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Taking my 2B license, and my thoughts

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Hi all,


I am in process of taking my class 2B license. During the course, im finding the gears a cumbersome thing.


Having thoughts to get an auto bike immediately once i pass.


Is it advisable? considering the fact that i learn gear bike during my 2B. Would it be easy to adapt or are there things to look out?


I am not too sure about bike, but when i took my class 3, and pass, i immediately drove auto car with no issue.


I would also like to hear some comments about thoughts of auto bike versus normal bike.



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  • 4 weeks later...
Im planning to take my 2b license next year but kinda hesitated thou. Reason because of my height. Im damn short la, only 1.55cm. dk can make it or not


Definitely you're able to, I hope you mean 1.55m instead of 1.55cm because that would mean that you're shorter than a 30cm ruler hahaha just kidding, but you definitely can because I'm 1.53m. At first it feels hard but you'll get used to it because the schools force you to use one foot anyways. If still cannot then just slide your butt slightly to the left.

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  • 3 months later...

My TP Is on Dec 19th. finally.


5 times for practical 7 to clear. It was a nightmare.........37 lessons in total. a few more revision to come before my TP.


Sorry to scare you if you plan to take...but well i think there are students better than me...im probably above average on number of lessons.


But dont worry....every lesson is also for your own good, in a way. Now im quite confident to clear TP 1 time :).

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  • 2 months later...
Im planning to take my 2b license next year but kinda hesitated thou. Reason because of my height. Im damn short la, only 1.55cm. dk can make it or not


I saw a Malay girl with the height 145cm ~ 150cm during my Practical 2, she's having a really hard time as she's has to Tiptoe in-ordered to Touch the Ground. She dropped her bike multiplier times as she's riding on the Normal type (Black Seat).


However I believe she has gotten her license already as she doesn't looks like the type that will give up easily.


155cm shouldn't be an issue.

They have bike with two different type of seat, one normal type (Black Seat) and a few settled lower for shorter rider (Red Seat).



If you have the interests & passion to ride, don't hesitate just go for it. :goodluck:

I wanted to ride a motorcycle since I'm 18 years old, however i hesitated. But the interests & passion is so strong that i know i will regret for not trying so i finally enroll at the age of 27, there's a saying better late than never right? My first practical lesson was on 14/02/2017 Valentine day :-P



I'm 172cm Common Male Asian Height, I personally think it's more on the mental instead of physical. Embarrassing to say there are many times I felt depressed that i can't control the bike well and failed during lessons & tests.

I had to go for many more lessons if compared to others, sometimes it felt like perhaps the instructors just doesn't likes me :box:



After one year of road riding experience (I had to ride everyday as I'm working as a Interior Designer) I'm thankful to the instructors stationed at SSDC Woodland that had given me a hard time. I managed to avoid many near miss accident caused by other road users. "Sometimes i feel that taxi's & big truck driver's are trying to kill us" :gun::gun::gun:



Faster Faster go enroll, the longer you wait the harder it gets.

The School Fees is getting more expensive over the years and so is the standard to pass the lessons & tests.

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  • 8 months later...

i just came across to my own post and realize how slow this forum is hehe. Anyway. I already got my 2B on first time :) Thanks to many lessons i went for.


Next month, going for 2A............oh and yes, i have been riding FZ16 for past 11 months, so far so good.

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