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Motorcycle Adventure Riding Singapore| Beginner’s Guide

Beginner’s Guide: How to Prepare for a Motorcycle Adventure Riding Trip Reading time: 4 mins If you are a motorbike enthusiast and love the thrill of adventure, then you probably dream about hitting the dirt road in an exciting motorcycle riding trip!  Adventure motorcycle riding is definitely a fun way to put your two-wheeler to the test while enjoying the great outdoors. But, there are important things to consider, like, what type of bike to use, what gear is necessary, weather

Road Safety Singapore | Road Sharing Rules for Motorists

Road Sharing: 6 Safety Rules for Motorists Reading time: 4 mins To practice road safety in Singapore, you not only need to know the rules set out for you, but you need to be vigilant of all road users, whether it’s other cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, bicycles or pedestrians. While cars are protected with airbags, seatbelts, and the outer body of the vehicle, motorbike riders, cyclists and pedestrians are highly exposed, making them more susceptible to serious injuries and even

Direct Asia Motorcycle Insurance | Which Types of Motorbikes are Covered?

What are the popular types of motorcycles insured by DirectAsia? Reading time: 4 mins There’s nothing quite like being able to feel the wind in your hair on top of a motorcycle. Maybe you just got your motorbike license and you’re looking to buy your first bike? Or you want to get a two-wheeler for commuting to work, or perhaps you’re gearing up for an amazing motorcycle road trip soon – either way, finding the right bike can be a challenging task.  You’ve probably been to a few d

Riding a Motorcycle in Singapore | Best Gear for Wet Weather

Best Motorcycle Riding Gear to Stay Dry in the Rain Reading time: 4 mins Riding your motorcycle in the rain seems fun but it’s probably not ideal to reach your destination all wet and soaked. The thing is, Singapore experiences rainfall every other day, due to its geographical location and maritime exposure, so there’s no escaping it. Therefore, it’s best to be prepared at all times and invest in the right rain gear, when dealing with wet and unfriendly weather during rides. Howev

Singapore Road Safety | Using Technology for Smart Driving

How Technology Encourages Intelligent Driving Reading time: 4 mins Did you know that a connected vehicle technology system like a car or motorcycle On-Board Unit (OBU) has the potential to increase traffic safety, reduce traffic pollution, and ease traffic congestion? With OBU, the interaction of information among motorists, roads, and the environment is enhanced, which can significantly change your driving behaviour.  If you think the OBU is merely a device to store a credit card

Motorbike Insurance Singapore | Why You Need One

Can I Ride My Motorcycle with A Car Insurance Policy in Singapore? Reading time: 5 mins Do you own a car and a motorcycle? If yes, this question may have crossed your mind: Can my car insurance cover my motorcycle? It may seem plausible that there is a way to extend your car insurance policy to cover your motorcycle. After all, your car insurance covers someone else driving your car (if included in your policy), so why can’t it cover your motorcycle usage?  Well, we don’t have to

Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme (PPF) | General Insurance Policy Guide

Get Double the Peace of Mind with DirectAsia – Policy Owners’ Protection (PPF) Scheme Reading time: 3 mins Getting your vehicle insured is certainly a must, especially if you own one in Singapore. The right car or motorcycle insurance can help protect you, your family members, your passengers and other drivers. If an accident happens, you want to know you have the right coverage to take care of any property or bodily injury costs that may arise. On top of that, car and motorcycle insur

Direct Asia Motorcycle Insurance | Which types of motorbikes are covered?

What are the popular types of motorcycles insured by DirectAsia? Reading time: 4 mins There’s nothing quite like being able to feel the wind in your hair on top of a motorcycle. Maybe you just got your motorbike license and you’re looking to buy your first bike? Or you want to get a two-wheeler for commuting to work, or perhaps you’re gearing up for an amazing motorcycle road trip soon – either way, finding the right bike can be a challenging task.  You’ve probably been to a few d

Guide on How Motorcycle Insurance is Calculated | Factors to Consider

How Is Motorcycle Insurance Premium Calculated in Singapore? Reading time: 6 mins We released an ultimate guide to motorcycle insurance in Singapore few months back – you may want to check that out. The guide explains the types of motorcycle insurance, explains motorcycle insurance excess, some quick tips on how to find the right insurance, factors that affect the insurance premium, insurance renewal and so on. In this article, we will talk about how insurance providers calculate

Characteristics of Safe Drivers | Abilities to Develop for Safe Driving

10 Skills and Abilities Required to Become a Safe Driver Reading time: 5 mins What do you think are the skills and abilities that make a good and safe driver? Driving a vehicle is an achievement for many, and although this might not happen until later in life, it’s empirical to learn to be the best at it when you finally have a vehicle of your own. Mistakes can be committed by even the most professional drivers, but that does not mean you should be careless when driving. While get

