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Its alright bro, my first attempt, I actually mishandled the throttle and mounted the grass and 'completed' the fig of 8 in 3 secs HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Crashing is part and parcel of learning. I fell during cornering right after ebrake course and skidded my bike and shredded the CDC raincoat pants HAHAH

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Hi, i would to ask about slope signal, always confuse me on left slope.


before turn into slope, is signal right. Before go up to left slope should signal left? Moving forward from slope is it change to right and check back right?


before turning, signal right....but once go up the ramp left side, signal left. Cos youre stopping on left side so you need to signal left to show pple behind you that youre going to the left side.


When moving off, youre coming off your stop & entering main route, so need to signal right to inform pple behind you youre coming bk in....chk bk right & move off


Slope always chk away from kerb. So if youre on the right side is chk bk left.

I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing - Socrates

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Always check back on the right before moving off UNLESS there is a kerb or chevron marking on your immediate right, in which case you check back to the left.


For the slope, depending on if you form up on the left or right. If you form up on the left, the kerb will be on your left, so you check back right as per usual. If you form up on the right, the kerb will be on your right, so you will check back on the left.


Same for the signal. If you are forming up on the left, after you make the right turn, signal left and stop on the slope. Before moving off, signal right to 'signal' your intention of moving off (same direction as your check back).


If you are forming up on the right, after you make the right turn just leave your signal flashing on the right. Before moving off, signal left to 'signal' your intention of moving off (same direction as your check back, but this time it is left for both as the kerb is on your right).


Hope this helps.

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Just started my first lesson today - do you guys know how the practical lessons unlock? Is it must clear Lesson 1 then only Lesson 2 will be unlocked in the system? I didn't manage to pass Lesson 1 on the first go - group did not finish the intro fast enough to go main course for high/low speed.


How would they know though? Everything seems to be manually recorded in the booklet only. Right now, I can only book Lesson 1 and cannot see any other practical lessons.

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