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Do you gear up when riding?

Do you gear up when riding?  

208 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you gear up when riding?

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    • No

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Since you asked this, i suppose you're getting pants for general/all-rounder/commute/spirited-ride purposes? So firstly, get one that is comfortable, not too hot in this weather, so that you WILL actually wear it as much as possible when riding. And where armour is concerned, make sure you try it before buying, that it sits nicely on the area which needs to be protected. Not just while youre standing, do try in on while on a riding stance, or even better if you could sit on your bike.

I think they do sell Draggin kevlar jeans, where you can put removable knee pads inside. They are basically jeans with an anti abrasive kevlar lining, which looks good, not bulky at all, and you can wear them as replacement of normal jeans. So have a look into them.


Lol I heard of draggin jeans but dunno where to buy le?share pls

Ride fast..ride safe..don't crash...

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Anyone got boots that pairs well with formal wear?


Riding boots and FORMAL wear don't really mix. But if you have to force something out, I'd probably go with something like Sidi's Street Rain...



A mid-lifer who started late on the motorised 2-wheeler game. Currently riding a 200NS - with a P-plate.

Randomly rants at www.sgBikerBoy.com

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Yipes! I just realised that I digged out a thread with last replies about 2 years ago... hahaha... Anywayz...

A mid-lifer who started late on the motorised 2-wheeler game. Currently riding a 200NS - with a P-plate.

Randomly rants at www.sgBikerBoy.com

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