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CB250 Nighthawk, Following  

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  1. 1. CB250 Nighthawk, Following

    • Coe sufficient
    • Modding potential
    • Parts availability
    • Plugs change frequency
    • Engine oil type and change frequency
    • Lifespan of original parts
    • Flexibility of cheaper parts use
    • Moifying potential
    • Able to use any grade of petrol fuel
    • Potential for 4 rounds of COE
    • Easy to pass inspection
    • Low road tax
    • Daily ride potential
    • Low fuel consumption
    • Ease of maintenance
    • Ease of riding

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I have gotten a 1998 super four and need help identifying what parts the previous owner has used. At a guess it has a cbr600 rim and they have used a cbr250rr mc19 sprocket carrier hub. The cbr250 hub doesn't fit perfect but it works ok.

I'm happy to swap the hub with a different one if anyone knows of a better option?

This is the most detailed cb400sf forum on the net so looking forwarded to leaning from you guys.












Just want to check with you what do you intend to do with the current rear rim? I believe at the moment its fitted with 180/55 sized tyre as you say its fitted with 5.5inch rim...I cant really see clearly as the pictures are not that clear...

Do you want to go back to the original size rim or what's your plans?

Its a 1998 super 400sf....The original sized tyres are 110/70 front and 140/70 rear....

Are you using a modified swing arm?...looks original though...cheers

I ride at 70km/hr only...please please dont blow2 at me or overtake me dangerously....wait i change into Incredible Hulk n dont know why my little baby bike will always be ahead of u if u do that

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Thanx for replying to my post. I found out its the rim and sprocket carrier from a 250 hornet. We don't have them in Australia and no one I showed recognised it.

Its the original swing arm and I'll keep this setup as it never caused me problems. Plus I like the look ;)

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  • 3 months later...

Hi Brohers & Sisters;)


Am planning to buy a new bike but would kindly need some of your advise.


My 1st and trusty bike till now COE extended was a RXZ i bought in 2005, Can say considered paid in full as it was thru my company loan with very low2 interest rate on the 95% of the bike price OTR and3 years later bike was fully paid.


Passed my 2A last year and after close to 13 years riding my RXZ, As mentioned it’s time for a change and i have set my mind on a new S4 Revo.


1. So S4 Revo is the latest bike model right?

2. Am thinking of getting a 100% loan without deposit with loan tenure of 4-5 years, What is the current market interest rate like?

3. Am staying in Punggol, Where should i go to start rekee bike prices...

4. Any other tips and advise i should know, Please fell free to share away for my knowledged.


Thank you inadvanced for reading😊

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  • 2 weeks later...

I just got my 2A license and decided to get a used super four. From what I noticed from the market, older Spec 3 seems very expensive compare to newer Revo? Most of them are selling at $13-15k (even those '05 or '06), while I can find a '08 Revo easily at $5.5k-6.5k, then renew the COE @ around $5k, add up only $11-12K? May I know what's the reason Spec 3 is so expensive?


My budget is below $8.5K on next purchase:

1) spec2 coe '22/23,$7k+

2) revo '07/08,$5-6k+

3) revo '09/10/11,$8k+


Any advise? Thanks. :weep:

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  • 3 weeks later...

I believe it's because the spec 3 is the last carburettor model for the Super4 family. Revo onwards is using EFI controlled by ECU. Carburetted bikes are mechanically/electronically simpler as compared to EFI... From what I read, if you need to change your key set on a Revo, ECU needs to be replaced as well as it's programmed together.


And from what i heard, the earlier Revo models have several electrical/wiring issues. That could be why they're cheaper than the newer Revos.


Nonetheless, it's just hearsay... I could be wrong since I don't have proper facts :/


I too am looking for a Super4... Spec 3 in fact hehehe...

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 3 weeks later...

Hi guys,


I need some advise. I laid up my super 4 spec 2 (registered july 2002) and till date it has been 6 months. I disconnected the battery and never touched it. There is a lil fuel in the tank to avoid rust. Now im gonna send for inspection and start riding again. Newd advise on what do i do to get the bike running in good condition and then slowly do the less priority.


