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I am looking for a bike cover for my 2B bike. if you have one available for sale, do PM me.


Thank you!

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    • By CBX750P
      Got one piece super good quality motorcycle bike cover suitable for big bikes measuring at least 2.5 meters length by 1.1 width and 1.29 meter !
      Double seal joints, cooling vents on side, folds into a small zip bag, lock latch below, locking hole in front, etc ! Thick polyester material !
      Cash and carry $50/- Paid $65 ....never used at all !
      SMS 91777305
      Low Ballers Please Go LAB


    • By TheStanfordGuy
      Some of the problems I have always encountered when it comes to bike storage, even when I am storing them in-door, are:
      1. They gather dust and dirt;
      2. The are exposed to natural elements when stored at balcony, near windows: rust, UV-related discolouration, never failed to surfaced after a while.
      I tried all bike covers. Most are ugly, pricey, and opaque too - I was shocked in many occasions to find lizards, cockroaches and other bugs getting comfy under the cover. An overseas friend even found snakes.
      Frustrated, I started designing a cover myself and managed to get a manufacturer made it for me. This is how it looks like:

      Some of the features I managed to attain:
      1. Durable, one-size-fits-all. For bikes up to 180cm, so it suits motorcycles too.
      2. Provides all the protections mentioned above.
      3. Could be used on bikes standing or mounted.
      4. Transparent. Users may now show off their beautiful, prized possession. And of course, no bug surprises.
      This is how it looks like on some bikes:


      Due to the difficulty in making such a huge cover (2.5m including gusset!), and selected LDPE materials to provide adequate strength and UV protection, it must sell closer to $9 (if commercially made, in mass), for any chance to breakeven. Even this trial production order cost me more than $20 per piece, including shipping.
      So if I may have your precious opinion, if you think that this product and price point would work, at least in Singapore, it will be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks everyone, in advanced!
    • By mootchambers
      Up for sale is a used premium quality bike cover size M. This deluxe rain and dust cover comes complete with the following specifications:
      Tough outer protects against weather and knocks
      Soft lining protects against scratches
      Reflective panels increase visability at night
      Adjustable belly strap holds it in place
      Heat resistant panel for the exhaust
      SIZE : Medium Sportsbikes and middleweights ( 173 x 113 x 94 cm )
      More information can be obtained from this link: http://www.oxford-shop.co.uk/item3256.htm
      My bike is always parked under shelter, so this cover has never been used outdoors. In fact it was then that it suddenly occurred to me that I don't really need a bike cover! I would describe the condition as 7.5/10.
      I'm letting it go for $50 cash and carry at Beach Road during weekdays. Please give me a call at 96380063 to close the deal. Cheers!

