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How much in total u spent for ur class 2b?

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Spent around $360 at SSDC before changing to CDC.


Now at CDC.

$104.30 Enrolment

$ 34.20 L1 + Orientation

$ 25.60 L2

$ 23.50 L3

$ 23.50 L4

$ 23.50 L4 (second attempt)

$ 5.35 Internal Evaluation

$240.00 estimated.


Aim to finish off with a budget of $850 total.

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SSDC for me..

Cleared most lessons in the noon and evening


Total cost: $520

No revisions on circuit or road

1st TP pass



Cleared all lessons once except for eval lesson, both times for each.

- Now deliver pizza.


Actually an advise to all.

What you learn in school is generally useful. They will pass you when you look darn confident and calm. Trust me.

I pass all my lessons once. Skill can only be gain from riding on road.. Learning or after passing. I don't believe spend more in school will help you ride better in the open road.

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It wont take more then 500-600 all once if you are a confident rider.

Learn as much as you can and ask any questions to the instructors to clear your mind and judgement as they are there to help you.


After passing,CONGRATS but the main real riding experience you can get is on the road.

Be confident but not to confident, know your capability and your bike as well what can be and cant be done.

Mirrors are important unless you hero get right side only but you are answerable to your own actions.


Please give way depending on situation and try not to ride near TAXIS. (at your own risk)

Yes we know the S.L.R rule but remember the quote by everyone its not always Right of way but Right to live.


Been in a couple of NEAR miss accidents and accident myself but thats a learning journey always.



Ride safe

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1.15k for me,pass on 2nd attempt at bbdc



Ride Defensively; always.


Class BB2BDC - 11AUG2010

Kawasaki KIPS -> 2010 ~ 2014

Aprilia RS125(09) -> 2014 ~ 2017

Class BB2ADC - NOV2016

Suzuki DRZ -> 2017 ~ 2018

Honda Revo -> 2018 ~

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this is long, but 100% true. those jokers who keep saying how weak they are blah blah blah for spending 1k+ are properly out to piss me off.


I think im the top 1% worse lol. Think spent around 3k total to complete mine 2b, about the same as mine class 3 or slightly more.

Took me 18months total.

First 10 months are spent on the subjects. I rarely go, tend to skip many due to lazyness and tiredness from school(wasting more money), pauses mine riding lesson for long period in between ended up I fail alot more than others, i will say mine average pass rate per subject is 3 to 4 attempts, if very good, i think only 1 or 2 subject, i managed to pass in 2 attempts. Worse subject goes up to 7 times, 2.02. didn't realise that at a T junction when doing a right turn, i'm suppose to go straight about 2 metres first and turn, so i did sharp turning all the time without knowing its not allowed, no instructor pointed it to me. until some nice chap during mine 7th attempt, forgotten who he is also tho.. and because from past result it shows how weak i am, i never say never to an extra or 2 sp/rc/rr. i realise rc instructors tends to give little feedbacks and cost twice more ex, so i took sp alot more from the moment i was allow to book for sp.


Then comes never-ending-long tp waiting time after mine 8.01 for like 4 demerit points, the reason why i can score 4 demerit points for 8.01 was because i was numbed from all the failures(like 4th attempt on 8.01), i couldn't panic anymore before the test, so i rode as if going for mine usual sp lesson, i ended up getting 4 demerit points, maybe instructor was impressed with mine s course timing at the time from so many practices.

since i only passed tp on mine 3rd attempt, i end up spending 8 months waiting for 3 tp test. during the waiting time and past failures of mine tp, i realise how untalented i am. so i practice like ****, i went for sp once or twice, almost every week, since i was desperate to ride but cant ride outside. bbdc properly became mine playground. when i'm free after school and have no idea where to hang out, i will just login to bbdc site, see if theres a sp slot available in the coming few hours, book it and went bbdc to play the cb125. i met lots of instructor while doing sp, one instructor even joked that i stay at the temple next to bbdc issit, then free come here play their cb125. i told him mine 2b journey.


