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Riding a Motorcycle in Singapore | 5 Scenic Roads to Explore

5 Roads for a Chill Motorcycle Ride in Singapore Reading time: 4 mins Motorcyclists pick up riding for different reasons. For bike enthusiasts, riding a motorcycle is not just a necessity but a passion. Whether you prefer the thrill of off-road biking or a calm ride through serene surroundings, riding your motorcycle is good for your overall well-being. Imagine the wind brushing through your face, while you ride past vivid sights all around you. Bliss!  But, let’s face it, there a

Electric Motorcycles | Can I Ride it in the Rain

Can I Get Electrocuted Riding My Electric Motorcycle in the Rain? One of the concerns motorcycle riders have when thinking of switching to electric motorcycles is whether they’ll be able to ride it in the rain. This is a valid concern, especially in Singapore, where there’s heavy downpours during the monsoon seasons.  Logically, we know that electricity and water make a deadly combination. So, the main fear for riders is getting electrocuted if they ride their electric motorcycle when

Motorcycle Safety | Maintenance Checks To Do

Beginner’s Guide: Motorcycle Maintenance Checks for Your Safety Reading time: 4 mins When was the last time you performed a full maintenance check on your motorcycle? As a motorcycle rider, it’s pertinent to know how to check the important components of your motorbike before you hit the road. Not only will it keep your bike in tip top condition for years to come – even if it is in storage – a motorcycle in good condition is also safer for you. So, make sure you run through our upd

The Electric Motorcycle | How it Works

How Do Electric Motorcycles Work? Reading time: 3 mins Electric motorcycles are already here and just like the electric cars, it’s slowly gaining more traction around the world and in Singapore. And although top automakers have enhanced the aesthetics and performance of the electric motorcycle over the years, its mechanism has remained largely the same – basically, an electric motorcycle uses electricity as fuel.  So, instead of the gas-burning engines of conventional motorcycles,

Motorcycle Insurance | Insured Rider Categories

Motorcycle Insurance: What Category of Riders Are Insured? Reading time: 3 mins As the owner of your motorcycle, do you know that you have the option of adding someone else as the main rider or additional riders under your motorcycle insurance policy? Although the thought of someone else riding your motorcycle may make you break out in cold sweat, sometimes having an additional rider can be useful. Besides a lift to the station, or doing the supermarket run, it can also be useful

How To Reduce Risk Of Road Accidents In Singapore

How Can You Reduce The Risk Of Road Accidents in Singapore Reading time: 3 mins Road accidents in Singapore have been on the rise. Statistics by the Singapore Police Force (SPF) revealed that accidents with injuries or deaths took a huge upward jump between June and September 2021 alone. A recent news release of the mid-year traffic situation further broke down the statistics: The number of people involved in road traffic accidents rose 17.0% from 2020 to 2021. Ther

The Electric Motorcycle | Things You Should Know

6 Must-Know Facts Before Riding an Electric Motorcycle Reading time: 3 mins As Singapore is set to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles by 2040, electric motorcycle numbers are slowly rising again. Electric motorcycles give out zero tailpipe emissions and are noiseless. So, if you’re a motorbike enthusiast and an eager environmentalist – always worrying about the carbon footprint you’re leaving on this planet – an electric motorcycle is something to consider.  In other wo

The Evolution of Motorcycles | A Tale of Time

Evolution of the Motorcycle: From ‘Safety Bicycle’ to Harley Davidson Reading time: 2 mins As with most inventions, the birth of the motorcycle evolved gradually – from steam-powered safety bikes, to gas-powered engines and ultimately to the four-stroke engine of a Harley we see roaring across expressways today. One fun fact about motorcycles to highlight, is that they have been around since the 1800s! In the 19th century, early versions of the motorcycle were introduced by numero

Motorcycles Fun Facts | Do You Know Them?

