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  1. Time Left: 5 months and 17 days

    • For Sale (WTS)
    • Used

    The World Most Colorful Vespa Presenting " PRIMAVERA 150 SEAN WOTHERSPOON VESPA! " The result of a collaboration between Vespa and one of America's most exciting streetwear designers, the Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon 150 is the embodiment of young urban tribe style on wheels. This limited edition small body Vespa with its nifty lightweight structure zips through city traffic & longer stretches of empty roads with ease. Designed so that you enjoy a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride, its 12" wheels deliver perfect grip on all surfaces and in all conditions! Contact Lionel at 9733 0470 & experience what this amazing Vespa Primavera has to offer and discover your worldly passion and adventurous spirit! The Details: ➡️ PRIMAVERA 150 SEAN WOTHERSPOON VESPA ➡️ Year Of Manufacture: 2020 ➡️ Registration Date: 24th March 2021 ➡️ Engine: 155cc 3-valve 4-stroke single cylinder I-Get Catalysed ➡️ Gearbox: CVT Automatic With Torque Server ➡️ Flawless Paintwork With IGL Coating And Paint Protection! ➡️ Warranty With Sporting Motors Till March 2023 ➡️ 2 x Servicing Packages Left ➡️ Number of Owners: 1 Only ➡️ Mileage: 2588km Only ➡️ Asking Price: $16,888

    16,888.00 SGD

    - SG

  2. Time Left: 5 months and 12 days

    • For Sale (WTS)
    • Used

    Hi all, selling my dear P150 that’s been converted to look like an original Sprint V. - Internal Condition: 10/10 - External Condition: 8/10 - COE: 31st Dec 2022 - NEA Rebate $3500 Eligible Have taken care of her for quite awhile now. Am very meticulous with maintenance and upkeep and she has been a reliable daily rider. Plus points: - Had a full engine overhaul. - Got a powerful Pinasco kit in there. - No leaks whatsoever. - Starts easy and rides easy. - Bridgestone Battlax front and back. - Yankee seat that’s comfy and perfect for 2. - New road tax just renewed. - IU under warranty. - Original Number Plate Do click on the link to get in touch and view: https://wa.link/m3tufl Happy to share what I know about Classic Vespas and how to care for one if you’re considering! Take care and ride safe 🙂

    5,800.00 SGD

    - SG

  3. OGK "FOLK G1" Kabuto's street jet helmet . New COLOUR: WHITE WITH BLACK STRIPES SIZE: FREE WITH SPONGE ADJUSTOR ◆ Standard: JIS (Compatible with all displacements) ◆ Cap body: TPS (High-performance thermoplastic cap body) ◆ One-touch buckle adopted ◆ Interior removable: Part of the interior can be removed and washed by hand or in the washing machine. (Required for washing machine, laundry net) ◆ Size adjustment sponge included Size: 57-59cm $140 OGK Bob 1 Star Orange Bob Helmet. Almost New SIze : 55-56cm $120 For more follow here: facebook For more JDMs Used carousell
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For Sale (WTS)
    • Used

    Sept 2015 GTS 300 Super IE ABS ASR full accessories.. priced to sell $8800 only.