I would think these are the few... please do advise if any add ons in order of priority. Thanks so much!


- change engine oil

- do i recharge bat since i change new battery before dc?

- flush out brake fluid and top up new

- spark plug

- chain and spocket changed to brand new before lay up.

- rubber tubings (scared wear and tear) - i changed sometime some low quality as coolen leaked.

- carburator (what do i do?)


Anything else? If someone can, pls do prioritize the things i need to do and price. Relatively a newbie to super 4 and i want to get hands on with my bike. Thanks in advance for letting me understand the bike more!

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  • 2 weeks later...

- change engine oil (definitely)

- do i recharge bat since i change new battery before dc? (surely need to recharge, if its fully charged i would be surprised really)


- flush out brake fluid and top up new (not necessary, probably just do a bleeding)


- spark plug (depends on condition can just do an check)


- chain and spocket changed to brand new before lay up. (nothing to see here)


- rubber tubings (scared wear and tear) - i changed sometime some low quality as coolen leaked.


- carburator (what do i do?) (in my opinion just do normal servicing and check tuning)


left my bike unmoved for 6 months, so i basically did the normal servicing.


in addition,


check tyres for deformation incase its been in a stagnant position all while

flush coolant as stagnation may cause it to deteriorate.


thats all i can remember for now. GL

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Hi guys, it's my first post here!


I just passed 2A recently and want to get a used CB400.


Should I get an older spec (S/1/2) to save cost, but risk of more wear and tear, or should I spend more to get spec 3/revo?


I don't have plans to get a Class 2 bike yet, but I will definitely go for the license.


Probably gonna ride CB400 for 1-3 years at least.



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Congrats on passing 2A!


I bought a spec 1 for 3k+ last year. Although an older bike will cost less upfront, be prepared to spend more on maintaining it. For my bike, I spent 1.5k afterwards to repair and replace the important parts like brake pads and cylinders, lights, tyres, chain, and a few others. So far I've been riding it for a few months and it hasn't given me any problems yet. Super 4 is really a damn reliable bike!


To me, that was the most cost-effective way, though your experience may be different. Good thing about older bikes also is the cheaper upfront cost, which means you might not need to take out a loan if you don't have the capital.


Note that 10+ year old bikes have more expensive road tax.


Do your own calculations on the annual cost of ownership (bike cost + one-time maintenance + taxes + yearly maintenance + inspections divided by years left) to figure out what's more suitable for you!


Ride safe!

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go for spec 3 if you wanna ride it for longer. frankly speaking super4 is a super reliable and efficent bike for singapore road.

i wouldn't take the risk of spec1/2 due to the uprising unforesee problems (cdi / engine etc) as they are about 15yrs old or more.


its true you will save on the upfront, but who knows if the maintenance will kill you.


in the end luck also plays a part. i personally prefer bikes that has less transfer count, and lower mileage, go down for viewing and see how sincere are the seller!


but if like what dwh12 said, work on the capital you have.


good luck!

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Congrats on getting 2A license! Personally I am riding spec 1. Changed some minor parts of the wear and tear (is normal). I intend to upgrade after get my class 2. That's y I get spec 1 due as the price quite a big different from spec 3 or revo.


Imo. Since you said u will be riding about 3 years preferably get a spec 3 or revo that suit ur budget will be better. Probably lesser problem but newer spec doesn't mean no problem. Depend on the previous owner riding style and maintenance of the bike. If the person know how to take care of bike, even older spec condition better than newer spec. Take your time to view the bike you like and check the condition. Regardless of any s4 Vtec is worth to get. Especially when the Vtec open..

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  • 3 months later...

Hi All,


Can someone guide me on how to change the time on a Spec1? :? Mine is running late.



In My World of Cruising, Racing, Living Fast Dying Young,

Here is A Story of True Romance. AWW...How F.U.Kin Sweet http://photos-g.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs258.snc1/10534_1140208501731_1122979945_30367651_5951968_n.jpg

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  • 1 month later...

