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[Discussion] Various Fuel Consumption on various bikes

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Class 2


Honda CBR1000RR - 14.4km/liter

Honda CBR1000RR 05 - 19.6-20km/litre (sg road)

Honda CBR954RR - 10km-16km/litre

Honda CBR929RR - 15-17km/litre

Honda CBR919RR - 18km/litre

Honda VFR Vtec 2002 - 17.8 - 21.7km/litre (max. acheived when touring)

Honda VFR 800 1998 -17-18.5km/litre

Honda CBR600f4i - 18km/litre

Honda CBR600RR - 18-20km/litre

Honda Pacific Coast PC800 - 18-19km/litre (avg speed:110km/hr)

Honda X-11 - 12-13km/litre (might be lesser)

Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX - 15-16km/litre

Honda Deauville 650 NTV - 20km/litre

Honda ST11 - 18-19km/litre

Honda STX13 - 16-18km/lire

Honda Valkyrie 1522cc - 11.5-14.8km/litre



Suzuki 1996 DR650SE - 25km/litre

Suzuki 1999 SV650S - 19km/litre

Suzuki GSXR750(1998 efi) - 15-16km/litre

Suzuki GSXR 750 K6- 22km/liter

Intruder 1400 - 10.5-12km/litre

Suzuki 1999 HayaBusa GSX 1300 RX ( with twin yoshi both on) - 22km/litre ( if i slowly pick up and speed at 100km/hr) 17.5km/litre (normal riding) 16km/litre (high speed touring)

Suzuki GSXR600(2001 efi) 17-18kmlitre

Suzuki 2006 AN650exec - 20-22km/litre

Suzuki GSXR600 K4 - 18-20km/litre (cruise at 110km/hr)

Suzuki GSXR600K9 - 14-18km/L

Suzuki GSX-R1000 K1 - 18km/litre (cruise at 110km/hr)

Suzuki V-Strom 1000 K8 - 60-80km/hr -23-24km/litre, 120km/hr - 20-21km/litre, 160-180km/hr - 16-18km/litre

Suzuki V-Strom 650 K4 - 21-25km/litre



Yamaha XJ900S Diversion - 15-19km/litre

Yamaha Fazer 1000 - 15-21 km/liter

Yamaha FJR - 16-18 km/litre

Yamaha 02 R1 - 18-20km/litre

Yamaha 04 R1 - 17-18km/litre (M'sia ESSO F1)

Yamaha 05 R1 - 20-22km/litre (Slow gradual pickup, keep below 4K rpm)

Yamaha 07 R1 - 15-18km/litre (Ride it like u stole it)

Yamaha 02 R6 - 20-2km/litre

Yamaha R6 - 17-20km/litre (20 is when u r ridin at 80-90km/hr)

Yamaha TDM900 02 - 23-25 km/litre (average speed 100-110km/hr)

Yamaha TDM900' 04 - 24km/litre (Slow gradual pickup, keep below 4K rpm and ride within sg's legal speeds)

Yamaha FZ6 04 - 19-23km/litre

Yamaha VMax - 10.5-17km/litre


Harley Sportster 1200 Sports - 24-29km/litre

Harley Sportster 1200 Low (07) - 19-22km/litre (city/expressway)


Kawasaki Z1000 - 15-16km/litre

Kawasaki ZXR750 - 21.6km/litre (ride slow), 20.6km/litre (ride normal), 18.5km/litre (ride very fast), 14.9km/litre (whack hard hard)

Kawasaki Concourse 1400 GTR - 16.5km/litre (city riding below 4K RPM)

Triumph T509 Speed Triple - 16-17km/litre


BMW F800ST - 24-27km/litre (city/expressway)

BMW R1100R - 18-21km/litre (city/expressway)



Class 2A


Honda RVF - 20km/litre

Honda Helix 250 - 24-25km/litre (90km/hr+)

Honda CBR400RRR - 26km/liter

Honda Steed - 24.5-28km/litre

Honda Foresight - 29-32km/litre

Honda Super4 CB400 VTec (Note that with Full System, the FC decreases by 1km/L-3km/L)

Honda Super4 CB400 VTec 1 - 21-23km/litre

Honda Super4 CB400 VTec 2 - 25km/litre

Honda Super 4 Vtec III - 19-23km/litre (18-19km/h if open vtec all the way)

Honda Super 4 REVO- 21-23km/Litre (10-20% open VTEC)

Honda Super 4 REVO- 16-19km/Litre (50% Open VTEC)

Honda XR400R supermoto - 22km/litre

Honda Hornet250 - 29km/litre (conservative)

Honda Super 4 Version S - 30-32km/litre

Honda Silverwing 400 European version - 24-25km/litre (90km/hr+ average)

Honda Night Hawk 250 - 45km/litre



Suzuki GSXR400P - 19-20km/litre

Suzuki 1995 Bandit 400-300km to reserve another 80km to empty tank

Suzuki Impulse - 29km/litre (80km/hr max on normal road riding)

