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Looks like they change the design every two to three years...... its not really a S shape as such.....


In the All Black one, they have removed any/all shapes..... I like that..... the All Black one......damn........


But I'm very happy with my busa......

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Two reasons for the topside damper, I saw the remains of a silver boo that came down from a wheelie and did the tank slap routine according to the owner. But really, since I only wheelie a very short distance at low speeds, Im not too worried about that. Mostly because it looks very cool and , well I just wanted everything mod/upgrade wise I could. Anyone can walk in with some money and buy a black and blue boo. I just didnt want to be "Ordinary". Now I am unique. Like wearing the same tie as someone else at a high class party. Ughhh. Now there is only one like mine in the world. There is a slight difference over the stock damper. Steers easier at low speeds and stiffens up considerably when I steer fast. , The hyperpro is dynamic. No need to adjust after you set it. But if I do need to set it different, it is much easier than trying to get to the stock. Im not even sure if you can adjust the stock one.

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Typical head to head dyno chart comparison between the ZX-12R and the

Hayabusa. Even though the 12 makes more peak HP (eventually), the Busa

makes more HP all the way up past 9000 rpm and the monster torque curve of

the Busa is unmatched! These factors combined with superior aerodynamics -

proven and documented in wind tunnel comparison tests - helps gives the

Busa the winning edge.

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