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6 Correct Mountain Bike Riding Skills

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Mountain Bicycle


Especially as a beginner mountain biker, you tend to make certain mistakes that can really take a toll on your body. No one is born an expert and it takes some practice. With the following tips, you can avoid a lot of rookie mistakes from the start, and you will see that it gets easier every time:


1. Keep your eyes ahead

One of the most common mistakes when starting mountain biking is that you often look down instead of straight ahead. However, foresight is half the battle when it comes to mountain biking. So always keep your view far enough ahead to avoid falls.


2. Position your body correctly

Any riding technique is useless if you start off in the wrong basic position. Here's how it works:

• Take a horizontal pedal position.

• Position your feet correctly on the pedals by placing the balls of your feet directly in front of the pedal axis.

• Keep your knees and arms slightly bent to absorb bumps and shocks from rough terrain.

• Make sure your center of gravity is above the bottom bracket.

• Your back should stay straight.

• Place your index fingers on the brake levers so that you are always ready to brake.


3. Use your brakes efficiently

Braking is not that easy and it requires a little practice to get the right feel for the braking force.

• The basic position is with one finger on each brake. The brakes should be set so that you can ideally operate them with one finger.

• Now you operate both brakes simultaneously with controlled force.

• At the same time, you shift your weight back and down so that the rear wheel does not lose traction.

• If possible, you should make sure that your weight is evenly distributed over both wheels so that neither wheel locks up.

• Maximum deceleration is reached shortly before the wheels start to lock.

Tip: When riding downhill, lower your saddle to shift the weight backwards and avoid flipping forward.


Mountain Bicycle


4. Get out of the saddle

Even if it seems very comfortable at first to be in the saddle all the time, it can lead to falls, especially when riding downhill. Because when you are in the saddle, you aren't using one of your most important resources: your legs! Not only do they help you to absorb impacts better, but they also help you to better shift your weight. In addition, this lets you give your bike enough room so that you don’t impede its movement, especially on difficult terrain.


5. Practice, practice, practice

One of the most important aspects in mountain biking is to practice. Try to have as much fun as possible, and don't put yourself under unnecessary pressure. You will see that it gets easier and easier each time, and you learn from your mistakes. So don't be afraid to try something new, because this is the only way to keep adapting and improving your technique.


6. Shift into the right gear

Many people may think they are getting a better workout when riding in a harder gear, but the truth is that you are just needlessly expending your strength that way. Shifting into an easier gear not only makes it easier to accelerate, it also helps with navigating around curves and keeps you from becoming tired too fast.


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