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Top Posters In This Topic

My understanding is tinted visor under a % of light transmittance is illegal. Old thread here. https://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-111899.html


To me, transitional visor is the same as tinted visor. For me, lightly tinted probably still ok (where ppl still can see you face).


In short:

- don't always believe what the shop says. You kenna fined is your own business, not theirs.

- not being caught by TP doesn't equate to a pass. It just mean either they don't bother or is giving you chance.


Just found this. Indirectly applying here, means 70% light transmittance.


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    • By KirinXHell
      Need help on removing visor from a TR06RR.
      Unlike normal HJC helmet where you can push the clip and it will release the lock on the helmet visor, the TR06RR have 2 black stopper/screw that set the visor in place.
      Tried to turn the black stopper/screw but it became abit dented which I think its impossible.
      Remove the cheek/ear pad and notice that the Styrofoam is blocking the end of the black stopper/screw.
      Have search the whole internet but to no avail as most of the video show is using the quick release clip at the side.
      Need to know if anyone have remove such helmet visor before, and how to remove it. Thanks.

      Red square is the black stopper/screw holding the visor in place
    • By KirinXHell
      Hi guys, need help regarding removing visor from TR06RR. I have tried searching for ways to remove the visor but mostly youtube show only those helmet that have the release clip like the HJC helmet.
      But for the TR06RR helmet, it only have the black screw/stopper that hold the visor in place and have tried screwing it but end up make a dent on it.
      Checked inside of the helmet it is behind the Styrofoam of the helmet and doesn't seem to budge (like its glue on to it).
      Are there any methods or ways to remove these type of visor? Do need some help.

      Red square is the black screw/stopper that hold the visor in place
      Edit : Resolved, have figured out how to remove it
    • By kevalmann
      Having gone through many mesh jackets, I concluded on this: http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/klim-induction-jacket
      What I need assistance on is if anyone else wears this and their take of it in local weather.
      Probably going to have to get it online, as searches came out naughts on local distributors. Do tell me if I missed a shop selling it.
      Thanks and Happy Chinese New Year.
    • By HairyDragon
      Hi all,
      I am new here and have just bought a BMW R nineT which is great however, my clear visor broke and I need a new one. The helmet is a air sprayed AGV Stealth (not the SV Stealth) and I can't get one anywhere! I have looked in all the usual places Helmetboys, World of Racing etc. without any luck, anyone have any ideas? At the moment I am using clear safety glasses at night but they steam up when stopped at lights..... Help!

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