10 Fun Facts About Motorcycles That Will Blow Your Mind Reading time: 3 mins When were motorcycles first made? What’s the longest journey ever taken on a motorbike? And which Hollywood star owns a motorcycle manufacturing company? Whether you’re a novice motorcycle rider or a pro that’s been riding for many years, we guarantee that some of these motorcycle facts will surprise you! From historical info to record-breaking trivia about motorcycles, we’ve listed 10 interesting motorcy

The Vespa | Influences on Culture and Design

The Vespa: Influences on Culture and Design Reading time: 4 mins In the world of scooters, the fashionable brand that often dominates is Vespa. This iconic scooter was invented in 1946 and produced by the Piaggio company. No doubt, the Vespa (which means Wasp in Italian) is a small vehicle with a big impact on scooter design and popular culture. What’s there not to like about a Vespa? This simple scooter is easy to maintain, stylish, and cheap to run. City dwellers usually opt for

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DirectAsia Insurance in Motorcycle

Motorcycle Riding | 5 Common Myths Busted

5 Common Motorcycle Riding Myths in Singapore Reading time: 3 mins As a motorcycle rider, chances are you would have heard many myths and misconceptions about motorcycle riding. Even veteran riders are prone to believing some falsehoods regarding the safety of riding as it passes down the bike chain. So, how can you separate fact from fiction? We’ve put together a list of the 5 common motorcycle riding myths that have been busted by reports, statistics and real-life observation. S

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DirectAsia Insurance in Motorcycle

Short-term Motorcycle Storage | 5 Doable Tips to Protect Your Bike

Short-term Motorcycle Storage: How to Protect Your Bike Reading time: 3 mins Although quarantine restrictions are slowly easing, it may be a few more weeks before you can take your motorcycle out for a long cross-country ride. Or perhaps you have a classic bike collection that requires extra care. Depending on your plans, correctly protecting and storing your motorcycle can be a challenge. Failure to properly store your motorcycle can have financially crippling implications. There

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Motorcycle Riding | 4 Ways It Can Improve Your Health

4 Ways Riding A Motorcycle Can Improve Your Overall Well-being Reading time: 4 mins Riding a motorbike has its perks. From navigating through traffic with ease to boosting your social circle via your local bike community, there’s a lot to be gained from owning a motorcycle. But did you know that riding a motorbike can also boost your mental health and overall well-being?  In 2018, a study called the ‘Motorcycle Study’ sponsored by Harley-Davidson® and conducted by UCLA’s Semel Ins

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DirectAsia Insurance in Motorcycle

Motorcycle Accidents | 5 Things You Can Do To Help

5 Things You Can Do To Help in a Motorbike Crash Reading time: 3 mins As a motorcycle rider, you would know that there is risk every time you get on your bike. Whether you’re involved in a crash with another vehicle (at fault or not) or your motorbike accidentally skids in the rain and crashes, motorcycle riders are exposed to danger more than any other vehicle on the road.  Although you may actively try to avoid such mishaps, accidents are just that – an unfortunate incident that

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DirectAsia Insurance in Motorcycle

Motorcycle Safety | The Design and Performance of Helmets

Interesting Facts about the Design and Performance of Motorcycle Helmets All motorcyclists should understand the importance of wearing a good motorcycle helmet. Without the structural protection of a car, a motorcycle helmet acts like an armour for riders, against serious head injuries, in the event of an accident.  Because of this, there are many factors to consider when buying a motorcycle helmet. Besides the material used, the fit and comfort of the helmet should be contemplated wit

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DirectAsia Insurance in Motorcycle

High Motorcycle COE Prices | What Can You Do About It?

What Can You Do About Soaring Motorcycle COE Prices? Reading time: 3 mins The Certificate of Entitlement (COE) was introduced in Singapore in 1990, to curb road usage and limit vehicle ownership across the country in the midst of a booming population. Being a small island with limited land space, it’s an obvious solution to avoid congestion and maintain a safe road network. However, the rising costs of COEs, especially for motorcycles this year has severely affected motorbike dealershi

Motorcycle Adventure Riding Singapore | Beginner’s Guide

Beginner’s Guide: How to Prepare for a Motorcycle Adventure Riding Trip Reading time: 4 mins If you are a motorbike enthusiast and love the thrill of adventure, then you probably dream about hitting the dirt road in an exciting motorcycle riding trip!  Adventure motorcycle riding is definitely a fun way to put your two-wheeler to the test while enjoying the great outdoors. But, there are important things to consider, like, what type of bike to use, what gear is necessary, weather

