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Hi all,


I need help.


I am riding an FZN150 fuel injection and seems to be having a major issue with it.

It is a first hand bike bought 2 years ago with no modification done at all.


Exactly 1 month ago, the bike refused to start out of a sudden after a short ride. Tried replacing the fuse, doesnt work. Used a jump started and managed to start and ride back home but when i switch it off, it just wouldnt start again. So the next day i Jump started and brought to bike shop and was told that the battery was dead. Replaced the battery and all is fine.


Exactly 1 month later, today, the same problem happening again. Could it really be the battery dying just after a month, which it shouldnt. Could there be any other possible underlying issues with the bike? Anyone experienced the same thing with this bike? It is a fairly common bike, couldnt have only happened to me.


Please help.. :(


Thanks in advance.

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Top Posters In This Topic

How often do u ride?


Get a multimeter and measure the voltage. Find out what voltage you should expect at different scenario.


If u suspect ur batt is out of juice, I would suggest investing on a battery charger to charge it at home. After u full charge it and problem is gone, u need to find out - might be a short in the wiring.

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What did you use to jump start? I think for most battery kaput cases, you can push start. I normally use the slope in MSCP.


As per kaiq's suggestion, with a multimeter, I think you should get more than 12.5V (without turning key to on) when measure directly from battery (engine cold). With key at On position, there will be slight voltage drop. And when you crank it, voltage should not go below 9.6V.


But even if you measure good voltage, also does not mean the CCA is enough to start the bike.


I recently had a similar problem on my bike. Initially, I also tot my 4.5 year old battery needs replacement but it won't start even on carpark slope. After troubleshooting for 4 nights, the problem went away. I think my main fuse might have to much oxidation and the contacts were not good (I was caught in a heavy rain). After I remove it and clean the fuse blade, the problem went away.

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Get a proper mechanic to check out the main issue (It cannot be a fuse problem if you turn your key position to 'on' and you see lights)


This bike requires decent electricity to drive the ignition coil (to ensure the spark plug is sparking), the timing of the magnet its marking (if the charging system is weak, not only will you get a bad battery but not able to start too), rectifier not rectifying a nominal voltage during operation


Were there any other lights like Engine Light turning on? On this bike, Engine Light may also refer to weak charging system

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