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Cam Am Spyder in Singapore!

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rode alongside a silver one up the PIE to Simei, the thing sure looks cool. Engine note was nothing special tho, plus he had to sit in the traffic (i sat with him to admire the trike :) )


As mentioned, parking and traffic is not going to be fun!


Classified as a bike, however none of the bike practicality, and all the disadvantages of a car in traffic, and then without a roof :D Personally i think more fun can be had spending the 37k on other toys!

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go through first link

block other bikes.. from overtaking


go second link

the toll down there he stuck le ..



ride to thailand ,think he have to use car lane le

一路å‘北 4 EVER , my friend




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had the chance to test ride the bike during it's official launch in singapore, while it looks futuristic and all, sad thing is, it's not exactly the most comfortable ride as far as a bike is concerned. Being a trike, navigating bends and turns is only by means of turning the handlebar, but unlike a 2 wheeler, or the Carver as similar comparison, the dual front shocks and vehicle profile allows minimal banking, which while it minimizes the chances of the trike flipping, there's little to hold the rider down except holding on to dear life on the bars. On a fast turn, while the trike holds fast to the ground, i felt like i was on the verge of being thrown off the bike.


Another negative point about the bike is the missing brake lever on the handlebars. Braking is purely by your right foot ONLY. Not too used to it, cuz braking by hand on a bike has always proved to have better and faster reaction compared to foot.


All in all, i feel the trike is a rather confusing ride, attempting to fuse features of a car, bike, and ATV all into one without much consideration for the rider's comfort.


With the hefty price tag on it, i would rather go for the Kawasaki Trex or the Carver anytime

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is this the CARVER that u guys talked about??



Well, if this beast does make it to S'pore it definitely gonna be classified as Class 3 due to it having steering wheels..

I can't imagine if the steering wheels were to change to handlebar instead :angel:

CLASS 2 then!!


Will be super cool and plus point there's a roof and confirm got aircon.

If stuck in traffic jam NO PROBLEM... hehehee:cheeky:



And of coz not forgetting Kawasaki TREX



Powered at 1400cc..

Did i see a AKRAPOVIC exhaust back there??

Did i also see a small side panniers at the sides? talk abt changing it to H&B panniers haha

Edited by Kazky



What's an ADVENTURE??


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It is indeed appalling how myopic the mentality and mindset of some Singaporeans are.


Ride bike MUST stay HDB? Big bike CANNOT use in Singapore because lots too small?


Sheesh, I think the stomper must be suffering from a severe case of inferiority complex that the Spyder costs more than his cute little car.

Past: KDX200, LC4 400, LC4 620, GSXR750WR

Present: CBR900RRY, Gas Gas EC250, XR250L, XR250RV, XR400 (motard-ed), NX650 Dominator

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Hi, I'm quite interested to get a Can Am Spyder. I've read this thread and many of the questions I have had been answered by kind forumers here. Thank you so much.

However, I still have a few general questions about the Can Am Spyder, may I ask it here? 

1. I understand that one needs to buy 2 motorcycle season parking for HDB parking, but how about short term, per minute, parking using cashard? Is the rate 2 times of motorcycle's per minute fees too? 

2. Is the overheating problem solved by now, what I mean is, which model year should I buy in order to avoid the overheating problem mentioned in this forum? 

3. It seems that Xtreme Machines Pte Limited has poor customer service, I wrote to them 3 times but no reply. They put on sale of new Can Am Spyder Ryker, F3 and RT, all the 1330 cc engines on Sgbikemart, but the contact there is useless, no response from them. I just want to find out the OTR prices, as they are not stated in the SGbikemart website. Does the company actually still exist? If there is no agent servicing and repairing the Spyder, is it a concern to owners of Spyder here? 

Apologise for so many questions here and for waking up this thread after 11 years plus. 

Happy CNY! 

Edited by Keynes

People ask me, "Why ride bike?" I ask them back :"Why drive car?"

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