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Is Your Helmet Loose? 5 Things You Can Do to Change That

Aryan khanna


Buying a good quality branded motorcycle helmet is one of the key decisions that you need to make in order to stay safe while riding a motorcycle. If the helmet does not fit you properly, there is always the risk of it flying off your head under impact. We strongly recommend that you take your time to choose the best fitting helmet for your daily commutes or long-distance riding needs. If your helmet is old and it has become loose, consider purchasing a brand-new helmet. In order to prevent the problem of a loose-fitting helmet, try these 5 simple steps. 
  1. Get the right size: Getting the size right is the most important step in purchasing a plan new motorcycle helmet. To do that, take a tailor's tape and wrap around your forehead a little bit above the eyebrow and measure the circumference of your forehead in both millimeters in inches. Now tally that measurement with the manufacturer’s size chart and get a helmet that closely matches your own head size. If you do not have a tailor’s tape, you can also use a simple cotton thread to measure the circumference of your forehead and use a scale to get the size. But the simplest way to get the size lightest to step into a motorcycle accessories shop near you and try out a few elements to get the size right. This will also allow you to check out all the available options such as full-face helmet, open face helmet and modular helmets, that will make it easier for you to take the right buying decision.  
  2. Replace the old helmet: Like we said earlier, if the helmet you are using is already too old, consider updating it with a new helmet that has the latest safety and comfort features such as quick release strap mechanism, and aerodynamic design. On top of that, branded motorcycle helmets also come with communication features such as Bluetooth modules which make it easy for you to take calls on the go! Buying a new helmet will also make it easy for you to get the size right like we explained in the first step in this article. A common mistake many motorcyclists do is to use the helmet of someone else in their family. Not only is this unhygienic, but also not safe because the helmet will not fit properly on your head.  
  3. Wear a balaclava or a skull cap: Helmets are manufactured according to standard sizes, unfortunately the human head comes in an immensely wide variation so there is no way for manufacturers to accommodate every size in the world! So, if even after taking all the precautions and proper measuring technique mentioned above, the helmet that you bought does not perfectly fit your head, you can consider wearing a skull cap or a balaclava under the helmet which will give it a little more grip thereby preventing the problem of wobbling or shifting on your head when you riding against a strong wind current.  
  4. Wear your hair right: While purchasing a helmet, many people have long hair which makes the helmet fit properly before but as soon as you cut your hair short, the helmet starts becoming loose! to avoid that problem always consider while in your help properly just like the way you did when you got the helmet. If you have completely changed your hairstyle, and you are now going with short hairstyle only, consider wearing balaclava the skull cap to give it some more mass so that the helmet has a little bit of purchase on your head.  
  5. Go for a thicker inner padding/cheek pad: Lastly, if the helmet has replaceable inner lining and padding, you can consider replacing the inner padding with something that is slightly tickled then what is already present in the helmet. This will increase the overall volume within the inner shell of the helmet, thereby making it easy for you to keep the helmet in place while riding against a strong wind current. 


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