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To the biker FP3673H Honda RVF. 3PM to 320PM long SLE

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i'm the owner.. i did not hear any horn.. ok.. u all may think that i'm sore loser.. or watever lah.. ok.. u all dunno for no reason a car come tailgate all the way.. i did move to lane 2 n let him move up.. i wanted to ask him wat he wan from tailgating me. i horn.. he dun even bother to look at me.. if u all were the bikers. u all will definitely think that this car is out to disturb u. then after that he dun even wan to look n wat.. i move back to lane 1 n move at 90km/h how would i noe if there's any emergency going on? i mean if so.. he can over take me from the 2nd lane or try flashing high beam at me.. i can't hear any horn at all.. instead.. he choose to tailgate me all the way.. by hearing his stories.. i feel sorry for blocking his way too.. but.. put urself into my shoe.. wat if a car is speeding n tailgate u all the way.

Oct 2005 - Nov 2005 : Honda NSR 150 SP

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Mar 2007 - Jul 2008 : Honda RVF NC35

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Ahaha..I just sense a threat from the driver..If he really knock the rider down..Think not only the rider's parents will cry..He also will cry..Especially if there are witnesses that sees his no. plate..Hit and run..Very serious..


Glad his daughter is ok..But high fever? So urgent must speed till like that? I once rode myself to the polyclinic when I was havin a high fever..Maybe if it was an asthma attack then I see the need to..But to each its own I guess..Maybe we riders should also go over to car forum's and complain about each and every inconsiderate driver on the roads that I'm sure most of us have to deal with each and everyday..:cheeky:


There's two sides to every story..

09/07/2009 - Passed 2B TP (10th attempt)


I have tried to see things from your point of view..But no matter how hard I try..Or what I do..I just can't get my head that far up my butt..

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He left his number in the car forum, simple.. call, clarify, cool down & resolve. Its clearly a misunderstanding. I believe in certain sense the driver is at some fault too. If you can come in to admit means you're not that childish. If the driver chose not to listen then the world will know he is some ego freak who can only point finger to others and not to his own self.


It is when power is wedded to chronic fear that it becomes formidable.

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Since you are taking the initiative to post and explain yourself in the carforum, I hope that all misunderstandings will be resolved. :goodluck: This thread is closed... :)

First learn stand, then learn fly. Nature's rules biker-sans. Not mine...


The more we get together, the FASTER we'll be..


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June 11 - Feb 19 : '11 ZX10R

Feb 19 - ??????? : '14 S1000RR

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