: - OEM Side panniers - OEM Givi Rack & Top Box (48L) - OEM Mainstand - Ducati Performance Tank Pad - Ducati Performance Sport Windshield - Ducati Performance Hand Guard - R&G Engine Case Cover - R&G Clutch Case Cover - R&G Tail Tidy - Termignoni Slip On (With Cert) - Termignoni Full System Link Pipe - Touratech Crash Bars - Touratech Radiator Cover - Touratech Side Stand Big Foot - Ducabike Clutch Slave - Angel Eyes Auxillary Light Recent Servicing:- Fuel Sensor & Gear Sensor (Wearnes SG) - 86k Valve Clearance & Desmo Servicing (Racewerks) - 1 Set SBS Floating Brake Dics Set + Brakepads (Motorworld) - R.S Chain (Motorworld) - Michelin Pilot Road 5 (Motorworld) - Other receipts and service records kept. Extra Stuff: - Stock Tall Windshield - Stock Exhaust Catalyzer - Accident Free Reason for selling: Downgrading Bike Fully Paid. Cash only, able to recommend shops doing reloan. Negotiable for serious & sincere buyers. Viewing at CCK. SMS / Whatsapp me at 91295144 for further info and pictures. You may visit this link for Carousel Post - https://sg.carousell.com/p/ducati-multistrada-1200-abs-1005439318/?t-id=9-nizfAWol_1589271316742&t-referrer_browse_type=search_results&t-referrer_request_id=7YTATSGxrUI_cOQk&t-referrer_search_query=ducati%20multistrada%201200&t-referrer_sort_by=popular Cheers! !#ducati #honda #yamaha #bmw #kawasaki #harleydavidson #vespa #suzuki #norton #mvagusta #lambretta #class2 #class2a #class2b #touring #motorcycle
  11. Up for sale is a beautiful 2013 Triumph Tiger 1050 Special Edition (SE) ABS for $8,800 - Comes with matching orange colourway OEM Triumph Side Panniers and Top Box (using one common key). Top Box in storage, currently using Coocase. - Comes with LTA-approved Zard Aftermarket Exhaust with cert - Overhauled (pistons/gaskets/timing chain/valve clearance etc) at around 89k KM with receipts (worth around $6.2k), so you will be having a brand new engine on this bike - ABS is working, so no safety compromises - Recently changed Metzeler Roadtec Z8 in Nov 2019 - Mileage currently at 94k KM - COE until Jan 2023 - 3rd Owner, this is my weekend/touring bike - Reason for selling : cutting down on my bikes Viewing will be in Pasir Ris. Price is firm(mildly-negotiable). For any serious enquiries, pls do not hesitate to PM me or drop me a WhatsApp/text at 9two47three4six7. Thanks!
  12. FULL Loan is Available. https://carousell.com/p/full-options-bmw-f800gs-148751556/ Selling my beloved 2013 BMW F800GS as I will be getting another bike soon. Please note this is a Full Specs Option Bike meaning that this bike comes with all the extras such as HEATED HANDGRIPS, Enduro/ Road TRACTION CONTROL MODE, ABS, ASC and ESA Suspension Adjustment Option Very reliable engine used also on F800ST, F800R, F700GS. Very torquey and responsive engine. Guaranteed No accident before (original Paintwork) Bike has been tastefully done up with many unique decals Insanely low fuel consumption of 21-22km/l * Mileage will be around 58k KM * COE end Nov 2023 Accessories included in the sale 1. Original BMW handguard 2. Grip-On foam grip ( with one more spare) 3. Touratech headlight protector 4. Fog lamps 5. Touratech crash bars 6. Touratech DESIERTO 3 fairing (extremely rare n expensive, original will be given) 7. Touratech Large bottom engine guard (Original will be given) 8. Street Legal LEO VINCE Exhaust (original will be given) 9. K&N air filter 10. Original BMW Spare Seat 11. Scot oiler 12. Full Bmw Motorrad Aluminum side panniers and top box 13. Heated Handgrip Option 14. ASC and ESA Option 15. Traction Control Mode 16. MACHINEARTMOTO MUDSLING REAR FENDER 17. Metzeler Tourance tires changed in Dec 2017 18. Servicing done in Dec 2017 Price i am looking at $18,100 (CAN CONSIDER TO TRADE WITH THE FOLLOWING BIKE: TMAX ABS, MT-09, Please contact me at 9008 5062 for faster response. Thanks for your attention and interest.
  13. Reg Nov 2014 nc750x ABS manual, going for 14.5k. Cash only or find your own reloan. I can recommend shop if u want. 2nd owner, no accident, no fall, parked mostly under shade, serviced regularly, never touring, no faulty parts. Mileage around 16k. Pics attached, what you see is what you get. Really love it, I wouldn't sell it if I didn't have to. My loss is your gain! Comes with: - Legal arrow pipe - New tyres - GIVI Side boxes - H&B Top box - Main stand - Windshield - Mesh cover seats - Volt Meter whatsapp only - 97-83-84-95 - Viewing in Sengkang Thanks...