    8,800.00 SGD

  5. Special promotion with Le Bistrot Du Sommelier for Vespa owners by Mah Pte Ltd! Vespa Scooters are distributed exclusively in Singapore by: Mah Pte Ltd www.mah.com.sg Address: 1179 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328232 Phone: 6295 6393 Indulge in a special Vespa Pic Nic treat in the middle of the city! From the revolutionary Vespa Primavera, the Vespa Pic Nic is born - created with features that give off the vibe of a relaxing picnic day. Celebrate the launch of Vespa Pic Nic in Singapore, and live more spontaneously. Check out our event coverage of the Vespa Pic Nic launch here: Flash your Vespa key at Le Bistrot Du Sommelier and get an exclusively curated picnic box at just $55 nett. Serving size is for 4, so grab a few friends and hang out together! Le Bistrot Du Sommelier 53 Armenian St, Singapore 179940 Vespa owners also enjoy 5% off Le Bistrot Du Sommelier’s wines and ala carte menu. Come on down to 53 Armenian Street (next to Singapore Management University) and check out the new Vespa Pic Nic, while you indulge in a tantalising collection of hearty, tasty, classic French food and an unusual selection of natural wines. Promo ends 31 May 2021, so hurry down now.
  6. A perfect fit to the iconic Vespa Primavera is the acclaimed Italian motoring brand's newest concept, the Vespa Pic Nic. Born out of a creative idea that matches the lifestyle of those that retain a sense of freedom and curiosity with nature, the Vespa Pic Nic set is a perfect limited-edition iteration of the Primavera that was launched in the '60s and beloved by those who have passion for new experiences. Vespa Scooters are distributed exclusively in Singapore by: Mah Pte Ltd www.mah.com.sg Address: 1179 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328232 Phone: 6295 6393 Contact them today for special deal for SingaporeBikes.com members! Besides standing out for the special features in terms of design that set the mood of a modern rustic chic picnic in every detail, this limited edition set fulfils the need for a fresh breeze. The model comes in three colours: White Innocenza Green Relax Grey Materia White Innocenza Grey Materia Green Relax The launch event for the Vespa Pic Nic was held on the night of the 14th of April 2021, beautifully hosted by Mr Eugene Mah, Managing Director of Mah Pte Ltd and members of the media and customers were on hand to see this latest creation from the Italian brand. As usual, the event was a huge success, with Mah's classic hospitality the highlight of the day (in addition to the Vespa Pic Nic of course!). Paired with great food and wine, this event was a good welcome and sign back to days of old before the pandemic. Of course, all safe distancing measures and legal requirements were met. Our friends from @TRI333PLE hard at work The machine price of the 2021 Vespa Pic Nic is S$7,300 with all the goodies you see attached coming with the bike in its stock configuration. Aside from the special colour palette, the Pic Nic comes with Vespa's original front rack with a picnic mat, as well as a rear wooden box that is created specifically for the Pic Nic. The machine price is S$500 above the standard Vespa Primavera 150 and we think this represents excellent value. What's more, the Vespa Pic Nic 150 will be limited to ONLY 9 units in Singapore, with 3 of each colour, so if you want to get your hands on one of these beautiful Italian scooters, please contact Mah Pte Ltd soonest to secure your unit. Vespa Pic Nic is created with features that give off the vibe of a relaxing picnic day. The signature belt in beige adds a touch of rustic chic elegance to the livery of the scooter. The front rack, as well as the rear rack (standard equipment on Vespa Pic Nic), have one brown strap respectively, that not only embellish the look of the vehicle but are also functional items to tighten to the Vespa Pic Nic the items to be carried with you in your journey out of town. The rustic character of the set is reflected also in the brown details of the livery such as the footrest and the dedicated stickers that complete a harmonious ensemble. The unique saddle is designed only for the Vespa Pic Nic: different shades of brown are tailored to provide the most sophisticated look and never-before-experienced comfort. The small Italian flag positioned on the saddle strap is a further reminder of the origin of this wonderful bike, whose body, as per Vespa’s signature, is completely made of steel. The beauty of the scooter is ultimately highlighted by the chromed details of the crest, the white outlines of the shield and the white rims. Vespa Pic Nic range is equipped with 12"-wheel rims, made of aluminium alloy and with a five-spoke design, specially conceived in white by Piaggio Group’s Italian design centre. They bring out the chicness of the scooter, ensuring a ride in style for the young spirits that are constantly on the lookout for an enjoyable escape from the city. Meanwhile, the Vespa Pic Nic comes with accessories and merchandises that complete the unique experience with the scooter. The picnic blanket, enriched by the embossed Vespa Pic Nic logo, and the special rattan basket (with fixing kit which allows the basket to located firmly on the rear rack) with leather details create the vintage vibe of a classic stylish picnic. The picnic kit is completed by the white cooling bag (inside the basket) where food and drinks can be stored