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SBF Cubs Community Directory (Updating)

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Greeting members, welcome to the Cubs Community. Home of ALL the underbone riders.


In this Cubs Community, we encourage sharing of knowledge and provide a place for all underbone riders to gather, create bonding and provide assistance to those in need. At the same time, we also must stress the benefit of co-existence for all brands, make and models towards the direction of SingaporeBikes.com, Where Singaporean Bikers Unite!


In here, we are constantly improving ourselves and try our utmost to make this community a pleasant place to be in. A recurring problem forumers faced is the lack of communications and or misinterpretation. Therefore, we urged our community members "NOT" to get offended by any unconstructive postings that might leads to any flame wars or arguements. Pse do not take it personnel.


Any suggestion or contribution to improve this community will be seriously evaluated and implementated (if feasible). We thanks all forumer for your valuable input.


On behalf of Cubs Community,

SBF Moderator

Kushinagar aka Andrew

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Greeting Cub Community members,


As we continue to grow, informative and valuable threads residing in this community will be evaluated and archived accordingly for the benefits of all our members. Fellow Cubs members kindly provide your guidance to the newbies.


For all new members joining this community, kindly go through the directory list for a start before you decide to start a new topic (thread). After locating what you’re looking for, any further query to your doubts post it in the read-up thread for our members to response to it. Your co-operation on this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.




Index Page 1

  • SBF Cubs Community Bulletin Board
  • SBF Cubs Riders List
  • *** Cubs Community ALERT ***
  • Sales Related Threads
  • Parts Exchange
  • SBF Anniversary
  • Outings
  • Oversea Trips / Touring
  • Tracks & Races
  • SBF Cubs Community Merchandise
  • General Threads
  • General Polls

Index Page 2

  • Cubs Background Informations
  • SBF Cubs Community Info Hub
  • The SBF Cub Group's Portal
  • Others

Index Page 3

  • SBF Cubs Community Maintainence & Servicing Corner
  • General
  • Problem Encountered
  • Most Frequently Asked Questions
  • Protecting Your Ride

Index Page 4

  • Safety Education

Index Page 5

  • SBF Cubs Community Dispository
    - Heritage
    - Mechandise
    - Bike Manual
    - Archived

Index Page 6

  • Useful Links
    - Singapore Driving Centre
    - Interest to Bikers
    - Government Website
    - Insurance Related

Index Page 7


Something New Coming Up


Index Page 8


Something New Coming Up



Note :

a) Information given may change without Prior Notices.

b) All information & links provided in this thread are for your references & guide only.

c) You can provide informative website link to us via PM & it'll be updated accordingly if related.

d) Any broken link or suggestion do report or PM us.

e) Please do not POST here, as it will be deleted.


Thank You.

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Index Page 1


- "Sticky" : SBF Cubs Community Bulletin Board

- "Sticky" : SBF Cubs Riders List

- *** Cubs Community ALERT ***



Sales Related Threads

- SBF Cubs Community Sale Announcement


Links to other Sale Thread

- Classified section

- Garage Sale section

- Used Bike Sale section

- Sale Request Section

- Products Mass Ordering section

- Sales announcements from motorshops

- Look here for the best deals from advertisers in SingaporeBikes.com!



Parts Exchange

- "Sticky" : SBF Cubs Community Parts Exchange


Supplementary Rules : This section is created for our Cubs members who wish to exchange his bike parts with another willing party. Kindly adhere to our stand and do not deviate by abusing this thread to sell yr items. All sale thread are to post it in the Garage Sale section "ONLY" and linking it in the "SBF Cubs Community Sale Announcement" thread. Thanks for the co-operation.


Disclaimer : Exchanges are conducted based on mutual agreement of both the parties involved. Under no circumstances should SingaporeBikes.com be held liable for any damages/conflicts that may arise from the use of this thread.


[Anniversary] SBF Cubs

- [Anniversary] SBF Cubs


[Outings] SBF Cubs

- [Outing] SBF Cubs

- [Outing] Wedding Convoy on 8th June

- [Discussions] SBF Cubs

- [Gallery] SBF Cubs

- [Gallery] SBF WaveRiders


Other ad hoc outing by the repective group, kindly check out the latest page of the below link

- [CLOSED] SBF WaveRider

- [CLOSED] SBF Yamaha Sparks135

- [CLOSED] Slow riders gathering?


Oversea Trips / Touring

- [Outing] SBF Cubs Community Oversea Trip

- [Outing] Kup to Hatyai

- [Outing] Planning to ride up to Cameron Highlands, Hatyai and Phuket.


Tracks & Races

- [Track] Yamaha Cub Prix Championship 2007

- [Track] SMSA Advance Riding Track Day

- [Track] Day/Sessions

- [Track] Kupcai Races at Pasir Gudang (Round 1)

- [Track] Tuas




SBF Cubs Community Merchandise

Future add-on like community polo-tees, SBF Polo-tees, Group Stickers, etc etc......


