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ktm 200


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hi guys.. idea of buyin a first hand ktm.. not much idea of e price and where to buy and stuff.. (noob)


would like to know: where i can buy.. how much it will cost for a first hand and maintainin it.. like how much i shld put aside for a month.. my main purpose is to ride to school and work.. i will be usin it very often.. stay near punggol and my frens at e west side.. gonna b X$.. help me out wit my Qs.. :help: thanks.


the pic of the bike i want is att below

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Top Posters In This Topic

Go to Dirtwheels at Tampinese Industrial Park.....not sure abt the exact address thou...Blk900x........they are the agent for KTM......rest of the questions I not sure liao....but i guess the fuel consumption for the bike is around 12km/litre....so depending how far u travel per day or per month and which grade of petrol u use (RON 92/95/98).......and also not forgetting ur 2T(think ratio is 1litre : 20litre of petrol....better ask ur bike mechanic or frens riding 2 stroke bike for the exact mixture).......servicing including changing of engine oil etc expected every mth and varies depending wat brand and grade of oil u use....range from $5-30.......and of course take note of ur bike instalment if u not settling by cash....and set aside some $$$ for insurance and road tax so when it comes u already had the money and dun need to fork out one lump sum outta nowhere

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fer a spankin brand new ktm2.. expect a price range of 12k+.. not too sure abt da price of da `06-`07 model though..


if u`re just using as a transport.. try get an alternative besides scramblers.. but if u really haf da cash.. go ahead.. my advice wud be to settle fer a 2nd hand ktm if u really wanna own one so much.. frm der its cheaper n easier to learn how to maintain it..

You Ain`t Ridin.. If It Ain`t Slidin..



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reymund77, trial-sin thanks for reply guys..


as for what i've read 2nd hand bikes can give alot of prob if it was not maintained well by e previous owner.. that doesn't mean there r no gd ones.. well will try scoutin for 2nd hand ones.. see my luck.. or else i'll stick to my 1st hand decision..

coz have an idea of stickin to it for atleast 2 years.. interested in dirt ridin but will also have to find dirt pals for that.. there's trail at malaysia i guess. correct me if i'm wrong..



how about e loan for the bike.. Do I need a guarantor for e loan application?

what must he qualify? no need bank loan rite.. (dad's not eligible)


and as a personal q.. e advantages & disadvantages of dirt bike on e road more specific.. e advantages & disadvantages of KTM on e road.. thanks again pals..

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get a WR200 then.....u sound like u very new in riding....KTM200 is really bery powerful and ready to race.....might be too hot to handle for a newbie rider....and of course, maintenance and petrol consumption also higher......get a WR200 and ride for 6mths to a year...familiarize urself wif riding on-road and off-road....once u gain more confidence then move on to a better bike.......no need to rush straight to a KTM200 and stuck wif it for 2 yrs........if u got the $$$......KTM will always be there for u...no need rush to get it


Not sure abt loans....but garantor can be ur dad w/o any issue.....jus provide pay slip or CPF statement


Dirt bike wif dirt wheels on road is not tat safe compared to street bikes wif street tyres.......the grip, braking not tat good......and dun try ur luck cornering wif those dirt tyres as wat u would be doing wif ur street tyres......the only thing i see in riding a KTM on the road is glam factor......nothing more then tat......it got way too much disadvantage compared to any road bikes and its more dangerous......also....would be such a waste to use the bike on the road......its a dirt bike and belong to the dirt.....and its a race ready bike and not really meant for commuting



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