  14. Selling off my bike due to being underutilized. Most of the time driving because of family commitments. Bike: Yamaha Diversion F XJ6 Cc: 600 Registered Year: July 2013 Some accessories: LeoVince full system (bought at 2k) (LTA approved with cert) H&B top box 55l (bought at $550) Frame sliders Handlebar riser Hella horns Headlight protector Bike is problem free and have gone through regular servicing. Low maintenance and manageable fuel consumption for a Class 2 bike (abt 19km/l). Upright riding position. Awesome exhaust note. Good all rounder bike for daily commute and touring. Selling Price: $10,500 My bikeshop is able to provide loan up to 6.5k. Trade in to shop available. Viewing will be at Sengkang, after office hours. Contact: 9-8-7-6-5-4-6-1
  15. Selling off my r1150gs as i have no time to ride cos of been assigned for overseas job frequently. Yr of reg: Sept 2000 COE: Sept 2020 renewable Single spark model price: 16800sgd (neg upon viewing) recent changed parts::::::: drive shaft clutch pushrod clutch assembly (set) fuel pressure distributor Accessories::::::: desierto 3 screen 30l adv tank w/ crossover hose adv side panniers givi trekker 48l top case wilber front and rear shock (service @ sept 16) handlebar bag touratech imo100 r300 computer with remote touratech steering stop hardpart touratech engine guard center stand plate rugged road fork protector rugged road headlight grill hnb crashbar tire pressure sensor led fog light fuzeblock fz-1 (fuseblock) pivot pegs and a few others. bike fully paid. yes price is on e high side compared to others, but pls dun compare blindly. if you know this bike and e parts well, u know how much they adds up. interested party can come and view whatsapp me at 932five827four.
  16. Bike going to push in to bike shop by OCT 1st 2016. Selling at extremely low price. ordered new bike already, that y urgent sale. Low price. 2011 Black ABS FZ1-S Ownership – 1st owner Reg on 20/01/2011, COE till 19/01/2021 Road Tax till 19/01/2017 Milleage – 88K + No accident bike Nice numberplate - FBF931H Bike is fully equipped with touring accessories (ready to go anytime) Well maintain & taken care (Bike covered with canvas when parked -view bike to prove ) Condition 9/10 Accessories – worth $8320 1)Puig Touring windshield ------------------------------------------------------------ $155 2)Radiator Mesh ----------------------------------------------------------------------- $50 - 06/02/11 3)FZ1 Tank Bra with sew on Tank cap ----------------------------------------------- $150 + $45 - 15/01/10 4)BMW grips --------------------------------------------------------------------------- $35 - 11/01/12 5)Rizoma Fat Bar ---------------------------------------------------------------------- $135 – 11/03/13 6)Rizoma Tall riser -------------------------------------------------------------------- $135 – 11/03/13 7)Ventura headlight protector -------------------------------------------------------- $55 8)MR voltmeter ------------------------------------------------------------------------ $45 – 14/11/11 9)Toby steering damper Yamaha FZ1 Gold ------------------------------------------ $650 – 20/12/12 10)Scott oiler single side lube -------------------------------------------------------- $185 11)Motivation Front & Rear Axle Slider + Frame Slider + Bar End ----------------- $250 – 21/01/11 12)Scopio Alarm ----------------------------------------------------------------------- $350 – 17/02/11 13)Scopio Alarm perimeter sensor ---------------------------------------------------- $170 – 17/02/11 14)FZ1 smoke rear LED tail light ------------------------------------------------------ $120 – 17/02/11 15)AFAM spocket front & rear + DID chain X ring ------------------------------------ $280 – 8/10/2013 16)Traxxion Dynamics Valve Kit (front suspension)-----------------------------------$780 – 28/11/12 17)YA-041 Ohlins rear Suspension (with preload , compress & rebound adjustor) -$1400 – 10/12/12 18)H&B 40 litres panniers with SW motech side racks + Locking device ----------- $1200 – 04/09/10 19)SW motech Top rack (without adaptor plate) ------------------------------------- $240 – 23/07/13 20)Remus Exhaust slip-on with mid pipe (motorworld) ------------------------------ $1100 – 28/12/12 21)Sengkwang Stainless steel front bracket for forlight mount under side mirror ---$200 22)Sengkwang Stainless steel rear bracket for stobe light ----------------------------$100 23)Eugene Saddlery Gel-sponge Rider & pillion seats rewrap ------------------------ $150 24)Carbon fibre front fender extender -------------------------------------------------- $70 25)L-valve for tyre ----------------------------------------------------------------------- $30 26)Ballastic Litium Battery 8-cell -------------------------------------------------------- $240 SERVICING Engine oil change at every 5,000km or 3 months (with receipt to prove) 27)OEM original front brake pads change ---------------------------------------------- $180 – 07/05/13 28)Cone bearing ------------------------------------------------------------------------- $100 – 07/04/13 29)Exhaust mid pipe Mod --------------------------------------------------------------- $50 -28/09/11 30)Denso Iridium plug change ----------------------------------------------------------- $72 – 2013 31)4 x plug coil change ------------------------------------------------------------------ $440 - 14/01/14 32)GT Angel touring tyres (very new 80%) -------------------------------------------------- $420 – 17/03/15 Under Hire-purchase: No Full cash payment or i help you reloan from my bike shop max 4 years (reloan is possible if you are interested) Buyer bears cost of transfer Not dekitting, selling bike with accessories (ABS FZ1-S with $8k accessories) No low ballers Sold !! Admin please remove tread. Thank you
  17. Hi All, Have an excellent condition Gen 1 Diamond Black Yamaha Fazer FZS1000 for sale. COE till 2024 more than 8 yrs left. 2004 registered bike. Comes with touring side racks and Givi side boxes & top box. Recently changed Pirelli Diablo Rosso 2. Serviced with Motul Premium oils only. Scottoiler Dual injectors. Pyramid rear hugger. Charging USB and socket for your HP or GPS. Upgraded adjustable R6 rear shock. Mileage 40,000miles about 64,000km. This bike has proven great acceleration and superb handling in the twisties. Tone down 143 BHP R1 engine with power adjusted more to midrange. Reliable and fuss free bang for bucks bike. Brings a silly smile when u just throttle on the NS highway. http://www.visordown.com/reviews/motorcycles/naked/yamaha-fzs1000-fazer-2000---2005/203.html Basically just pack you stuff and it is tour ready. Get your passport ready! Deposit received! Thanks for the interest guys! Sorry no loan as this is a private sale. Super four price but with much better performance Those that view will not regret.
  18. Touring Boots With Slider Size 43 Used only once from malaysia to singapore Because my shoes gave way. So had to buy one. https://carousell.com/p/20517479/ or sms/what'sapp me at 90673238 Harold
  19. Hi bikers! Im selling off my beloved BMW R1100GS although am very reluctant to let go of this beauty right here. Just imagine the price of first hand GS and GSA bike where you can get this pride alot cheaper than the new one. Can't deny its an old bike but never underestimate the power of this bike! Reason for selling: Underutilized because i got car as my daily transport. Details below: Original Registration Date: 26 May 1998 Road Tax Expiry Date: 25 Nov 2015 (Just renewed and cleared inspection) COE Expiry Date: 30 Apr 2018 (Renewable) Mileage: 200,000+KM (cant remember the exact no.) Selling Price: $8,000 (fixed!) Some accessories and parts changed: 1) Leo Vince exhaust (Street Legal) 2) Two brothers exhaust end-can (Not LTA Friendly) 3) Touratech BMW Side Panniers 4) Sargeant seat (both rider and pillon)- Excellent comfort for long distance 5) OHLINS suspension (front and back)- Trust me, its damn good. 5) Lots and lots of touratech accessories to be listed here (Come and view it yourself or you can view it from the pictures) 6) Just did servicing and new haul sensor (that cost about $500 plus) for a peace of mind 7) Some of the stock parts will also be given to new owner (Errrmmm, i can remember one of the item is the stock header and etc.) Not dekitting any parts though. What you see is what you get. Servicing done every 5,000km at Perfection motors without fail ever since the last owners. You can check with Alan from Perfection motors the condition of my bike and how i maintained it. 120% problem-free-breakdown-engine and what you need to do just get ready to suit up yourself for touring while enjoying the scenery. For more info, feel free to contact me at 85223371. Viewing will be done at Choa Chu Kang and preferably after office hours. If it doesn't suits your timing we can arrange no problem Thank you for your time!
  20. Clover jacket size M for sale (similar to Dainese size 48/50) Condition: 7/10 (scruffs but has been properly stitched shown in pictures) Clover pants Italy size 48 USA size 32 (suitable for waist size 31-32) Condition: 9/10 (not so common for clover pants with the suspenders) Perfer to sell them together as a set as there is a zip at the base of the jacket which can zip the pants together. To go as a touring suit for $270. Please contact 98308044 for enquiries and collection to be done at Toa Payoh.
  21. Got a used Clover VS100 jacket Black for $80 only. Come with shoulder and elbow padding M size Condition 8/10 (No Abrasion or Torn) C.o.D at Yishun Interested parties sms 9oo 7oo 55
  22. Make / Model: BMW F800GS Primary Colour: GREY / BLACK First Registration Date: Apr 2012 PML Model. Serviced and Maintained there. Comes with: 2 sets of wind screen. Full crash bars. Headlamp protector. BMW side Panniers. Skid plate etc Priced at 24K Accident free, mileage 14K+ Bike is fully paid. I am not in SG most of the time, please Whatsapp +65 9834 3934 for viewing in the weekends.
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