- [KIV] SBF Cubs Polo Tee Logo Design (Competition)

- [KIV] X1 Logo Sticker

- [KIV] SBF Cubs Polo Tee


- [Link?] WaveRiders Polo Tee

- [Link?] SBF Cubs Polo Tee Design (Discussion)





General Threads

- General Enquiries Thread

- Price Enquiry for new/used bike

- SBF Cub Community Component List

- Clutch Or Clutchless Ride, U decide.......

- I Hate Cats!

- Inspection (Link Updated)

- Insurance , what is yr premium???

- Red Light Camera

- School Project On Bikers

- [info] Scrapyard

- Traffic Offence

- Up & Down During Yr Riding Life

- Which cub not running coolant?

- Which shop can do setting for EFI bike?

- What the difference btw Yamaha Spark 135RR and Spark Limited edition.

- The difference between Yamaha Fino & SYM Mio

- Spark 135 Caught On Fire At Seletar Club Rd On 3rd Aug 07 0130am

- Which cub is the most easy to maintain (Link Updated)

- Witness to hit and run (Link Updated)

- 2B. Cub Bike. (Link Updated)

- where to get bike?? (Honda-EX5) (Link Updated)

- Old School Honda C70 (Link Updated)

- Why so LAZY to wear a pair of gloves during riding? (Link Updated)

- Witness to hit and run (Link Updated)

- 2011 Yamaha Spark!!!


- [Discussions] 50cc Bikes in Singapore

- [Discussions] Accident Matters Advices

- [Discussions] Accident Minor Damages

- [Discussions] Difference between Yamaha Fino & SYM Mio

- [Discussions] Difference between Yamaha Spark 135RR & Limited edition.

- [Discussions] Encounter (or close encounter) with the law.

- [Discussions] FC=Fuel Consumption for Spark135

- [Discussions] Gear Selections

- [Discussions] Guarantor

- [Discussions] How to improve your bike speed

- [Discussions] Laying Out of Bike

- [Discussions] Loan/ Finance/Hire-Purchase

- [Discussions] Mat Rempit Stunt

- [Discussions] Thailand Motorbike Magazines

- [Discussions] Wet Weather, Put on yr Rain Coat

- [Discussions] What is in your U-Box? (Bike Compartment)

- [Discussions] What Is Your Top Speed Today?

- [Discussions] What is the Best Sports rims for Cubs

- [Discussions] Where to Buy Genuine (Stock) Accessories/Parts

- [Discussions] Which Cubs Should I Get ?

- [Discussions] WINDY=Dangerous


General Polls

- Why kup ? (Link Updated)

- Which Cub Do You Ride?

- Flavourite Places For Bikers To Meet Up

- Why People Look Down On Cub?

- Usergroup for Cubs Section

- All cubs gather! (E.O) (Link Updated)

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Index Page 2


Cubs Background Informations


- The History & Development of Cubs, Informations Gathered on the Internet...

- Future Cub Model?

- Honda CS-1 (Link Updated)



SBF Cubs Community Info Hub


Under Construction









("Group")The SBF Cubs Groups


- [Gallery] Have A pic of ur CubsY? Show it!

- [Gallery] Oversea Modified Cubs




- [CLOSED] SBF WaveRider


- [Group] SBF Honda C70/90

- [Group] SBF WaveRider

- [Group] SBF Honda Sonic

- [Group] SBF Honda Wave-I

- [Group] SBF Honda Wave X



- [CLOSED] SBF Yamaha Nouvo

- [CLOSED] SBF Yamaha Spark Z & X

- [CLOSED] SBF Yamaha Spark135

- [CLOSED] SBF Yamaha X1

- [CLOSED] SBF Yamaha X-1r 135

- [CLOSED] SBF Yamaha 125Z


- [Group] SBF Yamaha Nouvo

- [Group] SBF Yamaha Spark Z & X

- [Group] SBF Yamaha Spark135

- [Group] SBF Yamaha X1

- [Group] SBF Yamaha X-1r 135

- [Group] SBF Yamaha 125Z



- [Group] SBF Suzuki Raider

- [Group] SBF Suzuki Katana

- [Group] SBF Suzuki Smash

- [Group] SBF Suzuki Hayate 125



- [Group] SBF Sym Magic



- [CLOSED] SBF Female Cubs Rider

- [CLOSED] SBF Malay Cubs Rider


- [Group] SBF Lady Cubs Rider (Ladies Only)

- [Group] SBF Chinese Cubs Rider

- [Group] SBF Malay Cubs Rider

- [Group] SBF Indian Cubs Rider




- [Group] SBF MaDAss Rider

- [Group] SBF Kawasaki Cosmos


- [Group] SBF Kawasaki Eliminator 125

- [Group] SBF Honda Air Blade Rider

- [Group] SBF Honda Click

- [Group] SBF Yamaha Fino

- [Group] SBF Modenas Kriss

- [Group] SBF Modenas X-cite 130


- [Link?] SBF Kawasaki ZX 130

- [Link?] SBF Suzuki BEST

- [Link?] SBF Zong Shen Zipstar

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Index Page 3


SBF Cubs Community Maintainence & Servicing Corner



- General Enquiry Thread (Link Updated)

