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[Group] Yamaha Diverson XJ6S / 6N

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Guys i have a qn to ask, normally i will just service at normal shops

EO, spark plug, etc

But i wonder, i know we dont have carbourator, so dont need to do any setting on d bike?

If there is, where can i do it?

I mean when im riding kr, we need to do the air and oil setting,

So not sure if our bike need to do.


No need. But just check to make sure ur idling ard 1300rpm. If less can adjust urself using screwdriver. But if u got money and u want d settings to be nice can ask d shop do throttle body service. But no need all d time uh. My bike reach 50000km den i do it with valve clearance at agent.

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Dear all.. selling xj600 integrated tailight and also tail tidy for 50 buxks. Pm.me if interested. Thanks!

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- Yamaha FZ150I

2010 apr - ????????? -Honda CB400 Spec I.III

-Yamaha FZ150I

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looking @2011 Sep XJ6N. It was very rarely ride on & owner says >6mths never ride & batt is died.

Need advise on getting it back on road, bike is still in original condition.

- recommendations for tires (it is still on original rubber)

- wish to do a full service so is there anything special to look out / change / service? valve? tuning? throttle body? filter?

- what patrol do u guys pump?

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I have been riding my babe daily, smooth engine... battery sure die off for bike hardly riding as no charging.... servicing EO every 4 to 5k km. Oil filter replace every 2 service... plugs every 20k km for normal plug... currently on Pirelli Strada. Petrol Esso 3 times 95 then 1 time 98. Throttle body, air filter, valve depends on mileage.....

..hope this helps

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Is it not advisable to get this bike? Seems like not very popular in sg. I like S4 but like too common, wanna try something else like FZ8N or maybe this XJ6N.


Any problem with this bike?

Yamaha TZR > Kawasaki KIPS >> Suzuki GSX-K >>> Honda NSR >>>> Yamaha RX-Z >>>>> Honda CB400 Ver S >>>>>> Kymco X400i

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Is it not advisable to get this bike? Seems like not very popular in sg. I like S4 but like too common, wanna try something else like FZ8N or maybe this XJ6N.


Any problem with this bike?


I got a new xj6n few months, previous ride was super4 spec 1. xj6 is a low volume seller but servicing and replacement parts shouldnt be a problem here, at worst get HL to order those unique parts when needed.

Compare to S4, xj6 has better low end power delivery, and when u reach the mid range at 5 to 7K, can feel the bike is requesting you to go faster, eagerly. Smoother gear changing, but maybe is unfair comparison, cos my S4 is 10 over years. The seating position for me (I am 1.7m) is quite similar to S4, more room for the legs.

xj6 generate more heat when compare to my carb S4, and its hot when the fan it blowing (hate most). The foot pegs of xj6 is directly below my hip, so whenever i stopped at traffic light to put my foot down, the foot pegs will block/touch my leg. Take a while to adjust foot resting posting for me. I think S4 foot peg is slightly to the rear to my body position so the foot peg is never in the way.

And the exhaust, when its brand new, I find to too quiet. But after running in and with mileage ard 2000km now, it gets louder and sound better.

fuelly wise 19 to 20km/l, with 50% on HW.

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Hi im looking for riders to ride up north today 5/9/2015 to Malacca for a night. Will stay hotel for a night. Initially i plan to ride alone but then i thought an accompany will be great.

It doesnt matter what bike u ride,any race,any age or any sexual orientation.

Will start as soon as riders confirm.

Hotel yet to be book.

If u are spontaneus advantureous last min person u are welcome to join.



Will cruise at speed 100-120 depend on traffics.

Im riding xj6

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