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Kawasaki Ninja250 VS S4 Veto Hyper V Tec

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  • 2 months later...
Yup............super 4 will beat Kawa 250 anytime, anyday..Kawasaki wins only on design of the bodywork, other than that nothing .


Saw this post a while back, dunno where he got it, but thought it was a v. good comparison of 250r vs 400. Note, TS had asked (in August, mind) about FC, and 250R does come up on top in that dept (and depending on your tastes, looks too, just as important ;)):

interesting post. enjoy...

Good day guys,


Being Buzy body, thread Hijacking.


Just got a jap mag that says something about the current super 4 revo.


Interesting enough. the Jap mag review is that the super 4 revo is still the best bike in the 400cc class.


Contenders. CB400SB (revo) GSR400, KAWA zrx II (S4, xjr look) Ninja 250r 2008 (donno why a 250 class is in)


Circuit test, a 1.2KM track. test for best lap and timing


best lap. 1 round test


S4 revo 58.930 sec

GSR 400 59.441 sec

Ninja 250 60.252 sec

ZRXII 60.739 sec


Best 0-200m timing


S4 revo 8.637 sec

GSR 400 9.035 sec

ZRXII 9.120 sec

Ninja 250 9.647 sec


Real life FC test. Mixture of city, highway and country road total 80km (Japan sometimes got nice long stretch of roads. So not applicable to use. But should be close)


S4 revo 24.68km/l

GSR 400 21.34km/l

ZRXII 22.06km/l

Ninja 250 31.07km/l (well what u expect? 250cc what)


Overall, all is actually not bad in handling.


Tops is super 4. BEst in everything. all rounder in terms of handling due to low CG. even though full weight is 203KG. acceleration is fast, bike is nimble. stable at high speed.


Special mentionables will be the ninja. Super nimble (due to 250cc class) High reving engine. clean light weight (?) I think what they are trying to say is that the ninja 250 is light in weight thus gives it a crisp and light and accurate handling Engine rev easier (due to light burden? means light body weights let the engine rev up and gain speed easier.) whatever.


The 3 individual rider shares their different views.


rider one chose GSR, S4 then ninja 250


He start the statement by saying the current s4 revo have only minor modification over the previous model in the look department. The hypervtec have evolved to make the revo a faster and smoother engine performance

(means more power, better power band, and the power spectrum is in a better range. I guess)


The GSx-R 600 have a robust engine and the High rigidity strong aluminium alloy super frame. This is what the GSR 400 inherited. If you want a sportier look and feelfeel. The GSR400 is the one.


Rider 2 choose S4, Ninja 250 then zrxII


He says the ZRX and is in the similar class in terms of design, pattern and looks (I think he means that they are similar, just like xjr400 and s4.) Both look in place when riding or standing to each other (meaning put s4 and xjr400 together. They will blend well and look like as if they are brothers or cousin. DAmn! the japs sure have a funny way of expression)


GSR when reaching 110km handle bar will give out vibration (donno what he means. maybe reach 110km abouve, u can start feeling vibration from the handle bar.)


Ninja 250 will give you a nimble, light and quick feeling of a 250 (-_- again funny experssion of the japs)


However the left step (foot peg, gear level side?) and the handle will feel some mild vibrations. when the bike dips from braking (absolutely can't really understand and can only translate to this level.)


rider 3 choose ninja 250, zrxII then S4 revo (Huh? sure or not?)


He says the ninja 250 is from the kawa 250 sports traditions. It's being around for so long and is being constantly updated. I'm small in size (rider is 170cm and wieght 63kg). So riding the Ninja 250. I feel naturally at home (at ease).


The kawa KRXII is not bad. Due to the sitting possition low. I can still fits in well. ZRXII is a compact 400cc naked bike. It's has also the lowest seat height. small frame people will like it.


S4 is abit too big for my frame. It's also happens toi be the longest feel among the all.


(I think hor, this guy is either just too short or too bias towards sports bike. If you add a cbr 400 into the test. I won't be surprised he will rank is as his no. 1 personal choice)


This is just a direct translation from the jap mag. Also I might be wrong as my jap is super beginner level.


JUst sharing

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