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What you like/ Dislike about your bike/s

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Yamaha WR 200 Scrambler (My first bike 15 yrs ago)




-Made in Japan (should be)

-Nice and big size

-Two strokes - fast pickup

-Once hit top speed at 140km/h (consider it is 2 strokes with big rear spocket for scrambler)




-Not as power as the KTM EGS 200 Scrambler

-They stop production, so I bought a used one

-Expensive @ $8300 for a 6 yrs old used bike back 15 yrs ago.



KTM EGS 200 Scrambler


-Made in Austria

-Two strokes - fast pickup

- Faster pickup then Yamaha WR 200




-Only KM/H indicator on meter, nothing else. Dun even have RPM and Engine red light indicator

-No 2T oil pump. So must carry a small bottle of 2T when going for refuelling (need tp mix it with the petrol)

-Stock exhuast very loud

-Very hot while riding as heat coming out from engine

-A lot of vibration on handle bar,ride from Sengkang to Jurong West is a nightmare both hands numb

-Drink a lot of petrol

-Parts always kena stole



Yamaha RXZ 135




-Made in Japan

-Good for use be it street or highway


-Cheap spare parts




-Too light

-Japan stop production so no more new spare parts for Japan model



Gilera Runner ST 200




- Made in Italy

- Easy to ride as it is automatic gear

- Won't feel much heat from engine even after a long ride

- Keep my shoes dry when the road is wet after rain

- Fast pickup

- Helmet storage below seat

- Nice design




- Top speed at only 120 KM/H

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Honda CRF250L



Not to fast neither not to slow

Not to heavy on the road neither not to light on trail

Sip fuel like infant 33-35km/litre but frequent visits petrol stations (small tank)

Fat foot pegs

Nothing to change everything works perfectly


2 bar across in fuel tank inlet design to squirt petrol into your eyes when you accidently pump at full blast..

Seat a little to short for pillion

My ride,

RX 100, GTO 110, RXK 135, RD 125, RG 125, RG 250, TS 250, XR 250, DR 350, XT 600, DR 250, XR400, XR 250Baja, Hexagon 150, X9 250, AN125, Excel II 150, CRF250L, NC750X (current)

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(: Kawasaki GTR1400 Concours :)

http://www.animatedgif.net/flags/-flags-uncat/singapore_gs_e0.gifYamalaya Selamanyahttp://www.animatedgif.net/flags/-flags-uncat/japan_gs_e0.gif

91'ahamaY zxR 331Cc **819*

2011'SX 1000Z ikasawaK *819*

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Model: TA200



-Super fuel efficient

-Cutomizable, up to your imagination.


-Unique one of a kind.

-Good for cruising at speed limit



-Rain + MSCP or non tarmac will kill you.

-Rain on tarmac will kill you

-If stock u look like ah peh

-Need to spend money to make it nice.

-Almost non existent back brake.

-Fishtailing is not a myth


Conclusion. Nice bike to own. good for daily commute. A bullet proof bike even in event that rain water gets into your airfilter. or fuel tank. It runs like a champ.


Model: DT200 WR



-lil brother of WR400

-The badboy torque

-Light and easy handling

-Beat stock DRZ400 anytime.

-can pop or wheelie if you are skilled.




-Old bike

-Small fuel tank

-Engine sounds like asking your grandpa for a sprint after hitting 140km/h

-Sitting 2 up will make u look like sitting on a minibike


Conclusion. Good bike, cheaper alternative to KTM200.


Model: VXR200



-Auto Bike

-Nice to cruise

-Fast pickup no gear change

-no chains!! uses belt




-Expensive to maintain.

-Unreliable always breakdown. Water pump cost $400.

-Lots of issue with the bike from electrical to bike itself.

-Petrol consumption varies widely depending on your throttle. from 14 to 20km/l


Conclusion. Hate the bike. brings me lots of misfortune.


Model: GSXR400



-Cheap to buy

-Can run despite old bike

-Nice alternative to Cbr400 or rvf400

-fast and heavy. good control




-Old bike = alot of sickness

- which means broke

-difficult to source parts.

-expensive to source parts

-May require overhaul due to years of abuse.


Conclusion. Not bad for experience. will not get it again.


Model: Super4 Spec 2 and 3



-Super fuel efficient

-Full of customization options available

-Full of aftermarket parts


-i like the Vtec sound




-4 bottle engine oil for 400CC bike is painful

-Common like 7-11

-so quiet you can only hear your chain sound.

-Definitely not a head turner. girls in school will say ah pek bike.


Conclusion. Good to buy. Wont regret.

Used to ride: TA200 -02, WR 200DT -94, VXR 200 -04, CB400 Spec 2 -02, GSXR400RN -92, CB 400 Spec 3 -04, VLX 400 -94, DRZ400SM -06, FZ6 S2 -09

Current bikes : YZF R1 -08


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I like my bike because it runs fast and it does not spend much. and I don't like my bike because of sometimes it switches off during riding.


That sounds dangerous man, switching off whilest riding. should check it out before something serious happen. Imagine, riding at 80km/hr and suddenly it offs by itself and there is a car behind who happens to drive at 100km/hr.

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