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A few questions on timing of tests, waiting, and the PDL

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I am enrolled at Comfort Delgro for my 2B.


It seems the next test is the 23rd, but my last theory is the 24th and there are no earlier sessions. The following test date is not published, but other threads suggest it is every 2 weeks but may be booked out.

1) What is my chance of finishing the last theory on the 24th then doing the Theory test 13 days later if I book immediately after the final theory? (what timeframe should I expect)


I can only start lesson 6 after passing the RTT, and can only book the practical after passing lesson 8, plus it seems there is then a 1.5 month wait for the TP practical test.

2) what is a realistic timeframe for someone who has a license in another country, with no riding for a few years and not a lot of experience before that? Is there anyway to shorten that time?


With the PDL, the Traffic Police lists me as having it, and I have printed the receipt, but for you test you "Must produce a valid PDL (Provisional Driving License)". I have not received anything physical - is the receipt enough? I know the systems are not linked as I had to enter the PDL expiry date.

3) What do I need to prove I have the PDL?



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      Anyone taking 2A at SSDC can fall in here. Since nearing 2016 in a few days I just put 2016. Just enrolled yesterday. Mine is worst case scenario - got 2B in Dec 2009, never ride on the road at all until now.
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