Does a Motorcycle Accident Affect Your Insurance? | DirectAsia

How Does a Motorcycle Accident Affect your Insurance? Reading time: 5 mins Introduction Before any car driver or motorcycle rider can take their vehicles out on the roads in Singapore, it is mandatory to have an insurance policy, at least, Third Party Only insurance coverage (TPO). Every moving vehicle on Singapore roads should have an insurance policy. But the question is, what happens when your motorcycle is involved in an accident? How does it affect your motorcycle insura

Tips to Make Motorcycle Fuel Efficient | Increase Fuel Efficiency

Top 7 Tips to Make Your Motorcycle Fuel Efficient Read Time: 6 Mins In Singapore, motorcycles are a better option in terms of ownership and maintenance. Same case on fuel efficiency. Their smaller engine and lightweight parts require less energy to move. Thus they consume less fuel than cars. An average bike runs at 13–17 kilometers per litre your motorcycle’s fuel efficiency may vary. It’s affected by engine size, bike condition, riding habits, and total weight. It doesn’t m

Tips to Lower Motorcycle Insurance Premium | How to reduce Premium

Top Tips to lower Motorcycle Insurance Premium in Singapore Reading Time: 5 mins Owning a motorcycle is a dream for most youngsters.  Motorcycles in Singapore come at a premium. If you have become the proud owner of a motorcycle in Singapore, you need to be ready to shell out some precious dollars on insurance as well. When you own a brand-new motor cycle, you may wish to choose a more comprehensive cover for your precious possession. Motor insurance does not come cheap here, and the i

Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist | Motorbike Inspection Checklist

The Ultimate Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist Reading time: 6 mins One of the smartest things a motorcyclist can do is maintaining your motorcycle properly and doing it often. Keeping the owner’s manual within arm’s reach is crucial too. In it, you will find how long you can use certain parts of your motorcycle before they need replacement. Maintaining your motorcycle is a preventive measure to keep it performing optimally. In this article, you’ll learn the ultimate checklist to m

COE Renewal in Singapore | Certificate of Entitlement – A Quick Guide

A Quick Guide to Certificate of Entitlement Renewal Reading Time: 4 Min Read It’s no secret that the cost of acquiring and running a car in Singapore is about five times more expensive than those living in the United States; 6 times more expensive than Australia; and 5.5 times more than China. This is mainly because Singapore is a rapidly growing economy. It has world-class public facilities that all the citizens enjoy. It can even be said that Singapore is on par with other moder

Private Settlement After a Car Accident: Things you Should Know.

Private Settlement After A Car Accident – What You Should Know Reading Time: 5 mins Nobody wants to get into accidents; no car owner wants as much as a scratch on their car. But it can happen – from a minor scratch to damages that requires new car parts or even a new car. No one is exempted from unexpected events, but smart motorists know that having a great insurance plan can help shoulder the costs if it occurs.  In this article, we will discuss everything about a private s

Guide/FAQ: Road Tax in Singapore | How to Check/Renew Road Tax Online

An Ultimate Guide to Road Tax in Singapore Reading time: 7 mins Read. Did you know that the upfront vehicle cost in Singapore is not the retail price you see at the dealerships? On top of that figure, you will have to pay a vehicle registration fee, an additional registration fee, quota premium for a Certificate of Entitlement, excise duty and, of course, road tax. Road tax in Singapore is the tax you pay to the country’s government for owning and driving a vehicle on Singapore’s roads w

Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance – Reasons why you should go for it.

When Should You Get a Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance? Reading Time: 7 mins. Whether your bike is for your everyday commute, a weekend leisure playmate, or an essential means for your business, an insurance cover is needed to protect it from the many possible hazards on the road.    Before we delve into reasons why you need to take a comprehensive bike insurance policy, let’s briefly discuss the types of motorcycle insurance plans offered by the insurance providers. Third

DirectAsia Insurance

DirectAsia Insurance

Motorcycles/Bikes in Singapore | Top-selling Motorcycles – Reviews

Motorcycle Reviews: Top Selling Motorcycles in Singapore 2020 Read time: 5 minutes If you’re reading this right now, this means you’re having a look around and wondering: what are the top selling motorcycles in Singapore? So, if you’re stumped to know, we got you covered! Best Bikes in Singapore When it comes to motorcycles in Singapore, it pays to go for the great brands that have been proven to be the best sellers among riders today. It can be daunting to know which ones to go

DirectAsia Insurance

DirectAsia Insurance

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