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Taxi mistake, His sorrow, My great escape

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I would say it now depend on your words as witness and taxi driver words vs your friends words.


Extend of damage to the bike and damage to the cab and point of impact and etc.


There is a lot of factors involved, end of the day, stick to your words, same for your friend and hope for the best.

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100% lose!!!

you follow too close, so cannot stop in time...

as i have told you before... take the money!! even $50 or $100 also good..

now you got to pay for your own repair... and need to pay the taxi for lose of use, and income... your insu sure go up!!!

just take this as a lesson... don't follow too close or speed... and watch out of taxi...


i have pay the taxi $3400 for the same case like you, cos i drive a tuscani and my ncd 50% will be $2000 a yr... and the taxi ask me to pay him $1800 i dun want (as that was the 1st time) and he cut into my lane and ask me pay???? then go to idec and comfort wanna claim $7400 from my insu... then later i talk to them and end up i pay comfort $3400 anyway i still save $$$:


my ncb!!! its 50%, first year after the claim lose 50%, 2nd year 40% 3rd yr 30%, 4th yr 20%, 5th year 10%. Will lose out 150% over the period of 5yrs...plus loading leh? my insurance is $4,000.00 that would be loosing $6,000.00 upfront for the next 5 years. So if its really minor not worth to claim.


That's the beauty of the insurance system here. Not your fault in an accident also have to pay.



any lawyer fren in here?


now case may go to court.


was wondering if my fren case, can he win?


cabby was cleary at fault!!

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To ts, seem that the taxi driver changed his story. Now things will be very complicated. Since you are the only witness, there will be still be some chances.. I know ur friend sure very depressed right now.. support him all the way bro....


anyway i realise the best way is always have a written agreement NOT verbal agreement. It will be best to keep pte settlement forms in our bikes/cars whenever we drive/ride.

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