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DirectAsia Insurance in Motorcycle

Road Safety Singapore | Road Sharing Rules for Motorists

Road Sharing: 6 Safety Rules for Motorists Reading time: 4 mins To practice road safety in Singapore, you not only need to know the rules set out for you, but you need to be vigilant of all road users, whether it’s other cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, bicycles or pedestrians. While cars are protected with airbags, seatbelts, and the outer body of the vehicle, motorbike riders, cyclists and pedestrians are highly exposed, making them more susceptible to serious injuries and even

Direct Asia Motorcycle Insurance | Which Types of Motorbikes are Covered?

What are the popular types of motorcycles insured by DirectAsia? Reading time: 4 mins There’s nothing quite like being able to feel the wind in your hair on top of a motorcycle. Maybe you just got your motorbike license and you’re looking to buy your first bike? Or you want to get a two-wheeler for commuting to work, or perhaps you’re gearing up for an amazing motorcycle road trip soon – either way, finding the right bike can be a challenging task.  You’ve probably been to a few d

Riding a Motorcycle in Singapore | Best Gear for Wet Weather

Best Motorcycle Riding Gear to Stay Dry in the Rain Reading time: 4 mins Riding your motorcycle in the rain seems fun but it’s probably not ideal to reach your destination all wet and soaked. The thing is, Singapore experiences rainfall every other day, due to its geographical location and maritime exposure, so there’s no escaping it. Therefore, it’s best to be prepared at all times and invest in the right rain gear, when dealing with wet and unfriendly weather during rides. Howev

Singapore Road Safety | Using Technology for Smart Driving

How Technology Encourages Intelligent Driving Reading time: 4 mins Did you know that a connected vehicle technology system like a car or motorcycle On-Board Unit (OBU) has the potential to increase traffic safety, reduce traffic pollution, and ease traffic congestion? With OBU, the interaction of information among motorists, roads, and the environment is enhanced, which can significantly change your driving behaviour.  If you think the OBU is merely a device to store a credit card

Motorbike Insurance Singapore | Why You Need One

Can I Ride My Motorcycle with A Car Insurance Policy in Singapore? Reading time: 5 mins Do you own a car and a motorcycle? If yes, this question may have crossed your mind: Can my car insurance cover my motorcycle? It may seem plausible that there is a way to extend your car insurance policy to cover your motorcycle. After all, your car insurance covers someone else driving your car (if included in your policy), so why can’t it cover your motorcycle usage?  Well, we don’t have to

Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme (PPF) | General Insurance Policy Guide

Get Double the Peace of Mind with DirectAsia – Policy Owners’ Protection (PPF) Scheme Reading time: 3 mins Getting your vehicle insured is certainly a must, especially if you own one in Singapore. The right car or motorcycle insurance can help protect you, your family members, your passengers and other drivers. If an accident happens, you want to know you have the right coverage to take care of any property or bodily injury costs that may arise. On top of that, car and motorcycle insur

Direct Asia Motorcycle Insurance | Which types of motorbikes are covered?

What are the popular types of motorcycles insured by DirectAsia? Reading time: 4 mins There’s nothing quite like being able to feel the wind in your hair on top of a motorcycle. Maybe you just got your motorbike license and you’re looking to buy your first bike? Or you want to get a two-wheeler for commuting to work, or perhaps you’re gearing up for an amazing motorcycle road trip soon – either way, finding the right bike can be a challenging task.  You’ve probably been to a few d

Guide on How Motorcycle Insurance is Calculated | Factors to Consider

How Is Motorcycle Insurance Premium Calculated in Singapore? Reading time: 6 mins We released an ultimate guide to motorcycle insurance in Singapore few months back – you may want to check that out. The guide explains the types of motorcycle insurance, explains motorcycle insurance excess, some quick tips on how to find the right insurance, factors that affect the insurance premium, insurance renewal and so on. In this article, we will talk about how insurance providers calculate
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