once the journey outdoor begins. Special Vespa tumblers, available in grey and white, are designed to keep your drink at the temperature you want. A branded fedora hat, a tote bag (which is available in white and grey) and a white T-shirt with heritage graphic, are also available to level up the outfits of the picnickers who are enjoying their carefree trip in the countryside. In terms of experience, riding the Vespa Pic Nic will definitely be a smooth ride. It is driven by modern one-cylinder four-stroke 150 cc iGet engines, air-cooled and equipped with electronic injection and 3-valve distribution. Each detail from the exhaust to the inner structure of the transmission casing was designed to provide a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride. The control unit contains a barometric sensor, which ensures always optimum combustion under all conditions and at all altitudes. The engine power and torque delivered thus reach new levels of steadiness and reliability, also in city traffic, characterised by continuous “stop and go”. The engines are environmentally friendly and perform at the top of their category, making the Vespa especially perky both under city traffic conditions and in open-road stretches. This brilliant performance comes together with extremely low fuel consumption. Vespa Scooters are distributed exclusively in Singapore by: Mah Pte Ltd www.mah.com.sg Address: 1179 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328232 Phone: 6295 6393 Contact them today for special deal for SingaporeBikes.com members! An iconic symbol of style and timeless beauty, Vespa Primavera's latest variety arrives perfectly to steer us from the dark clouds looming over us in these strange times. Find time, especially this summer season, to have an enjoyable moment together at the park or in your own backyard with family and loved ones while staying safe at home. As we all know, a picnic is not just a social gathering but also a time to breathe and savour every single moment of the day.
  7. Got me thinking after watching this video from Vespa Motorsports. Vespa of course has a cult following all over the world and are able to command a premium over similar models by other brands. Does the Vespa brand matters to you or will you consider more affordable alternatives? Vespa: Lambretta: Royal Alloy:
  8. Selling my lovely Vespa GTS 300 Super ABS/ASR. Reason for selling: Will be working overseas COE: 08 September 2025 Road Tax: 08 March 2021 Current Millage: 47,574 km Accessories and Services: - Zelioni shock absorber - Wind Shield Faco Twin Screen - Pillion Peg Extension Adaptor - Headlight Rim - Kappa 58L Top box with baseplate - Full service done on 18/01/21 (with receipt) - Sliding shoe and Roller new - V belt new - Sensor ABS new - Drum changed - Engine mounting new Selling at $12,000.00 (negotiable) Viewing at Sembawang - no obligation Whatsapp me at 9112-4711 or follow this carousell link: https://www.carousell.sg/p/vespa-gts-super-300-abs-asr-1063686983/ I may not be active here. 1st come 1st serve basis.
  9. Just sharing from Facebook, any Vespa owners interested please contact Loh Yi Ling directly @ [email protected]
  10. Hello fellow members on sgbike forum, I'm a new member to this forum as well as a new rider on the street(soon). As of now i'm taking my 2B and currently in progress of 70% of the course (now waiting for TP and clearing the remaining prac lessons only). I believe like many of the fellow riders here, we take up 2B is because of a special bike which we fancy, to some it might be super4 or SP etc. As for myself, i'm very fond and attracted to Vespa, the features and appearance of it. Hence, against all odds, i took up 2B with a motivation of riding it on the road as soon as i pass my TP. However, unlike friends around most people, there're not much riders and definitely no Vespa rider friends. Hence, acquiring the information about the steps to own a vespa is somewhat a tedious process for me to find out. I've been reading through threads and all but still i don't understand certain aspects. Thus, I intend to set up a official thread JUST for new vespa riders who wants to own a vespa but had no idea on the process and procedures. This thread, hopefully after some advice from you fellow vespa riders, will serve as a guide to any future Vespa enthusiast. To begin with, I'd like to ask what are the stuffs we need to pay other than the price of the bike, i know some are insurance, road tax and etc. I would really appreciate if someone gives me a complete breakdown of what are the different stuffs new riders have to pay in order to ride on the road, with simple explanation would be awesome. Next, as of myself i'm into Vespa Sprint, thus, do you guys have any idea on where can i buy 2nd hand vespa and REPAINT it at a paint shop? Any nice shops? In addition, in considerations for those who prefers first hand new auto vespa, where can we find those shops and the different installments, package they offers. I really thank you if you took the time to read this through and reply to all those doubts i have. One day if i manage to get my vespa, we definitely should hang out and have a dinner or something P.S Feel free to drop me any PM if you have anything for me, I'd be glad to answer or respond to it. Lastly, Cheers to all fellow present/past Vespa Riders, and Thank you so much for your help!
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