- [Discussions] Basic Tools U Should Have

- [Discussions] Basic Maintenance & General Servicing

- [Discussions] Common Electrical Issues On Cubs

- [Discussions] Cub Accessories

- [Discussions] Do-It=Yourself (DIY)

- [Discussions] Stickers/Logo/Decal/Paintwork

- Bike Shop Services Recommendation (Link Updated)

- Discussion on JB Bikeshop

- Troubleshooting Your Rides

- Key Duplication

- Mechanic On The Move Contact (Link Updated)

- Common Mechanical Issues On Cubs (Link Updated)

- oops...some help please :) (Link Updated)

- Ah Boy in JB - with Pictures



Problem Encountered

- [Discussions] Electric Starter Not Workingt

- [Discussions] Handle & Fork Out of Alignment

- Engine Leaking

- Vibration (Link Updated)

- need help. (engine will die off) (Link Updated)


Overhaul Bike

- [Overhaul] Honda Wave

- [Overhaul] Yamaha 125Z

- [Overhaul] Yamaha X1

- [Overhaul] Yamaha Spark135



Most Frequently Asked Questions

- Difference Between the Various Cubs Models, All u need to know

- Honda Wave 125(R, S, I) and Wave X (Link Updated)

- Bike Conversion. Is It Possible?

- When to change engine oil for Cub? (Link Updated)

- Big bore kit for sparks..anione use it??update the performance..tnks! (Link Updated)

- Which cub is the most easy to maintain (Link Updated)

- How to improve the performace of SPARK 135

- Buy over Exhaust, What's the procedure?

- Spark 135 Problems & Solutions

- X1 Problems & Solutions

- FC = Fuel Consumption Problems & Solutions

- Throttle Problems & Solutions

- Electric / Kick Start - Can add electric start to Kick-start Bike

- Gear Ratio Problems & Solutions

- Big Bore Problems & Solutions


- [Discussions] Booster Bottle (Fix on Carb)

- [Discussions] Fading of Extractor/Header

- [Discussions] Full Servicing

- [Discussions] Run-in A New Cub

- [Disscusions] Modified Your Cubs

- [Discussions] Top Speed

- [Discussions] Which Cubs is not ran by Coolant?

- [Discussions] Which 2T oil is the Best/Good


- Chrome / Nickel Plating

- Porting

- Welding Job


- Basket (Front or Centre) (Link Updated)

- Box & Installation (Link Updated)

- I.U Unit


- Accessories (Oversea Source)


- [Parts] Battery

- [Parts] CDI

- [Parts] Coverset/Fairing

- [Parts] Coverset - Spark135

- [Parts] Coverset - X1

- [Parts] Coolant

- [Parts] Footrest Aftermarket

- [Parts] Front Fork

- [Parts] Keys & Duplication

- [Parts] Rims - Yamaha X1R Logo Sports

- [Parts] Speedometer/Display Panel

- [Parts] Swingarm


- [Exhaust] System

- [Exhaust] Extractor

- [Exhaust] Leovince for Sparks135 (Link Updated)

- [Exhaust] GPR for Sparks135

- [Exhaust] Yoshimura for Spark135

- [Exhaust] Yoshimura for X1R

- [Exhaust] Yamaha Y125Z

- [Exhaust] Yamaha Spark135

- [Exhaust] How to remove silencer?

- [Exhaust] Safe Guard Your Pipe


- Mirror (Link Updated)

- Meter Modification (Link Updated)

- Meter - KOSO (For Sparks)

- Air Filter

- Clutch - Lever/Cable/Plate

- Light & Bulbs (Headlight,Taillight,Signals.....) (Link Updated)

- Horn & Installation

- Handle Bar

- Seat Related Discussion


- Brake (Front/Rear) (Link Updated)

- Brake Pads (Front & Rear)

- Steering Damper

- Rims / Tyre Enquiry Thread

- Tyres - Which tyre is better? (Link Updated)

- Tyres - Veloce (Fitted From JB) (Link Updated)

- Sprockets & Chains (Link Updated)

- Spark Plugs

- Engine Oil

- Types of Carburator

- CDI - Enquiry

- Footresst Original


- Fuel Tank

- SUSPension Related Discussion

- Suspension - GAZI or YSS (Link Updated)

- Suspension - YSS and Onlins (Link Updated)


- SBF Cubs Audiophiles Discussion Thread



Protecting YOU & Your Ride

- Helmet Enquiry

- Wet Weather, Put on yr Rain wear

- Bike Security Discussion (Etc: Alarm...)

- Clear Cabon For Cubs

- How to prevent pipe from being stolen..?

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Index Page 4


Safety Education


- SBF Cubs Community SAFE Riding Practise

- [Discussions] Singapore Road Condition Awareness

- Polls : Singapore Road Condition

- Road Hazard for Motorycycle

- Loud Pipes Saves Lives?


Other Communities References ;-


SingaporeBikes•Phantom Knights

- Info: Group Riding Ethiquette, Do's And Don'ts of Group Riding





Other Safety Informations Links

- Cause and Tips on Road Safety

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