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[Group] SBF Yamaha X-1r 135

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$480 Big Bore Package B

what Big Bore block/ Big Bore piston Kit means and does to your bike?


Simple----, more TORQUE and more POWER!!!

If you are riding on big bore kit, and try test ride normal one, or vice versa, there are a lot difference!

Note that their quote doesn't include carburator, better change as well,

Last time they quote 700+ for full package.

Combine with full system exhaust, you are perfect !


But there are alot racing parts, some still not clear what ,


racing high cam/racing camshaft => wht effect ? torque? I don't know should change.

racing clutch plate, clutch spring, housing => ok, related to clutch, but what :D

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I am trying my luck if I get any response from here.


I am a new rider. 22 year old under P-plate. I just bought a 2nd hand Yamaha Spark 135 (Clutchless) FBE plate on one of the bike shops in Eunos area 2 days ago(28/10/16).

I have registered my GF as a subrider as well.


Yesterday my GF was riding the bike on PIE just after Exit 9 to Jalan Eunos, when making a right turn, she skidded. It was raining heavily. She flew off the bike and sustained fracture bones near Spine/Pelvis area. Thank God no operation needed. She mentioned that 4 riders and 1 driver (Kudos to them) stopped and helped. The car driver helped to send her to her workplace at Eunos area as per her request. NO TP CAME into the scene and her colleague helped to push the bike out of the scene quickly. No other parties were involved also.


Bike Damages:

- gear shifter/lever bent, seems really very tight and stuck. Can't change gears no matter how much force I put on it(even if I stand on it)

- gear stuck on 1st gear. Engine is okay on idle but when i rev the throttle, engine dies. is this because the gear stuck or what?

- front fork misaligned(front wheel and handle bar out of sync)

- left fairing scratches

- left mirror misaligned (stuck and can't bring back to original position)


I have some concerns/questions:

- I have not contacted the shop yet as the day of accident was a Public Holiday and today is Sunday. Should I call the shop and claim that I had the accident on my own instead of telling them that the subrider was the one involved? (I have issues and worries about insurance not yet officially goes through the system for subrider)

- For the bike repair should I or can I claim the damages repair to the insurance company without getting the police involved? Or should I just pay the repair cost without insurance agency coming in to the picture

- Will the police know about this and give me or the subrider demerit pts + fine?

- Can my bike still be rescued/saved? Around how much is the damage if I decide to pay it myself?


Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much riders!

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Hi, my X1-r can’t seem to go beyond 70/h. I have so far sent to 2 shops, they changed the speedometer cable, service carburator and air filter but no difference. Can anyone help?


which are the shops you went to?

not possible that they cant fix simple issue...

did u have your choke tuned on the whole time??

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