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SBF Classic Vespa's Cafe 2009 / 2010

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waddup waduup people!!!!

fun meetup...finally get to see your scoot..

oh and yeah yeah..get to see you guys too...


just kidding..

it was an experience and a pleasure to meet up with you guys n gals...


rae > cool bike n cool dreads...

sharpey > sorry man, but everything bout "turning the screw at the back of the carb" portion of the night escapes me now...

maz & reddy > help me with tools can?

fluff > scared shitless already???

gwee > hope to see your scoot soon....

planescape > forgot to take the haynes manual from you!! nvm..next meetup must remember

machine k> thanx for the directions though when i checked the sms, i was already outside Mr Prata

itsonfire > slowly slowly change....if wanna follow today can. i'm going to AJ n TA n LAB....but my gf also tagging along...


sorry i had to leave so early.....hope to see you guys again soon......n next time can do roundings....

-= Unsure of what to get=-

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Hi to All who came down for the gathering!

It really was excellent! :cheer:

I apologize for bringing u guys the LOOOONG way round to Botanic Gardens... LOL cuz i got lost once in one of the slip roads there so din wan to repeat it. Hence the sure-but-longer- route :sweat:


Oh yeah, cephalix! the Haynes manual... LOL next time yup :)

And we did rounding... went to Labrador park n pass by town area!

The rest should be at Orchard area now or Kopitiam drinking (again!). I just had to leave earlier... haha got errands to run on Saturday morning eh :smile:


Ah, and new riders like Chung7x + leyland + RXZ rider... Always Great to see new faces. And of course, fluffy too! Next time ride out Bianca eh :cheeky:

I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend, to death, your right to say it.

~ Voltaire

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haha actually if the weather is fine tmr, i might pop by to either TA or Ah Joo in the afternoon. Maybe AJ round 3pm and after that TA?


I have your number, so i give u a sms if i'm going down to either TA or AJ k!



I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend, to death, your right to say it.

~ Voltaire

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wait for your hair to dry?!? don tell me u borrow rae's hair for the night. haha. Planescape u got haynes manual ah? CAn i borrow it first? Juz need to zap certain important pages.


Nice meet up guys. Meeting the real ppl who make this thread happening.


NTU Vespa Club

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hey all it was really great meeting you guys too :D


cephelix - thanks for pillioning me around for the night. you did scare me kinda haha


planescape - it's all right bro. you won't get many chances to bring us on long routes :cheeky: if anyone should apologise, i should, for bringing you guys to botanical gardens and back again to mr prata :sweat:


reddy - thanks for teaching me how to change my spark plug. it isn't difficult after all. :smile:


rae - was great to finally see your bike in the flesh. and love your dreadlocks. just don't offend me cos i may just be tempted to pull off your extensions haha but then again, that just gives you excuse to go change your hairdo eh haha


machine_k and rae - kudos to you guys for staying on right to the end. hope you guys had fun, made new friends and learnt something new. also hope you guys didn't feel left out. i tried my best to blend you guys in but i guess some things take time. still, i'm sure you guys realised that the aj guys are a really warm bunch and has a good mix of all types of people haha


and to everyone else i left out, once again, it was great meeting up with you guys. till the next time we meet, take care and ride safely my scooter brothers.

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odd..my post went missing despite loading for like 10 mins. :lol:


well...nice meeting everyone of u. and sharpey..thx for all the techincal explaination and the 'clinic session'.


cephilix>> nice meeting u. probably see u ard aj. ;)


reddy>> hope u scooter ran well? and u get well soon man!


maz>> see ya in sch man!


fluffpuff>> hey babe..nice meeting u too! and i was right abt u posting when u get back eh? :lol: anyway...u'll be sure i'll keep my distance frm u. btw..thx for trying to blend us into aj scoot. appreciated. ;)

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Yesterday was great peepz..


rae> ur bike is damn cool man.. and so is ur hair. i like the sound of ur bike..


planescape> nice big front box of urs tt can keep ur helmet inside.. HAHA!!


reddy> nice bike and nice knowing u.


maz> cool pipe.


haha actually i dunno u all tt much.. but maybe next time can say somemore bout u guys.. shy lah.. dun talk much to pple i jus or dun noe.. haha anyways, yest was great. went home sleep liao.. tired to the max!! Now gonna sleep again. just woke up to type this in..hahaha forum sick uh..


haha good mornight everyone!!

-=fire gives life but to also take them away=-

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Great meetup... Had lots of fun... Believe scooter will be behaving herself for a while now... I think she likes the company :smile:

Vespa PX200Disc ------The Pinaccle of Classic Scootering------


www vesporeanfaq:) wikispaces:) com

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your scoot is tempermental sharpey?

fluff >eh,forgot your name....paiseh...

aniways,when u going don do call or sms.....if i can manage i'll pop on by....kos i need to go buy running shoes...

my standard issue brooks are giving my huge2 blisters

-= Unsure of what to get=-

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wah u guys post in the week morning ah.. not sleepy issit...?

sorry didnt join u guys for the ride cos my body cannot take it anymore. sick la~ :( anyways had fun meeting u all. u all are funny individuals. thansk for the spark plug rae . otherwise gotta "race" start my bike agn. haha

fluffy- the social butterfly , what else can i say.. hehe oh yah wat perfume were u wearing huh.. reminds me of someone. hahaha

e rest of the bros... -- nice meeting u all. greats chaps

hope to see e rest of e guys soon. ride safe.

Come original, u gotta come original...

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Originally posted by fluffpuff@January 20, 2007 09:10 am

morning all, rae you were right huh hha couldn't bring myself to go to bed without showering la damn gross haha

know wat u mean...had to have my hair washed too... :lol:


reddy>> frm battery to watch storage area to perfume...interesting question u asked eh? :p


itsonfire>> have urs tong too? :lol:

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