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LF riders for a trip

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hi everyone i intent to exercise my bike after some mods on this coming sunday, 1st september


i only rider a super four and im looking at around 200-300km. may have a fellow forumer coming along.


both of us stay in woodlands so we will be setting off from the 1st link



anyone interested? come along for a meal =)

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Top Posters In This Topic

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Average speed?






This weekend is mlys national day, think best to avoid their peak period



average speed i can do around 130-140 faster/slowler shouldnt be a problem to me depending on traffic


my purpose is to exercise bike, so destination wise im flexible. malacca seems to be a viable choice.


have a decent meal, ride around =)

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average speed i can do around 130-140 faster/slowler shouldnt be a problem to me depending on traffic


my purpose is to exercise bike, so destination wise im flexible. malacca seems to be a viable choice.


have a decent meal, ride around =)


update: leaving morning on 31/8, doing around 150 and will be staying overnight @ fenix inn overnight.

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Ride Safe man





Update with your trip pictures...:)



thanks! was back last night but too lazy to update.


always wanting to use office time to update.. hehe


not much images to show since most of them have my gf and me inside.



bike was doing good, but currently its super dirty with all the dead insects lying around everywhere.


trip wise it was decent, except for the sun burn that scorched so bad on the way there




the images shows the 3 different skin tones i have now lol. stomach being the whitest and my had tanned, my arm roasted.


i couldnt leave early in the morning as i met up with a motorcycle buyer who overslept. so had to wait. in the end left singapore around 10am.


had some nice food while we were there. but feel like kena con by the chicken rice ball. i got order a plate of chicken rice also. the rice ball no difference with the plate of rice. rice ball cost 3 times the amount of the plate of rice....


after that we decide to try their local food. not the famous ones like the rice ball.


so we manage to find a neighborhood place selling laksa - it was pretty good, somemore only cost 4RM


tried a place at the corner of jonker street as well, there was a dish of curry stingray - taste fantastic, cost 17RM


nv try the famous ones like cendol, satay, etc..



did toured around the place on our own pace.


went to a nice corner with seaside.



got singapore car follow us behind, only ending up in a dead end. uturned, we both laughed at each other.

SHOUTOUT to you there if ure reading!



not uploading the rest either because file too big (and lazy to reduce the size) or they contain gf/ my faces.



second day (sunday) raining afternoon, so we did shopping. the malls were HUGE. looks like they are new. some parts of the malls are still constructing. from the outside. they look like the size of regular shopping malls. but in the basement, they are really really huge. the shops inside are much better than expected from a malaysian shopping mall. got a good mixture of brands/ ulu shops.


Nv buy much, girlfriend bought a nice piece of dress at 8RM.




- hotel was great, with secure bike parking for us, even after we checked out.

- good food, dont bother with all the famous ones.

- budget friendly. we spend a total of 150 SGD, including petrol, makan, hotel, shopping etc

- dont know if its because of the season or what, huge load of insects on E2 highway.

- not a bad target for a weekend getaway with girlfriend.




I realise that there are people renting out the whole aparment in melaka for 130-150 RM. huge apartments. look like can support more than 20 people type. maybe next time can ask friend come along park bike in living room.


the guy even say got karaoke inside lol.

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