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Originally posted by Xr_nathan@Dec 10 2006, 12:48 PM

hi singkiwi, how much u got yr K7?? i got mine at 18k otr.. dunno ex or not lei.. mind sharing some info? :lovestruck:

Hi XR,

sounds like you got a good buy, I paid 19,800 (+938 insurance) for mine. only checked the price against Looi's they were 17K machine 19600 OTR (+plus ins).

I believe you can get the K6 for $1000 less, which is exactely the same bike



It doesn't matter what the question is, the answer is more power!

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Originally posted by Tashi@Nov 18 2006, 09:54 PM

Talk to Ed about the pillion seat? Should talk to you. How's it?

pillion seat definitely much more padded than e miserable hard honda cbr hehe otherwise u can always choose to use e single seater when u r riding on your own. :smile:

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any new yr outings or meetups for the gixxers?

CBR600F4I SPORT --- JAN 2005 - JUNE 2006

YZF R6 '06 --- JULY 2006 - AUGUST 2006 (STOLEN)

GSXR 1000 K6 --- DECEMBER 2006 - ???

"char bor only know 3 bikes, sp, rvf, r1"
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Finally, some real pix to showcase the frame issue on even the new 07 R1000. Taken from the Gixxer forum.


totaled.. frame snapped in 1/2 after 50 ft and brick wall.. pics added


21 year old bought bike. got checked out by service guys, said he rode dirt bikes. reved bike up several times. let loose of clutch and handful of throttle. made it about 50 feet, right into concrete wall. didnt have helmet strapped, it flew off. guy not hurt... poor bike. frame snapped at welds.. didnt look like weld didnt bond, but you can clearly see where 2 parts put together and impact broke it right in 1/2. 1/2 weld on each side of frame. im sure this is not frame issue. nothing was built to go head on into concrete wall. Is this the first totaled one??? possibly... it was ugly.. pics tomorrow. happend at 6:00 as we were shutting down shop. No insurance. Guy asked what do i do know? i asked if he had insurance. he said no he was going to get it monday. I said well you owe 12k for totaled bike... there suppose to look up parts in morning if fiche is even out yet, tho im sure parts are not available and this guy prolly cant pay cash to fix it. New riders are scarey!!! why do they think they need the newest fastest stuff out? Ill post pics tomorrow sometime.


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yea ill get some pics of wall. due to flood plain and angle of building, its built up about 4 feet or so. its all concrete and at end there is set of stairs( concrete) coming out, that makes 90 degree angle to the wall. he hit right there. i will take pics and distance he traveled. i will try to get mre pics of frame from different angles that some people asked for. it didnt hurt wall.. only threw some brake fluid from clutch master cylinder on wall. i have sugguested sending pics to Suzuki. still it hit solid brick wall, so im no metal expert and dont know. but it broke on both sides in same spot where frame is welded together. really im surprised forks are not visably bent. even front wheel dent is not that bad. i think its still holding air. i didnt see it happen, i was inside. there was couple people that saw it
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