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First iphone app for SG Bikers!

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Hey iphone bikers..


Check out this iphone App for Bikers in Singapore.

It helps you to locate free bike parking locations around you.


You may search for the name "Bike Park Where" in AppStore,

or follow this link:




Hope it's useful to you!


http://www.bikeparkwhere.com/edm/images/p1.jpg http://www.bikeparkwhere.com/edm/images/p2.jpg http://www.bikeparkwhere.com/edm/images/p3.jpg



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Kudos to your invention

25 Nov 2003 - 24 Nov 2004 (FS6087P) (NSR SP)

24 Nov 2004 - 28 Feb 2006 (FJ7457X & FJ*5**) (Hurricane & Vespa PX200)

01 Mar 2006 - 04 Jul 2006 (FS9367L, FJ7457X & FJ*5**)(CBR 919 RRW, Hurricane &Vespa PX200)

04 Jul 2006 - 13 Jun 2011 (FV8507R & FJ*5**)(Suzuki K2 & Vespa PX200)

13 Jun 2011 - Till Now (X1)

15 Jan 2013 - 10 Sept 2015 (FBG9588B)(GTR1400 2013)

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Definitely a thumbs up and is going onto my device :)


EDIT: Does it have a method for us to update the database of carparks. Carpark regulations do change over time so was wondering if the update is as simple as tapping a button, or waiting for a new version of BikeParkWhere?

Co-Moderator for IT -inerary forum

Biker nerd • Windows • Apple Mac • Android user


"Kick up your sidestand bro, let's ride..."

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Up for good find


NSR 125 (Hornet) (1995-1996)

LC 125 (1996-1997)

Super 4 Version 'S' (1997-2000)

NTV Deauville 650 (2000-2004)

FJR 1300 (2004-2006)

Pulsar 200 (2009 - Present)


Its definitely not the destination, it's the journey .....

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Hey guys..


Thanks for the nice comments. Appreciate if you can support by leaving a rating via the app (access from about), and share with fellow biker friends!!


Ride safe!



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thkz bro for the info !!!

Class 2B ☑ Passed on the 10th December 2009 (1st attempt)

Class 2A ☑ Passed on the 17th February 2011 (1st attempt)

Class 3 ☑ Passed on the 30th December 2009 (1st attempt)


Past ride : Honda NSR 150 SP (14th of April 2010 - 12th September 2012)

Current ride : CB400 Spec 1 (12th September 2012- ???)

Dream ride : Ducati / R1 or R6

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Wen having fer Android :sian:

Apple OS nt everything in this World :cheers:

NSR 150 SP [FR5682H]: 7/7/04 - 15/11/05

GSX R400 RR [FL5988H]: 28/10/05 - 6/8/08

X1 Supreme [FBB4408Y]: 7/4/07 - 21/3/08

GSX R1000 K3 [FW9829A]: 27/9/07 - 20/2/08

GSX R1000 K7 [FBB??Z]: MIA o_O

GSX R1000 K8 [FBC????M]: 22/2/08 - 21/6/2013

125ZR [FBC 3720X]: 6/8/08 – 19/3/11

FJR 1300 ABS [FBC 3723M]: 21/6/2013

Sparks T135 [FBB 8146B]: 24/4/2015

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maybe can enhance some feedback column... e.g AMK Hub...... you will need to join the delivery truck Q to go into the bike-parking area... the gantry only recognise as per entry and not whether u are a bike or delivery truck.... ridiculous..... maybe thats is the only example...

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nice! finally i can check the rates without having to worry as in vivo's case

Sept 06 - Feb 08 = TZM

Feb 08 - April09= CB 400 Version S

May 09 - Oct 10 = Harley XR1200

Oct 10 - Oct 12= KTM SMT 990

Oct 12 - Oct 13 = Tmax 500

Mar 13 - Jul 13= SYM maxsym 400

Jul 13 - Sep 15 = Getz 1.4

Oct 15 - Now = Burgman 650


Never ride faster then ur guardian angel could fly

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well done!!!

Life sux..Take control ..and live it and pick yourselves up now.. die later

if the roads end ....i go off road

Honda Shadow ACE 400 1997

V-strom 1k

Dr 200


"Bikers Don't bleed, we mark our territory"...

"Bikers Don't leave our body behind , we just a smear on the road"

"Bikers Don't cry When we Die, we just let others do it on our behalf"

"Bikers Don't stop Riding,We keep cruzing after we Die"

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