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Pinkphantom da bike is sold off oredi. Now is transformed to Phantom600. :D



Contact me at 9858 6442 (madman) 9845 6442 (Babycakes)

Visit me at www.Fat2FitChallenge.com or add me in FB nutrition4u.sg

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my contribution. just got back my bike not long ago. :)


btw i'm leasing my bike out, since im not riding so frequently.

*testing, see if anybody wants to lend a ride, i can add a subrider for you.


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wow nice tank... what u used? sticker or? frm the 1st pic i tot wad happen to ur tank sia lol... how much u spend to make ur tank n fenders matt black?


thanks! haha. its sticker, $30. do it at sticker shop, design wise i find online. and they print and do it for me. =) for the tank and fender i DIY, spend abt $20 ( 5 can of spray ). haha. but taking all the tank and fender out i ask someone to take off for me, cost me another $10, so total $30 only. =DD

Determination is the wake up call to the human will..


2006 - SP150

2007 - Phantom TA200

2013 - Yamaha R15



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here's my ride after the heartaching $25 rear signal light moving and easier said than done installing of the saddle bag







jus realised its unbalanced =.=" aiya heck care liao

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lol... yea, didint kno how to do it in the beginning and dun haf the right equipments and skills... btw ur saddlebag hard to lock ma? mine need to be "full" den my lock can go in thru the hole... like dam leh chey, y cant the make the hole part longer =/

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reverse psychology.

whn you lock ppl wld think 'thr must be smthg inside, go nd pry open t get it'

whn you dun lock ppl wld think 'aiya din even bother t lock, confirm nthg inside'

agree agree?

whn you hav nthg inside nd you lock, itchy hands pry open you've t change lock or worst case, change saddle bag..


nd i feel th padlock spoil th look of it.. hahahha.


ive many things in it, dont take out de..

sometimes my ipod is in thr too.. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs. :cheeky:

black&white saves life.

enquire @ [email protected] | 94786'999

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ok... where u park ur bike? wan go hunt for items liao... lol... yea my saddle is thouse put under seat type, i feel its easy to steal sia, somemore my last screw at the back of the seat cant put :slapforehead: tts y i on my alarm system liao, but it will only sound off wen certain strength of movement is applied and its not a dam alarming siren... it will go : "the motorcycle is protected by an alarm system" eeewoot eeewoot eeewoot eewoot eewoot eewoot den stop liao =.=" only if i insert key to start bike wen the alarm is on den the real noisy siren will go off

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