Hey all. New to here. I’m from Ireland. Recently picked up a 2004 spec 3. But the vtec is not kicking in. Iv givin the bike a full service. Oil ,filter, plugs,leads. Air filter. Still feels the same. Drives fine until u hit around 6k rpm. Also the speedo or odometer isn’t working. Iv seen on someone’s post this might b the cause of the vtec failure. Just wondering if anyone had any more info about it. Cheers in advance. Doc

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    • By SBF
      👀HEAD TURNER👀 cb150r exmotion
      (non abs version)
      READ FIRST❗❕❗❕❗❕🤭
      registered date: 15/04/19✅
      Coe expiry date: 14/04/29✅
      Road tax valid till: 14/10/21✅
      Condition outlook: 9/10✅
      Condition internal: 9/10✅
      Milage: 35xxx✅
      bike comes with upside down showa fork and nissin brake calipers as standard🔥🔥🔥
      Aftermarket parts done 2020⬇️
      -Brand new acrylic number plate
      -Rcb spoke wheels
      -rcb front brake disc 
      -Yss gsport adjustable suspension height and rebound adjustable 
      -Clip on handle bar (can adjust to your liking)
      -Rcb s1 master pump 
      -uma racing plug coil 
      -Hella sharp tone horn
      -Kitaco japan belly pan kit
      -Kitaco japan tail tidy 
      -Moritech thailand footrest v1
      -Ska air filter (washable)
      -morin brake stainless steel brake hose (front and rear)
      -samco radiator house (fake one got color color make it look nice only🤭)
      -iu unit relocation (iu kena water need to go claim warranty)
      - bike lowered to my liking, 165 and above can flat foot
      bike include⬇️
      -single seater cowl (can excuse if you don't want pillion)😆
      -stock rims 
      -aftermarket rizoma handle bar and bar mount 
      -spare side fairing in grey 
      -stock rear shock 
      -stock brake pumps
      -stock undercowl
      -stock footrest
      -stock mirrors
      -frame sliders 
      -phone mount

      Service record 2020 ⬇️
      -oil change every 2000km only motul7100 or 300v
      -Spark plugs
      -Tps sensor
      -Chain and sprocket: DID gold x ring and asahi sprox
      -Tyres pirelli rosso sports front and rear 
      -Coolant flush 
      -Clutch plate and cables

      -All services and repair have receipt 
      -All the stock and spare parts will be given
      -strictly no dekit selling the bike as whole ☹️
      RSF: upgrading 🆙
      option #1 full cash (12000k) ownership will be transferred to you immediately after settling with the shop.
      option #2 pass me 4k (negotiable) cash and carry on installment 228x36 with shop and add you as (sub rider) until coi settled then transfer ownership to you, black and white agreement will be done to prevent and last min back out☹️
      will be riding the bike until sold
      interested can contact me for viewing (89219148) cheers☺️
    • By SBF
      Coe till 2026,now bike under layout.maybe only 1 left in singapore
    • By SBF
      The 39-year-old owner of a motor workshop Fong Kim Exhaust System Pte Ltd in Ubi was charged in court on Thursday (May 6 2021) with three counts of performing illegal vehicle modifications.

      Raymond Tan Chia Long, the owner of Fong Kim Exhaust Racing Development, was charged under the Road Traffic Act with replacing the exhaust systems of two cars with unapproved systems on three separate occasions. 
      Court documents show the alleged offences occurred in June 2019, September last year and March this year, with one car getting its exhaust system replaced twice. 
      For performing illegal vehicle modifications, first-time offenders face a fine of up to S$5,000, up to three months in jail, or both. 
      The penalties are doubled for repeat offenders. 
      Modifying a vehicle illegally is a serious offence, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in a media release on Thursday. 
      “Such illegal exhaust modification affects the durability and reliability of the vehicle, and increases the safety risks to both the driver and other road users,” said the LTA. Such modifications can also result in excessive noise, causing public nuisance, it added.

