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Custom officer shouted at 3-wheeler motorcyclist for not using motorcycle lanes

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Custom officer shouted at 3-wheeler motorcyclist for not using motorcycle lanes


Entering Singapore, the Woodlands Sg Custom has large sign boards advising large bikes and 3-wheelers to use Lane 41 and 42. Indeed Lane 41 and 42 are large enough for 3-wheelers to get through. BUT the main entrance lane has this concrete divider that ensures the lane is small enough that 3-wheelers cannot get through !!!


And so when I am stuck I have to inform the custom officers and they will tell me next time use the car lanes. So henceforth I use the car lanes to get through Sg Custom.


Yesterday 29 Jan in the late afternoon when I tried to enter the car lanes near the Sg Custom, a custom officer (malay with spectacles, seemed to be in charged of lorry crossing) shouted at me to use the motorcycle manual lanes. When I tried to explain to him, he was not interested to listen. He pointed his hand at my face and again shouted at me to use the motorcycle manual lanes. This time he was glaring at me. I had no choice but to obey him and so got stuck at the main entrance. I have to seek help from custom officers there and was directed into the car lane.


Custom officers (those inside counters and those who check cars) at the car lanes all know my 3-wheels bike cannot enter the motorcycle lanes and never before has anyone queried me there. What is puzzling is why this particular custom officer does not know 3-wheelers cannot enter the motorcycle lanes.


I cannot understand why he can't wait to listen to my explanation. I also cannot understand why he need to shout at me like I am a criminal or have committed some offence. I may be riding a bike but i am a teacher and very much respected by my students. Because he stood with his left shoulder towards me I couldn't get his name. Seriously custom officers need to be strict, but they also need to be professional, Sg Custom also has a reputation to keep. Whether a 3-wheelers can enter the motorcycle lane or not should be in their knowledge, they are there everyday and they see all this everyday.

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Dun let such an idiot spoil ur mood. 👍



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Boono :cool:

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