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retaking Class 2B after 26 years

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sharing what I learnt after having to retake my Class 2B

gotten my 2B in Jan1995, 2A in Dec1996, 2 in Mar1998, 3 in Nov2002. Those were the days when 16yo can ride!!
all my bike licenses was settled at SSDC at AMK.
CL3 at CDC, private instructor.

Having to lost them all in 2015 was a bad day. Bloody Jaywalkers!!!
But Time passes fast. when I am able to retake them again. I saved up and went for it.

retook my CL 3 in 2018, passed 1st time, SSDC

retook my 2B during Covid19 period. passed 1st time too. SSDC
started in Jul 2020, Passed in Feb 2021. the pain of waiting for available slots!!!

The numbers of lessons have double, if I dont remember wrongly.
It used to be 4-5 lessons in the 90s. Now its 12/13 lessons + 3 simulators.
Number of theories classes have also increased too.


Why 1 say 12/13 lessons when center only states 7 lessons.??
there is now a lesson O!! bike and school Orientation!! Good for those who's new to the building/bike,waste of time/money for those who ain't.
lesson 1 is split into 2-3 lessons, Lesson 3 is broken in part 1, part2. There is a Compulsory highway familiarization.

Lesson O, 1(1)-Newbie only, 1(2), 1(3), 2, 3(1), 3(2), 4, 5, 6, 7, TP, Expressway familiarization.

Been an old boy 40+, in the class of young riders.

Woah!! So much difference!! must wear knee/elbow guards now. A good improvement, I would say!!!
Gloves/PSB approved helmets/Long pants/covered shoes, these are basic standards of riding.

the new Hondas at SSDC seems to be more biker friendly compare to the old bikes i used to learnt with. 

now at the classes with the mask on, its really hard to hear what the instructors are saying.
lessons instructions are briefed before hand as usage, the 1st-timer for the class and the repeaters are noted by the instructor.

For a rider whom had a license before, you tend to do all the old habits, feet hanging outwards, knees not gripping tank closely, bad riding posture, checking back lesser..
these mistakes gets amplify as the instructor gets to look at your as your ride around the circuit. had to buck up to progress through the lessons faster.

Lesson1(1) - gear 1/2 small loop, 1 try. I did informed instructor i had my licenses revoked. Easier to breeze thru classes, but knowing that they will catch on the bad postures and bad habits.
Lesson1(2) - gear 3/4 outer loop, 1 try. Instructor asked me to be last man after a few rounds seeing that I can ride with ease.
Lesson2 - 1 try. behind able to get thru the Fig8 and Crank with ease, instructor asked to take note more on the safety, check back, blind spot, road hazards from small roads,etc.
lesson3(1) - 1 try.
lesson3(2) - 1 try.
lesson4, - 1 try.
lesson5 - 2 try. 1st being not knowing where to position the bike on the return to the school. 2nd try, instructor asked at the start if I was revoked before. Says that seldom got new biker so little lessons in the circuit. ask me to note all the critical immediate failure point if I want to get to lesson 6 next round. Did as told and went thru.
lesson6 - 1 try.   Getting the route correct with the 2 stops are critical. no needs to argue much with the instructor on this and that. safety is critical when outside the school as the other motorists wont bother much for learners, they just zoom pass as normal. few of the class mates, which repeated but still cannot get hold of the safety aspect from what I observed. the instructors can do a little by holding back traffic, but not by much..  
lesson7, mock test. Did well and was under 10points.  booked TP and the extra self revision lessons.
road revision and circuit revision, 1 day before TP. 2 lessons in a day was tiring when they are 4hrs apart, booked morning for road revision as wanted to see the road condition as close to test timing as possible. Traffic was heavy at the industrial area, the group was small but it took at least 5mins for the 3 riders infront of me to clear the 1st right turn outside of the school. definitely not easy for the weak hearted one. 1 of them got scolded by the instructor by not going off when its cleared to do so..  for me, just wack only when the coast is clear on both sides. 😛 Did 3 or 4 rounds on the test route and was asked to do circuit revisions till lesson is up.  was thinking to cancel the afternoon circuit revision after the few rounds of circuits revision..  but decided against it... and still went for the afternoon classes.  Glad I did as i did a few trials on the narrow plank to try and save the bike from dropping off the plank. only 1 out of 4 times work..  so just wack the plank tomorrow and not go so slow. Did a 10sec plank on 1 of the tries.  instructor asked me why stay so long, drop out of it, is also fail.
TP day. early early reach center. took breakfast and prep for the warmup. made all the mistakes, I can do before the actual test.   Being 1 of the older riders, we got called up 1st, its arranged by NRIC. was no.3, :D..  finished all well and got 18pts..  managed to get my license back!!!!!

will be back in SSDC in Feb 2022 for my 2A!

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95-96 Cagiva Freecia 7sp
97-98 FZR 400R 1EN
98-2000 FZR 400RR 3TJ
2001-2005 R6 01 stock
2006-2011 Ford Connect Van
2009-2012 Mitsubishi L200
2013-2015 Gilera Fuoco500
2015-2016 Mitsubishi Lancer GLX
2018 Fiat Yamaha Combo

2B - Jan1995 2A - Oct1996 2 - Mar1998 3 - Nov2002 BDVL - Nov2011
All Gone in 2015
3 - 2018, 2B - Feb2021

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sharing what I learnt after having to retake my Class 2B gotten my 2B in Jan1995, 2A in Dec1996, 2 in Mar1998, 3 in Nov2002. Those were the days when 16yo can ride!! all my bike licenses was se

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