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Recommendation on AGV or Shoei Full face?

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Hi all,

I am looking to get a Full face helmet.

Had narrow down to either AGV Pista or the Shoei X-14.

My head size is XL, had went down to racing world at ubi to try XL pista but sadly, my ears hurt and folded in while trying pista, they had no XXL in stock and need to order. Have not yet tried Shoei X-14 at chong aik but from reviews, it seem to be good.


Any recommendation especially from both helmets owners? Please advise?

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Personally I will go Shoei.. Had a Shoei Hornet DS, X11 previously.. Now an Z7.. Depending on your ride, X-14 will go more with a Sportsbike aka crouching position where the wind angle/flow differs.. Your $ your say.. :)

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I would also prefer the shoei X-14 as firstly it cheaper I think can be by almost half.

Probably it will be even cheaper if I buy from lab or regina for either helmet.

I somehow think AGV is more suitable for European head instead of Asian.

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I just came back from chong aik after trying the X-14

Currently I am wearing XL for my evo open facehelmet. AGV compact I wore an XL and I think is still too tight and uncomfortable.

The chong aik Sales take measurement of my head and state I am wearing M-L... And let me try a L size X-14.. Boy it is comfortable except cheek is squeeze but Full face is suppose to be like this. I wore like 2 mins to 3 mins around and it is easy to take out the helmet as well.

But atlas all helmets X-14 reserved and booked by other customers.. Will go back try Pista and understand more from the sales from racing world before plunging in !!

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I tried the pista in sizes of Euro L, XXL and Asianfit XL. I seriously think the Asianfit XL is really crushing on my ear. racingworld let me try euro L, it is fiting on my ear however small to fit in my chin area. Racingworld conclusion that I need XL euro as it is bigger than Asianfit.. I dare not take chance to plunge in as pista cost more than 1 Grand in anycase. Luckily another helmet shop has a Euro XXL for me to try. To be honest XXL fits me nicely but the weight is quite heavy for xxl. Comfort is also not there but I guess I am wearing the mask which I am not used to.


I am heading to chong aik later to try on XL shoei X-14 this time to see if it is better or L instead. L size I can wear comfortable but my face is like the GP style but I was told it was meant that way. verdict will comes in later.

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I have the RF-1100 (XR-1100) which I bought based on the UK SHARP website for protection ratings. Don't just go blindly for the brand. The Shoei GT-Air for example, has a built-in visor which caused its protective rating to drop to 3 star, probably due to the structure being compromised to include more parts. Quite unacceptable IMO just for convenience sake.


AGV Pista GP


Shoei 5 star rated helmets


Based on the price, no way I'd buy the Pista. HJC has some nice and value-for-money 5 star helmets but Motoworld might not have these (or have limited size and stock) since they're not flagship GP helmets (e.g. IS-17).


You should also research reviews on how good the air flow is before making a decision (my RF-1100 has excellent airflow).

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going by your choices that you have narrowed down, you must be riding a sportsbike.


if i had to choose between the 2, i will take neither =)


my head feels that the agv corsa is the way to go as the headliner is AJUSTABLE! (not sure if the pista is the same)



different helmets for different usages (ie sportbikes crouchdown chinbar touching tank)


more upright riding postures all contribute to the difference in helmets (ie touring/adventure bikes)


airflow will be significantly reduced if not used for the intended purpose.



personally feel ::


agv lids are lighter helmets (some in Super Super Light shells)


shoei lids are of better quality (seems to last longer on my sweaty head)

looking for drz parts, any parts will do!

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I like the stability of the helmet when riding. Using open face at like 80 to 90km I can feel my head shaking.

I used to wear a AGV compact flip up helmet XL but somehow I really don't feel comfortable in it that I sold it. However rides in the AGV compact helmet are stable.

Thank you for all the feedbacks and comments. I have now decided on to get the Shoei X-14 helmet. It a pity that all the stocks are reserved and now I am waiting patiently for new stocks to arrive in chong aik shop. The shop sales ladies are kind enough to let me try XL this time. Boy XL fits me in and out comfortably, but the sales told me better to get L instead as after a while of wearing it will be loose. She told me had reserved XL and L for me to try this couple of days and said will call me instead.


On the otherhand I felt bad not ordering the pista as the motob Ben is very helpful in letting me trying out the size that he has but now I will go for comfort for my head with SHOEI. Waiting for chong aik call. and last but not least it is cheaper than the pista.

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Chong aik just called me saying that the X-14 helmet is available today. This time I tried the L size and fit for as long as I want in there. It is comfortable but the only thing is cheek is tight but was told it a norm and soon after rides it will loosen up. There is a big brother there trying shoei J force and think he bought it. Finally after wearing long I inspect the helmet etc and then decided on it. while placing the helmet it has a nice sporty look and the best thing is light and comfortable. around $630 i am glad i chose this instead of bearing with an uncomfortable pista at XXL..

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