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Anyone has any knowledge of a company which does stator rewinding for Cl2 3-phase stators? I found this company called Maintech (http://www.mes.com.sg), but they seem to rewind only gigantic kV stators.


Have a feeling my stator is conking out soon, bike keeps dying with no electrics while moving and read around that the OEM Yamaha stators only last about 25,000 miles before frying again. Would be great if there's a company in Singapore doing stator rewindings for automobiles.

For the certainty of death and the knowledge of life's fragility, makes it worth living.

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Yeah it's magnetised. Current is induced in the stator coils when the magnetic flux of the magneto is disturbed. I'm not looking at any warranty issue currently. Just interested in whether any shops does heavy duty wire rewinding of such stators.

For the certainty of death and the knowledge of life's fragility, makes it worth living.

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i just changed my stator coil not too long ago and has been searching for qualified people to recoil the damaged stator. But so far I have found none. It would be great if anyone can recommend some place to get it done.


Rewinding stator coil is not as straight forward as it seems. Only magnet wires of the correct gauge can be used and there is a specific way to wind the wires.


Doing it wrongly will result in little or no output from the stator.


So, don't just find someone who says they can do. They must be able to provide some form of guarantee that it will work.

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Exactly. It's very specific with the exact number of turns, gauge of wire etc. The Maintech company does stators that are so huge, I feel embarrassed to ask about rewinding my puny lil' stator.




as compared to this:


For the certainty of death and the knowledge of life's fragility, makes it worth living.

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Go JB do i afraid they might damage the stator...

however u may never know what's available there.

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I'm sorry.

But if rewinding a stator requires so much of a specialized skill that the costs / charges to do so is potentially more than the price of an OEM stator, would it be more economical to just replace the stator with a new one?


I do know Honda and Suzuki stators are in the $300 range. Not sure about Yamaha but I reckon pretty similar price range?


How much would a specialized shop that can offer the guarantee to be able to rewound your current stator safely and properly cost?


Just a thought.

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BTW, my former GL1500 alternator stator was rewind there. No downtime for my ride, just 1 to 1 exchange cos they have spare stator in stock.


Cost? About $100 and that was 2 yrs back.


Result of the rewind? Better output cos they used slightly thicker wires compared to stock. Is more than 2 yrs already and so far so good.


Savings? Abt $350 cos new alternator cost abt $450.


Besides rewinding, they can check the alternator, if diode or stuff like that spoit, they also can change for you.


Bottomline is: Can save a lot then do rewinding. Especially mine is 6 yr old bike.



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