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Apple & Motorola = iPhone

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After years of rumors which seemed baseless, the Mac community is in an uproar over reports from sites like Engadget and Forbes.com which state quite clearly that such a phone will be hitting the market -- backed up by an official announcement by Apple!


Here are some of the details:


*Apple industrial design (phone will resemble an iPod in several ways, notably the music-playing controls)


*Support for the iTunes Music Store, and the ability to play back iTunes music itself -- but designed to "complement," not replace, the iPod.


*Price tag in the $250-$350 range for features that aren't found on phones even at the $500+ price point.


*Full Bluetooth wireless connectivity support, designed to sync seamlessly with iSync/iCal/Address Book/Mail.app/Safari etc.


*Able to store about "a dozen songs" on its onboard memory, and can offload those songs to a computer or iPod.


*Most interestingly, Apple sources say the new Apple/Motorola iPhone will provide top-shelf support for wireless internet connectivity via the cellular network for any Mac which is wired to the iPhone, or connected to it via Bluetooth. Speeds will vary by network, but in a demonstration our sources witnessed transfer speeds in excess of 100K/s. Typical speeds are reported to be closer to 12-25K/s with the most popular networks in suburban locations....


Stay tuned for much more on this exciting developing story in the days ahead!

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Posted: Wed Dec 08, 2004 6:08 am    Post subject: More Apple Phone Rumors




I can throw a little more gas onto the Apple phone rumors. I was on a train this weekend, watching an episode of the Simpsons on my Treo600. The gentleman sitting across from me asked me how I liked the phone. I told him I loved it and we began a tech conversation. He mentioned that he worked for Motorola. I told him I was a Macintosh consultant, and then he dropped the bomb! "I've got a scoop for you", he teased.


Apparently some of his associates had been telling him earlier in the week about an Apple branded phone that had been circulating around the office at Motorola. The phone had Motorola components, but most certainly had Apple brandings on it. He said that he did not have a chance to handle the phone, but that his direct supervisor did. The phone was "sleek and sexy" in her words. He mentioned that there was talk amongst the people who had seen it that itunes and iphoto would factor into this device somehow. They also said that the phone had a slot on the top (media slot?) as well as what looked to be a usb 2.0 port on the bottom.


All very interesting. He gave me his card, so I'll be sure to press him for more details in the coming weeks.


Stay Tuned!

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2 years later after the last post here, and many gossip and hear-say gone by, comes iPhone. :smile:


(Purely Apple based, btw)

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"Kick up your sidestand bro, let's ride..."

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