    • By kimber
      i am looking for
      a) kup kia bike cover
      b) Class 2 bike cover
      Do let me know by PM.
    • By Unique_Motorsports
      Helmets / Helmet Bag/Visor / Rainsuit / Bike Cover / Tank Bag
      Master Helmet MS-28 (Glossy Black/ Pearl White): $45.00
      Hyper HP-22 Helmets: $45.00
      SPINO with sun visor: $65.00
      EVO 2 Evolution II (Black/ White): $60.00
      EVO RS 747 (Grey / Black): $120.00
      EVO RS 959 (Black): $80.00
      EVO RS 959 (Pearl White Limited Edition): $110.00
      GPR XB02F1 Falcon (Graphics) : $52.00
      GPR XB02F1 Falcon (Plain): $40.00
      GPR XB02F3 Hawk (Graphics) : $48.00
      GPR XB02F3 Hawk (Black / Metallic Silver): $40.00
      GPR XB02F3 Hawk (Matt Black / White / Black): $35.00
      HYPER Classic (Black/ White): $68.00
      KISS 01 (Black/White/Silver/Red/Grey/ Blue): $28.00
      MGP (Black/White): $45.00
      MIB M17 (Black/White): $28.00
      MIB M17 (Pink): $30.00
      MIB M24 (Black/White): $39.00
      NOVA (Black/White): $60.00
      NOVA R606 (Black): $69.00
      PILOT PT608 Native (Graphics) : $48.00
      PILOT PT608 Native (Plain): $38.00
      PILOT PT608 Matrix Black or Matrix Silver: $48.00
      PRO VR2 (Black/White/Grey): $48.00
      TRAX Aeroslide TR-03A (Black/Blue or White/Grey): $50.00
      TRAX Aeroslide TR-03A (Black / Silver/ White / Blue/ Grey/ Matt Black): $38.00
      TRAX Race TR-03 (Star Black/ Skull Black / Bright Carbon): $48.00
      TRAX Race TR-03 (Black / Matt Black/ Metallic Silver / Red / White / Metallic Grey/ Blue): $35.00
      TRAX Vision T617 (Black/Yellow or Black/Red or Black/Blue or Carbon Look): $75.00
      TRAX Vision T617 (Matt Black/ Metallic Maroon/ Metallic Black/ Metallic White/ Metallic Blue): $65.00
      TRAX Venom R XB02V (Red/Black or Blue/Black or Yellow/Black or Grey/Black): $48.00
      TRAX Venom R XB02V (Metallic Black / Metallic Grey): $35.00
      TRAX XTREME XF01 Wave (Black/Orange or Black/Blue or Black/Red or Black/Grey): $70.00
      TRAX XTREME XF01 Wave (Black / Metallic Silver / White) $60.00
      TRAX XTREME XF02 Spark (Black/Blue or Black/Red or Black/Yellow or Carbon Look): $75.00
      TRAX XTREME XF02 Spark (Metallic Silver / Black/ White) $65.00
      YOHE (Black): $39.00
      YOHE Dragon (Black): $39.00
      YOHE Scorpion (Black): $69.00
      YOHE R82 (White) $38.00
      Helmets Bag
      "OGK" Helmet Bag: $5.00
      "NOVA" Helmet Bag: $5.00
      "Shoei" Helmet Bag: $10.00
      Helmet Visors
      EVO RS959 Dark Smoked Visor: $20
      MGP Dark Smoked Visor: $15
      MGP Iridium Visor: $15
      Tank Bag
      Hi Tech Factory Racing Tank Bag: $38.00
      Arm Socks / Head Cap
      OGK Arm Socks (Black): $6.00
      GPR Arm Socks (Black): $6.00
      GPR Arm Socks (Tattoo): $10.00
      CoolMax Head Cap: $6.00
      EVO Head Cap: $6.00
      R-Tec Rainsuit R-09 (Blue/Grey/Red/Yellow) S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL $30.00
      Hi Tech Factory Racing Rainsuit (Blue) S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL $38.00
      OGK Rainsuit S/M/L/XL $38.00
      Pro Helmet Rainsuit (Blue/Black) S/M/L/XL $35.00
      Arai Rainsuit (thick) S/M/L/XL $65.00 (UP $85.00)
      OGK Rainsuit (thick) S/M/L/XL: $68.00 (UP $85.00)
      Bike Covers
      GPR Bike Cover (Nylon Blue) XL: $12.00
      GPR Bike Cover (Polyester Silver) XL/2XL/3XL: $25.00
      GPR Bike Cover (Polyester Silver) 4XL: $30.00
      GPR Bike Cover (Polyester Silver) 8L (Harley): $45.00
      GPR Bike Cover (Polyester Silver) 8LS (Goldwing): $48.00
      Moto Fizzi Bike Cover (Polyester Silver) XL/2XL/3XL: $25.00
      Moto Fizzi Bike Cover (Polyester Silver) 4XL: $30.00
      Cargo Netting (Blue/ Red/ Black): $8.00
      Grip Lock: $95.00
      Gloves – Coocase Carbon: $28.00
      Gloves – Scoyco MC08 :$35.00
      Gloves – Scoyco MC09 $35.00
      Gloves – Scoyco MC14C $35.00
      Gloves – Scoyco MX34 $30.00
      Gloves – GPR SLG1042 $45.00
      Gloves – GPR RB340 $45.00
      *Please refer to 1st post of this thread for latest pricing and updates. Thank you.
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