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Supercar driving experience

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I walked past marina bay sands yesterday and i saw this company called ultimate drive which let people drive those ferrari and lamborghini. Tempted to try leh, anybody did it before? any reviews?


Easily 3k a day rental leh. If u got cash to burn, why not?

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Haha... I can so imagine this...


Driving a Lambo/Ferrari out from MBS area... going into ECP smiling and looking around to see whether people see me or not.. slowly drive along normal road. once reach ECP.... HAHA Ho Seh Liao!!

Gear 1... Vrooom!! Gear 2 Vrooooooooom!!! Gear 3 Vrom!!! Snap snap snap.... picture taken for driving at 160kmh... Caught speeding >= 61kmh on expressway (90kmh)


>$200 dollar fine + court case + 24 demerit points. (That's if u don't spin out of control... not many people have driven a rear wheel drive car with massive torque...)


Try it overseas. I think you'll have more choices. Some even have a track for you to run it a few rounds :)

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I had the chance to experience it but it is Dream Drive and it is at Suntec. My wife got me the 30mins package for my birthday and I got a chance to drive a 9 yrs old Lamborghini Gallardo E Spyder. You gonna be above 21 and have more than 1yr exp driving experience. There will be someone attached to you throughout the whole ride. Before the ride you can get your friends to take all the photos you want. They will also use a Polaroid to take one pic of you. Before you start, you'll have to sign an undertaking taking all liabilities for damages and relieving them of any liabilities from any injuries that you sustain should you crash. In short, everything you liable.


The ride is more like a warm up to know the car better and it depends on the traffic and it is best to go on weekend early afternoon as it has to lowest traffic. For me everything is stiff on the road, accelerator, steering and brakes are stiff, blind spot hard to check. At open road you are allow to open but at your own risk haha.


The route is fixed and it's like driving test where the staff will tell you where to turn etc. we chatted throughout the whole journey and yes, people will be staring at you all the time. I am allowed to open the hood but then was too sunny and I decided not too.


The staff mentioned that you can rent the car for a whole day unsupervised for $1800 for the Lambo. Other models price varies. They at that time have a 458 Ferrari, an Audi R8 and Maserati with the Maserati being the cheapest.


When it is done, they will give you a cert with the Polaroid taken before the ride. Overall the ride is very pleasant and they are not snobbish. The owner is there and quite pleasant too while chatting. By the way the owner owns some supercars too and can see that he enjoys working around such cars. It's a check off my bucket list that I had driven a supercar before.

Nothing to lose.

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hearsay engine all koyak liao.. but still can run slightly slower/faster than the average middleweight sportbike. Most important all the eye attention when u drive it around orchard. but dun expect the engine response to be flawless. for 8-9 years the cars was whacked hard every single day.

17 Nov 2011 - April 2013, NSR150 SP

12 June 2013 - 23 Jan 2015, CBR400RRR

23 February 2015 - 29 February 2016, YZF R6 2006

12 March 2016 - 12 May 2017, CBR1000RR05

July 2017 - Jan 2019, YZF R1 2008/CBF150


Aug 2019 - Current SYM Joyride 200

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Try google for dream drive... i had the chance for a 30min drive with the Maserati Granturismo...


The grin when u floor it from traffic light. Priceless!!


Im planning to try the Spyder R8 this time..


Oh yes. Pay abit more for video footage.


The information contained in this post, including any attachments,may contain confidential information Copy of this post for any purpose other than viewing for entertainment is not allowed & shall encur a fine of no less than $500 & any court costs required. The courts take copyright violations seriously. Think twice.

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I Guess driving your dream car isn't that much difficult these days. Any one can easily rent out his / her favorite limousine, Buzz App | Buzz Apps | Apps Buzz | Twilio Services | Shopify Services | SMS Marketing | Wordpress SMS Plugin | SUV, Hummer from any recognized car rental service providers.

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anymore experience to share with us ?


didnt try the singapore one but tried driving a lambo gallardo in vegas. 240 usd for 5 laps around the track. didnt enjoy it, i was sweating, thumbs cramp for holding on too hard.

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