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No license yet can buy bike?

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Out of curiousity, what bike is it?


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find a named rider first (your friend or family), get the insurance under his / her name for the bike you want. Meet the seller at LTA, transfer to your name but named rider is your whoever.


and there you have it, you're the bike OWNER with a named rider.


Next thing pass your license, add yourself as sub-rider in the insurance or just cancel whoever's name and put yourself in (more expensive though for a P-plate).


Tested and proven. Word of warning: don't get caught.


Not getting caught is one thing, not getting into an accident is another. The real roads are absolutely nothing like training centers.

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Not getting caught is one thing, not getting into an accident is another. The real roads are absolutely nothing like training centers.


yup absolutely true and if you get in an accident while riding w/o a license... all I can say is that rider GG liao...


cannot claim, people claim him, and still somemore tio charge for riding w/o license

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Wateva it is dun b stupid n get e bike 1st b4 get e license.. Now can say "dun wori i wnt ride until got my license" but once got e bike n its park at e carpark, there will b little devil inside u telling u "Aiyah, just ride slowly at carpark, dun worry no police.." n after u successfully tried it, it will nvr end there... That's e fact..

"Shut Up n Ride"

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Hope u guys can help.


What happen if for I am bankrupt and I ask someone with no bike license to buy a bike and insurance put him as non-rider and sub rider is me?


Izzit possible?

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non license holder can always buy car or bike.

For your case, just register the bike under the other name (above 18 year old), buy insurance and put you and named rider can liao. Hope it's not too late to reply.

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For me, what I did last time when I did not have license was to buy the bike (from direct owner), transfer ownership and lay up. Then when got licence, go buy insurance, inspect, and renew road tax. Done.


hi i might be interested to opt for this, just a few questions. buy direct owner, so transfer ownership on the spot in front of computer with evidence of him/her doing the transaction or?? like as if how to trust the other owner? any tips on the procedure? and layup the location to put the bike is my mscp ? and lastly when got license, buy insurance, inspection is you ride to inspection centre and inspect and renew the road tax together too?



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my friend own a bike and we are planning to change the ownership to my name and he stays as rider. is that possible?


Yes, do transfer ownership as normal buying/selling practice and register ur friend as 2nd rider on insurance...but this will be wasting money.

since its ur friend, just do the simple one, you just buy register 2nd rider on insurance for urself so the bike considered as yours also...

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