      Only LTA approved exhausts such as SC Project will be allowed for sale by retailers
      The agency noted that motorists must seek its approval before modifying exhaust systems. 
      “Only certified exhaust systems, which have undergone stringent testing in compliance with international standards, and are compatible with that particular make and model of the vehicle will be allowed,” it said. 
      “These exhaust systems are also required to meet the prevailing noise and exhaust emission requirements set by the National Environment Agency.”
      It added that vehicle owners should check if their planned modifications comply with LTA’s guidelines before proceeding. Information on vehicle modifications are available on the agency’s One Motoring website.

      Aftermarket coloured/LED lights such as those on these Yamaha Aerox kups are also not allowed
      “LTA takes a serious view of illegal modifications as they may pose serious safety and environmental hazards,” it said. 
      Senior Minister of State for Transport Amy Khor said in Parliament in March that stricter penalties and regular enforcement have reduced the number of illegal vehicle modifications in Singapore, from about 1,800 per month in 2015 to around 550 per month last year. 
      In the past two years, LTA has issued an average of 610 notices of offences per month to owners of illegally modified vehicles, said Dr Khor then.
      LTA does not provide further details on this statistics, of how many such offences are for motor cars and how many are for motorcycles. Some of the more 'popular' illegal modifications for motorcycles include unapproved exhaust systems, tint visors, naked handlebars, and aftermarket LED lights.
      With this harsher clam down on illegal modifications in Singapore, with the law now punishing not just the owner of the vehicle, but also the workshop that assist in modifying the vehicle, does this spell the start of the end of individual styling and modifications of our beloved rides?
      Hardest hit commercially with this new ruling would be the workshops that currently hold high inventory levels of non LTA-approved exhausts and other such illegal modifications. Some workshops have gotten around this law by stating with their sale invoices "For off-road and private road use ONLY".
      If you want to know what modifications are allowed, you can refer to LTA's website here:
      What do you think of LTA's move to clamp down on workshops and retailers that aid in illegally modifying vehicles? Let us know your thoughts and comments in the comments section down below!
    • By Mister J
      Kawasaki W175 2019 
      COE until 11/2029
      One of the rarest cafe racer in Singapore, and it is your chance to own one! Prices for this beauty might even rise due to ceased production of W175!
      Added accessories and servicing as updated and done between the month of Jan-May 2021.
      - KOSO voltmeter (May 2021)
      - YSS hummer suspension (Not displayed in pic) (March 2021)
      - Custom speedometer
      - Slick flowing LED signal lights from Japan
      - Clubman handlebar
      - Diablo Rosso sport tyres (May 2021)
      Front : 80/100-17
      Rear : 100/90-17  
      - Dual tail lights that look like mini GTR
      - Changed from two headed lights to LED headlights for better safety (2020) (Not displayed in pic)
      - Valve clearance done (March 2021)
      - Carburetor tuned (Easier to start up in the morning) (March 2021)
      - Tank bag (2020)
      - Custom seat from JuzzWheels (Jan 2021)(Not displayed in pic)
      - Every 2000KM servicing
      - Oil filter
      - Engine oil uses Liquidmoly 10W40 
      -Yuasa Battery 12V (Jan 2021)
      Mileage as of 4/5/2021 :

      For any enquires regarding finance issues, please go ahead and find your own source of loan, if not i have few motorshop ready to loan you. 
      If you are paying it full cash, it's all good.

    • By SBF
      Cheapest fireblade in the market now. Clearance first come first serve. Quit riding sales
      1st come 1st serve lowest price alr for the best condition. view to discuss.
      Honda Cbr1000rr Fireblade 2014
      Reg 6th aug 2014, coe till aug 2024
      Mileage 80k and goin due to daily work
      - Comes w brand new s21 tyre recently changed
      - new fork oil seal
      - valve clearance done
      - low maintenance
      Fully paid, full cash only.
      Bike for daily travel purposes only, never tracked.
      Bike comes w the following:
      Recent renewed road tax
      Bodhis Legal exhaust w cert
      Brembo brake pump and caliper
      Annitori quickshift
      Tail tidy 
      Full Motovation Sliders
      Full Gb racing guards
      Contact @ 82288532
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