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Spark135 Tyres Size

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i wanted to go for pipe inspection and the vicom inspector(CHANGI) told me that my tyres are not the standard size

i am currently using 80/90(front) 90/80(rear)

isit really illegal to have a bigger sets of tyres from what i know only smaller size

please help cause im given a few days till teus to change

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u mean the fella not passing ur inspection because of your pipe or your tyres?seriously?....never heard failed inspection coz of tyres ley


if he failed u coz u failed ur tyre sizes.....so jus drop by any of the jb motorbike shops...further north....how abt u jus invert ur front tyre to ur rear tyre....den change ur front to a 70/80 ..i have yet to go to this pinto tyre's on facebook...they offer very competitive tyres prices....u can try the metzeler street sport......good in wet and pretty affordable...

I ride at 70km/hr only...please please dont blow2 at me or overtake me dangerously....wait i change into Incredible Hulk n dont know why my little baby bike will always be ahead of u if u do that

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