Suzuki SV400S - 26-29km/litre (normal riding)

Suzuki Intruder 400 - 18-19km/litre

Suzuki GSR 400 - 20-21km/litre

Suzuki DRZ400SM- 25-28km/litre

Suzuki DRZ400SM- 22-26km/litre (Leo Vince)



Yamaha XT225 Serrow - 40-45km/litre

Yamaha YP400 - 24-26km/litre

Yamaha YP250 Majesty - 31-33km/litre

Yamaha RD350LC - 15-17 km/liter (80-90km/hr avg)

Yamaha Virago XV400 - 18-19km/litre

Yamaha Dragstar 400 - 18-19km/litre


Ducati M400 - 25-27km/litre


Piaggio X9 250 SL - 28-29km/litre


Kawasaki ZXR400 - 19-20km/liter (F1 JB ESSO)


Aprilia RS250 - 11km/litre



Class 2B


Aprilia RS125 replica - 23-25km/litre

Aprilla Y2K - 26-29km/litre

Aprilia Atlantic - 28km/litre

Aprilia Scarabeo 200 - 30km/litre at least



Bajaj Pulsar 180 - 50-60km/litre



Honda NSR125SP - 30-31km/litre

Honda NSR150SP - 21-22km/litre

Honda CBR150R - 31-37km/litre

Honda CBF150 - 40-45km/litre

Honda Phantam TA200 - 38-40km/litre

Phantam TA200 - 32-34km/litre (130kg passengers full 45l box, road 70 highway 90)

Honda Phantom TA150 - 18-26 km/litre (lowest when touring top speed)

Honda Shadow 125 - 30km/litre (before engine servicing)

Honda Varadero 125 - 29-30km/litre (average 90km/h )

Honda Wave

- 30-32km/litre (full throttle everywhere)

- 40-45km/litre (3/4 throttle max)

- 50-55km/litre (conservative)

Honda Wave-i - 57-61km/litre (running around at 80-90km/h)

Honda Phantom TA150 - 21-22km/litre

Honda XR125L 29-31km/litre

Honda FS150 (FS 150/FSX 150/ FSX150) : 30km/litre (around 90 to 105km/hour, with pillion, not much rushing around).

>> 26km/litre when rushing around

Honda XL200 30km/litre (normal riding, whack a bit)

Honda Tiger GLS200 41-43km/litre Speed limit 5-5.5k rpm, 37-38km/litre wack (Changed my sprocket ratio) pillion most of the time with box.




Yamaha FZ150i - 40km/litre

Yamaha YBR125 - 45-50km/litre

Yamaha RXZ135 - 33-35km/litre

(The Sheriff both RXZ) 23-26km/litre

Yamaha 125Z - Stock 25km/litre

- Vector One Z1 Kit : 32km/litre Avg Speed - 100 (Digital Speedo)

- Vector One R1 Kit : 30km/litre As above

Yamaha X1 - 45-50km/litre (80 - 90+km/h)

Yamaha Sparkz135LC - 40km/litre

Yamaha WR200 - 28km/litre (stock)

- 24km/litre (mod pipe)

- 18km/liter (pipe+big hole in air box+etc)

Yamaha TZM150 - 24km/litre (friend A)

- 18km/litre (friend B)

- 16km/litre (friend C)

- 15km/litre (friend D)

- Yamaha Fino 115

51.33km/L (Super petrol saver style, Slow gradual pickup, Strictly 60 km/h on normal rd, Strictly 90km/h on expressway [4 day pump 1 time])

47.67km/L (Slow gradual pickup, expressway (100km/h), 1 day use half tank)

41.20km/L (Slow gradual pickup, normal riding (60-70km/h), expressway (100km/h))

35.14km/L (Slow gradual pickup, Full throttle 120-130km/h at expressway)



Piaggio X9 - 28-30km/litre


Kawasaki KRR ZX150 - 30km/litre (normal riding)


Cagiva Mito - 20-25km/litre


Vespa PX150 - 25-29km/litre

Vespa Excel150 - 27-32km/litre

LML PX150 - 33-35km/litre (based on 80km/hr avg riding)

Vespa sprint 1967 - 31-40km/litre (based on 60km/h avg) if SG traffic, maybe 27km/litre

Veapa GT200 - 30-33km/litre


Daelim Daystar VL125 - 33-37km/litre

Daelim Magma - 35-38km/litre

Daelim Roadwin 125 - 29-31km/litre

Daelim Roadwin 150 - 27-29km/litre

Suzuki Intruder VL125 - 20-25km/litre

Suzuki DR 200 50-60km/h 35 km/litre , 90-110 Km/h 27Km/Litre

Skipper 125 - 20-28km/litre

Gilera Runner 06 - 26-29km/litre

Hyosung Aquila GV125 V-twin - 29-32km/litre

Sachs Madass 125cc - 43-46km/litre

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Tried on my fz16st for 11 litres i could go up to 450km before switching to reserve.

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