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*** Great Condition 2001 ST1100Y For Sale ***

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About the Bike:

When I was shopping for an ST1100, I searched for 5 months before I found this gem. I think I viewed about 6 others before it. Still remember my excitement and rushing to get cash to place a deposit for it quickly, because I knew it would be snatched up if I didn't.


The overall mechanical condition of this bike is superb for its age. It just feels beautiful. The engine is butter smooth, and cruising at 120-130km/h on it feels like 70km/h on other bikes I've owned, not just because of the super smooth V4 engine, but also the great wind protection. I have not had a single issue with this bike having owned it for roughly 5 years.


When I brought it for its first servicing with Meng Tong, he told me the engine is in exceptional condition, and has been well looked after.


The bike had been carefully maintained. All fluids were religiously changed at the service intervals, including brake fluid, shaft oil, engine oil, fork oil, etc. Valve clearance was also done at recommended intervals, spark plug replacements and of course the consumables like tyres and brake pads. I've only replaced the battery once, after 4+ years of almost daily service.


Brake lines upgraded to Galfer SS brake lines, for much more responsive braking. This was the first upgrade I did, as this is a heavy bike and I needed good braking.


Cosmetically, I think it looks pretty well taken care of for a classic. Give it a good polishing job and it will look fabulous.


Reason for Selling

Sad to say, I'm giving up riding. Getting soft with age.


Why ST1100?

With so many newer tourers on the market, why did I choose the ST1100? When I was shopping, I looked at all available tourers on the market at the time. FJRs, ST1300, BMW series, Concourse. I'm sure all the other models have their strengths, but these were the reasons that drove me to the ST1100.


- Bullet proof reliability and robustness. Mine is a pretty late model ST1100 with whatever minor kinks already ironed out. Its reputation as a rock solid dependable tourer is well known


- Shaft driven, low maintenance for daily commuting and touring


- V4 engine. For smoothness and touring purposes, I personally believe this is the best configuration. It does not have the buzziness of an inline 4, is super smooth, and has the torque characteristics of a Vtwin. True it is not a redline revving monster, but that's not what tourers are built for.


- Problem free bike. One way I checked for a bike's robustness was to visit the forums dedicated to those bikes. On forums for the other tourers, I read about transmission issues, ABS issues, high speed handling issues, etc. In ST1100 forums? Most of the topics were about how to add a cup holder, voltage meter, GPS, customizations, etc. I was sold.


- Simple design. It has very very few failure points, because it is a simple and robust machine. It does not have many fancy or unnecessary electronic sensors and gizmos that are apt to break down and are very costly to replace. I'm an old school biker, and that's what I like - a bike that is beautiful in simplicity and robustness.


- No issues whatsoever getting parts for this bike.



Original registration date: Apr 2001

COE Expiry: 18 Apr 2021

Road Tax: Have to check, probably till end Apr or early May.

Milelage: Below 87,000 as of today

Fuel consumption: 17-18km/l (touring), 14-15km/l (city)

Asking: $6,500


To view, please whatsapp to XXXXXXX. Will not be able to take calls when working.


My work schedule is pretty hectic, so I ask for a simple courtesy / consideration. Please only schedule a meeting if you are genuinely interested in purchasing my bike, and if a meeting is scheduled, please show up. Thanks!



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