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Class 2a bike dilemma : Honda Cb400 or Yahama MT 03

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Hello seniors, I will be getting my class 2a license soon. I have been shopping for 2A bikes and two bike caught my eyes. The cb400 and MT 03.


The sound of vtec opening on YouTube vlog is really tempting. The look for Mt 03 is awesome as well. My heart goes for cb400 but I have some considerations.


I browse around and saw that second hand spec 3 cb400 is around 10 to 12k for near 10 yrs COE and I was quoted by a shop for the new model 2017 MT 03 for 15k otr. So for nearly the same price I am getting an old machine for super 4 but a new machine for Mt 03. Would it be worth it if I were to purchase super 4 in terms of durability and wear and tear? I understand that it is an old machine but is generally super 4 problem free??


Is there anything I would look out for when purchasing a second hand spec 3 cb400?


How's the experience riding cb400 and mt 03 if any senior care to share?? Much appreciated.

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Haha congrats thomstan. Glad that you love your new revo. It is a pity the new revo is so ex haha out of my budget


go for used ones?



Ride Defensively; always.


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Kawasaki KIPS -> 2010 ~ 2014

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I upgraded from a CB190R to a MT03 4 months ago, and it is awesome.


Why did I choose the MT03? Mainly because of the price. Machine price excluding COE is about 10-11k ish, while the super 4 revo and CB400x is about 16k ish. Not to mention, the duke/rc390, bmw g310r, kawasaki versys-X 300 all cost more than the Yamaha MT03. The OMV of the MT03/R3 is about 5k, which makes it almost unaffected by the ARF hike last year. (which explains the huge difference in price comparing to S4)


Power-wise, I dun see how the MT03 is underpowered. In fact, I think no other 300cc comes close to MT03's performance. The parallel twin revs hard at low RPMs and can reach top speed of 190+km/h (I personally only hit 185km/h, but that's because of a heavy 48L Kappa K-Venture box full of luggage, a bike full of non-performance accessories and a 90kg rider).


reliability-wise, I can't vouch for the MT03, but S4 is definitely not problem-free bulletproof bike coupled with its age (if you are looking at second hand). Almost all S4 riders I meet and get acquainted with, they all appear very interested in my bike and complain their bike here leak there leak here problem there problems... It doesn't help that most 2nd hand S4 on the market, are 'prostitute' bikes (for the lack of better word). Most are hardly well maintained in my opinion. So I actually advise against getting a 2nd hand S4 unless you are confident of the condition.


And the thing about VTEC... It's not a performance feature per se, it's actually a (futile attempt at) fuel saving feature, operating only half its valves at low RPM. If you must, I can say that the MT03 (and most other bikes) have the "VTEC" on all the time. Just for comparison, MT03 is 2 cylinder, each 160cc and with 4 valves, while S4 is 4 cylinder, each 100cc, and with 4 valves. I have not personally verified this, but being lighter I think the MT03 can reach 0-100 faster than the S4, if you are into this kind of thing. The CB400X, which on paper has more bhp and torque than the MT03, is much slower in terms of both top speed and pickup (verified by myself and friend on NSHW).


Fuel consumption -wise, I'm averaging 25-29km/l depending on riding style. S4 is much worse for sure.



Bottomline, just think of what the extra $6k can do if you get a MT03 as opposed to S4. Would you need/care for what the S4 can do that the MT03 cannot

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