a week or 2 before the actual 3rd tp that i passed, mine s course were 8++seconds, plank, 15-20+seconds. mine crank course and pylon remain average tho, guess i still couldn't figure out how they does the sickening timing, hmm.. in total i had went through over/nearly 50 sp/rc/rr in the 8 months waiting for 3 tp. that instructor who started the joke which i live at the temple beside bbdc had spread it around to the other instructor and more instructor came joking with me that i lived at the temple. lol


i'm one who practice alot, but i will still sucks during test. the only road test i did well(for me) was mine class 3 with 10 demerit points, maybe the air-con condition calmed me down alot in the car and hence i did somewhat decent in tp, i need to grind real hard to get way more than the requirement otherwise, because i tend to have the trembling nervous feeling during tp, and mine performance are usually at half best during test. the other reasons for mine failures could be that the testers simply hates me, today i took mine 2a test for the first time and got a whooping 42 points, all a mix of 4-2 demerit points, not a single moderate seriousness mistake costing 6 points or more, not a single demerit point for poor negotiating of courses, i did all mine courses perfectly with just the timing i want, after all i practiced on them for 2 years already. they are just a buncha mixture of every tiny mistake i donno why i got demerit for like, incorrect posture, excessive revving of engine, wobble when changing lane, eh i lane change, lanespilt in all of singapore's expressway for 1 and half years n never had an issue, joke i got penalised for wobbling during lane change,


anyway, btw 1 and half year after i passed 2b and rode an nsr150sp outside, i returns to bbdc for 2a and mine s course were down to constant 9.5-10s again.


funny how the tp loves to fail me, give me poor result for mine tp, again and again even till today for mine class 4 and 2a, but i was never involved in any accident in mine 1 and half years of riding and driving,i break rules i cut lane when impatient, i sped like everyone else(about by 10-20km/h sometimes), i was never involved in any issue or accident. the closest i would got into accident was during a period, when there was a period of time mine bike tankslap almost everytime i stomp mine brake.. still i ride safely home to school daily without issue until im free to fix it at the next sunday.


i'm the proof the difficulty standard of traffic police test isn't the cause for high accident rate among inexperience rider. :p

the system structure are. ;)

Edited by guangwei

17 Nov 2011 - April 2013, NSR150 SP

12 June 2013 - 23 Jan 2015, CBR400RRR

23 February 2015 - 29 February 2016, YZF R6 2006

12 March 2016 - 12 May 2017, CBR1000RR05

July 2017 - Jan 2019, YZF R1 2008/CBF150


Aug 2019 - Current SYM Joyride 200

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Enrolled @CDC - on 30/09/08 to 30/04/09 ----7 mths!


Prac 1 - 3x

Prac 2 - 2x

Prac 3 - 3x

Prac 4 - 2x

Prac 5 - 5x !!!

Prac 6 - 2x

Prac 7 - 1x

Prac 8 - 4x


RTT - 1x

CR - 5x

RR - 1x

TP - 2wice


Overall arnd 800bucks.. took me 7 long mths as i had only the chance to do my prac on the wkends as i was in-camp during BMT. LOL

anyway it paid off! =)


you failed on average same times as me, but you only have 8 subjects, i had 15. lol

17 Nov 2011 - April 2013, NSR150 SP

12 June 2013 - 23 Jan 2015, CBR400RRR

23 February 2015 - 29 February 2016, YZF R6 2006

12 March 2016 - 12 May 2017, CBR1000RR05

July 2017 - Jan 2019, YZF R1 2008/CBF150


Aug 2019 - Current SYM Joyride 200

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i took pretty long as well, since i dragged for around 3months by skipping lessons, etc lazy.


So 2 weeks before my tp, i started booking constantly to practice more and get more confident for my tp.


Thankfully, i passed on my 1st attempt with 16pts. My journey took at least 8months. Damage around 900+ too.


I belive that training consistently helps to pay off for ur effort.

Honda NSR150SP: 2012-2015

Honda RVF NC35: 2015

Triumph Daytona 675: 2015-present

SYM GTS 200: 2016-present

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I forgot how much I spent for 2B (BBDC), but all practical lessons and TP are cleared on 1st attempt. :cheeky:



2004 - 2005 FR1284A ~ NSR150SP (FILA Paintwork)

2012 - 2013 FS7810L ~ NSR150SP (Pure White)

2013 - 2015 FBE9955K ~ Spec 3 (Pearl White)

2015 - ???? Quit riding

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