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Premium Engine Lubricants - Request for Volunteers from Phantom Knight Rider

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Morning TA Riders !

Had the opportunity to meet a Sponsor that is producing Engine Lubricants.

He is seeking volunteer riders to test his Products.


Commitment is estimated for a period of 3 months, whereby selected participants will give feedback/s on the Performance and Fuel Economy of their individual bike after the lubricant is introduced.

These Lubricants are based on their Pioneer Formulation to provide advanced metal treatment.

Through metallurgical process, the formulation, forms a durable, polished metallic shield from the inside of your engine.

It dramatically resist wear, high pressure and extreme temperatures.

This consistent protection translates to longer engine life, increased performance and greater fuel economy.

In addition, it includes an dispersant property that cleans off existing build-up, while suspending sludge, varnish and other harmful material from affecting engine performance.

Spots for participant are limited and will be announced in due course.

Participants are invited on voluntary basis and Sponsor takes no liability for deflect/s and damages to their machine.

Stay Tuned !

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank You Luke, for starting the que.

Just managed to collect some sample supply from Sponsor.

For update, these are FULL SYNTHETIC ENGINE OIL !!!

Requirements are as follows:-

1) Participates are obligated to perform their own engine oil change.

2) Post an update of their bike performance before and after (mileage clocked b4 and aft oil change) on this Post.

3) Commited to review their bike's performance upto 8weeks only.


Participants kindly PM your contacts to me for coordinating the collection and engine oil change.

Place are Limited as I can only accept 6 participates.

I will schedule the meetup this week from 10-11/Nov.

Submit your interest to participate if u can commit.


PS:- (Spots for participating will be "bump-down the line" for those that submitted their name but are unable to meet up)


1. Silent Hunter

2. Adepcy

3. JintheRider

4. jh23

5. Safsikal




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  • 4 weeks later...
After trying the engine oil the results are about as below:

Previous mileage: 34km/l

Current mileage: 36km/l

Comments: gear change smoother and engine less noisy.


There is not much change in my fuel consumption.

Before: 33km/L

After: 32.3km/L


However, noted that gear change is significantly smoother.


Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk


Thanks Safsikal and Adepcy for the update. (silent hunter, how is your's bike performance?)

Tested the Engine oil on my bike also,

Saw a significant improvement on my mileage.


After :- 28km/ltr

Comments:- Bike felt more responsive to Gear change and improvement in the Torque.

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  • 3 weeks later...

2nd tank was 28.7km/L


3rd tank was 28.1 km/L understandable for the slight drop in mileage since I was riding in wet condition at above 110km/hr on the NSHW and didn't oil my chain before the long ride.


I think it is safe to say the mileage is between 28 -30km/L.

Motorcyclist are the nicest people on the road, try not to kill us.

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  • 1 month later...

My mileage is almost steady hovering ard 30km/ltr +/- 1ltr.

Acceleration felt more smooth and swift.

Most noticeable is my Engine start after long lay-off... used to have difficulty crank starting after lay-off of 4-9days, but now my bike starts very easily.


This product is currently carried by a few workshops!

For those that is interested, just need type :- "8ignition Pte Ltd" on google/fb or sgcarmart to find them.


For the convenient of those staying ard woodlands; there is a workshop called "D-project" which provide oil-change services.

Happy and Safe riding!

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